The Best Home Color Palette for Each MBTI Personality Type

This is The Best Home Color Palette for Each MBTI Personality Type illustration

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Choosing patterns and designs can be a great way to show off our personalities within our homes, but often we forget about the importance of color. Whether we usually go for lighter or darker shades or ones that reflect warm or cool tones, the colors we incorporate into our homes say quite a bit about our personalities. 

Your MBTI type and color psychology can help bring some insight into not only the best color palettes for you but also why you're drawn to them in the first place. Check out your type below and see which color palette suits your home best.

ENFP: Sunset Orange, Ocean Blue, Pale Yellow

ENFP's give off exuberant energy that draws others to them, while also containing depth in thought and conversation. With a bright personality and a tendency to switch topics quickly, you are likable even in your contrasting nature. A bright hue such as a sunset orange that grabs people's attention makes perfect sense, paired with an ocean blue and a pale yellow that helps balance things out (with a neutral color such as black or grey to work as an anchor ultimately). Your fearless nature means you don't hesitate to take on brighter colors or contrasting ideas, because you can pull the best of multiple things together to highlight their best features.

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INFP: Soft Blues, Bright Pinks. Different Shades of Each in Between

You have a reputation for having your head in the clouds, so it's no surprise that colors associated with the sky would suit you well! You are introspective and prefer to dwell in the ideas and hopes you have for yourself, so light and airy colors find their way to you easily. Soft shades of blue and white are gentle and classic, but other shades of light pink, purple, and peach interwoven create something magical, almost fairytale-like. 

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ENTP: Navy, Turquoise, Orange

You have an unconventional attitude and take great joy in choosing unexpected paths. Your ideas are limitless, but your emotional side is reserved and a little cynical. You like darker shades that give a great base to work with, such as a deep navy blue, and pairing them with bright, contrasting hues. Orange accents and various shades in between bring together a look that is eye-catching and unique without going overboard on neon shades. 


INTP: Dark Green, Gray, Black

You're intellectually intense and prefer to fly under the radar, but that doesn't mean you're bored with your color choices. You prefer to lean into darker shades like hunter green, gray, and black, but you'll incorporate a burnt orange or a pale yellow to brighten things up and get your mind energized. 

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ESFJ: Pink, Pale blue, Light Gray

You radiate a softness and classic style that most would love to attain. You love to make others feel comfortable and taken care of, so you lean towards lighter hues that feel open. You also have an eye for aesthetics, so you enjoy pairing shades that feel timeless. Shades of soft pink and pale blue are tried and true staples in the color wheel, and adding a color like light gray provides some contrast without going too stark with white or black. 

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ISFJ: Teal, Various shades of Blue and Green 

You have a caring and sensitive heart, but you tend to reserve yourself when it comes to others. You lean into cooler tones that are on the lighter side, such as teal or aqua. Adding varying shades of blues and greens that complement these tones provide you a way to express your deep emotional longing without being too bright or overwhelming.

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ESTJ: Lighter Neutrals 

You have a strong appreciation for traditional methods, but you don't want to stay in one place. You are a hard worker who wants to keep their energy up and get things accomplished, but you don't feel the need to jump all over the color wheel. You feel most comfortable with lighter neutrals! Shades of white, beige, light brown, and even light grey give you a sense of togetherness, without harshing your motivation with darker shades. You don't need to feel contained, but you need to feel grounded, so these choices make perfect sense!

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ISTJ: Traditional Neutrals

You have a deep sense of respect for traditional ideas, much like an ESTJ. You believe if something isn't broke, don't try to fix it. Neutrals are timeless for a reason, and you gravitate towards shades that can be paired with anything or stand well on their own. Shades of cream, dark brown, dark gray, and even charcoal give plenty of contrast without stepping too far outside the box. 

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ENFJ: Deep Purple, Pink, Gray

You have a heart that genuinely seeks to love other people and make them feel safe with you. You are approachable but grounded, and others come to you for comfort and advice often. You are drawn to colors that are light-hearted and open, but still, give a sense of security. Deep purple shades aren't overwhelming or overly bright, but they still give off the vibe of feeling safe and comfortable. Adding in shades of pink can help brighten things up a little without losing the peaceful atmosphere that you thrive in. Pair them with a darker gray tone and you'll have some structure to pull things together!

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INFJ: Yellow, Pink, Sky Blue, Nature Green

You prefer to be a little unconventional, and you love to share your unique perspective of the world. You don't see yourself as someone who throws together things chaotically just to stand out, though. You think things through, and you put so much effort into the spaces you create for yourself. While shades such as sky blue, pink, and nature green might not seem controversial, they illuminate a daydream vibe that makes you feel right at home. You aren't afraid to add a hue such as yellow to stir things up a little. You want aspects of your personality to shine through, and what better way than to add a color that most steer away from due to its luminescent quality?

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ESTP: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange

Your personality is associated with always being on the move. You are ready for the next adventure or opportunity that comes your way, and you won't hesitate to go after it. You're also known to chase after things even when they start to seem unattainable, and colors associated with sunsets tend to resonate with you. Shades of purple, pink, coral, and orange that usually light up the sky as the sun is setting for the day inspire you to keep moving and to take advantage of the day to do everything you want to.

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ISTP: Gray, Orange, Hunter Green

You tend to keep to yourself and to sit with your thoughts so you can analyze them. You don't mind going a different route with things as long as it's more productive, and you believe most things can be improved. You gravitate towards darker tones such as gray and hunter green that aren't as approachable, but throwing in color such as orange helps stimulate your mind and leaves it open to new concepts that you're constantly exploring. 

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ESFP: Navy, Coral, Gold, White

You are spontaneous and energetic, and you aren't afraid to show it. You want others to pay attention to you, but you want to do so in a stylish way rather than screaming for it. Colors like navy have long given on a sophisticated vibe that draws the eye, yet adding shades of coral and white give an enthusiastic burst that makes you feel open and easy to approach. Throw in some gold accents and you'll create that touch of flair that you're known for in your personality!

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ISFP: Royal Purple, Deep Blue, White

You have an artistic streak to you, and you feel things deeply. You aren't afraid to let your emotions guide you and reflect the person you are. Shades of purple and blue tend to pull you in, as they provide depth, creativity, and a sense of comfort. You're also drawn to white due to its association with being open and uninhibited. Using all of these together allows you to express your rich inner emotions without feeling restricted.

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ENTJ: Red, Black, Brown, White

You are someone who strives to achieve your goals, and you're relentless in the pursuit. You like to hold some structure, but you refuse to be ignored or to blend into the background. Red is a color you're often drawn to because of its associations with power and strength. Anchoring it with brown, white, and black shades gives a unique spin on traditional neutral palettes while also giving you a sense of control and accomplishment. 

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INTJ: Earth Colors 

You have an intelligent and curious personality, and you usually prefer being alone than engaging with others. However, that doesn't mean you're closed off. You have a strong tie to nature and natural elements, so it makes sense that earth tones would suit you well. Shades of green, brown, and tan allow you to feel grounded, but still open to possibilities that come your way. 

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