30 Cheap Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Home


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Tired of living amidst clutter? Get organized without spending a ton of money. Simple storage solutions, like creating tiered shelves for spices or keeping coupons and takeout menus in a file organizer, will keep your home clutter-free. Not to mention, your house is likely filled with items that can be repurposed to keep you organized, such as toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes.

Here are some cheap organization ideas to get you started!

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    Tuck Cords into Toilet Paper Rolls

    Cords tucked into toilet paper tubes

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    Keep cords tangle-free with this simple hack. Wind up your cords and tuck them into leftover toilet paper rolls. You can also write information about what the cord directly on the tube, such as what it is for or what length it is.

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    Store Canned Goods in Soda Boxes

    Soda can box used to store canned goods

    Then She Made

    Canned goods can quickly become scattered in your pantry and cabinets. Empty soda boxes are a great way to keep your canned goods organized, especially if you like to stock up.

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    Create Custom Dividers for Drawers


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    Build some DIY dividers for your drawers and storage bins by cutting up cardboard boxes. Unlike store-bought dividers, the DIY approach allows you to customize dividers to fit your needs.

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    Stuff Grocery Bags in an Empty Tissue Box

    Plastic bag pulled from tissue box

    Polished Habitat

    If your collection of plastic grocery bags is overflowing, there's a simple solution: just roll up the bags and store them in an empty tissue box. They'll be easy to grab and won't overwhelm your cupboard.

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    Pick Up Some Plastic Cubbies

    Plastic cubbies for organization

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    If you're overwhelmed by crowded closets and cupboards, pick up some plastic cubbies and start sorting. Not only will this make products like medicines and cooking oils easier to spot, it'll protect your shelves from surprise spills too!

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    Label Everything

    Labels on baskets for organization

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    Labeling your storage will help you make sure everything has a proper home and will make specific products easier to find when you need them. Use this tip with baskets and bins to keep clutter to a minimum.

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    Utilize the Back of Closet Doors

    Over the door organizers holding bags

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    Over-the-door shoe organizers are practical storage solutions for more than just shoes. Use this organizational tool to store cleaners in your laundry room and linen closet.

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    Use Lazy Susans to Organize Cabinets

    Plastic lazy susans for cabinet organization

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    Another practical and affordable storage tool is the lazy Susan. A couple of these in your kitchen cabinets can help you access oils and sauces quickly without having to empty the cupboard to grab what you need.

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    Reuse Tin Cans for Pens and Pencils

    Tin cans for storing pens and pencils

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    Leftover tin cans are the perfect home for miscellaneous pens and pencils. Use them to organize your office supplies, kids crafts, and more!

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    Design Tiered Storage in Your Cabinets

    Tiered shelving for spice storage

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    If you're accustomed to digging through kitchen cupboards to find what you need, try this trick to save time and keep things tidy. Purchase a tiered organizer or two for spices and canned goods. Or, create your own with pieces of wood.

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    Attach Drawer Dividers with Velcro

    Drawer dividers for storage

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    If you use drawer dividers for paraphernalia like toothbrushes, spatulas, binder clips, and so on, this tip is for you! Stick Velcro on the underside of your dividers to keep them from sliding around.

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    Use Dowel Rods as Dividers

    Dowels for kitchen drawer organization

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    Some professional home organizers like to use a dowel rod system for organizing kitchen plates, bowls, and such in drawers. This tip is affordable, tidy, and it protects your cookware!

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    Use a Magazine Holder for Foil and Plastic Wrap

    A magazine holder used for plastic wrap and foil

    Everyday Dishes

    Magazine holders are great for storing magazines and files, but they also work well for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and Ziploc bags! If you don't have any magazine holders on hand, you can easily create your own by cutting a triangle out of a leftover cereal box!

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    Sort Measuring Cups and Spoons on Hooks

    organzing measuring cups

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    Can't find the missing 1/4 cup? Lose the teaspoon again? Keep your measuring cups and spoons organized with adhesive hooks on the inside of your cabinet door. Give each size a spot, so they'll never disappear!

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    Keep Cards and Coupons Organized With a Binder

    Holiday cards organized and placed in memory binder

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    Stock up on holiday cards and organize them in a small binder to make sure you're prepared for every occasion. You can also use the binder to collect coupons, takeout menus, and more.

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    Hang Spray Bottles With a Tension Rod

    Cleaners and materials organized under a kitchen sink

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    Make your cleaners easy to grab by installing a small tension rod under your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Simply hang the spray bottles by their nozzles, then take advantage of all the extra storage space underneath.

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    Keep Bathroom Products in a Shower Caddy

    Bathroom products in a shower caddy

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    This organizational tip is perfect for families. Minimize counter clutter in your bathroom by giving each family member a shower caddy for their personal products.

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    Store Sheet Sets Inside Pillowcases

    Storing sheet sets in matching pillowcases

    Imperfect Homemaking

    If you struggle to keep your sheet sets together and organized, you'll love this clever idea. After folding your sheets, place the set inside the pillowcase. When you need a new set of sheets, the bundle will be easy to grab.

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    Use a Magnetic Strip for Bobby Pins

    a magnetic strip in the bathroom for storing bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers and more

    Darkroom & Dearly

    Bobby pins are a particularly elusive hair accessory. Keep yours organized with a magnetic strip on the bathroom wall or the inside of a cabinet door. You can also use the strip for tweezers, nail clippers, and more!

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    Collect Bath Toys in a Mesh Net

    Bath toys in a mesh net for storage

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    Parents, if your kid's bath toys are strewn across the floor or crowing the corners of your tub, use a mesh net to keep them in one place. Give those rubber duckies a proper home!

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    Use Laundry Baskets for Toys and Gear

    Laundry basket being used to hold nursery toys

    House of Harvee

    If you have an extra laundry basket or two, give them a new purpose. These are great for storing children's stuffed animals, sports equipment, and more.

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    Use Plastic Bins in Your Refrigerator

    Refrigerator organization with plastic bins

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    Between the half-empty bottles of mustard and spoiled bags of spinach, refrigerators can quickly get crowded and gross. Pick up a set of plastic bins to keep your fridge neat and tidy. Plus, you can label them to make ingredients even easier to locate!

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    Mount Your Power Strip Underneath the Desk

    Using a wire basket to store a power strip

    Home BNC

    No one likes kicking a cluster of cords underneath their desk. Instead, use a wire basket and some small hook screws to mount your power strip on the underside of your desk. You can also label each cord, so it's clear which is which.

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    Use Pill Dispensers for Small, Miscellaneous Goods

    Using pill dispensers for jewelry

    Bonjour Jenn

    Pill dispensers are a handy tool for sorting vitamins and medications, but they have many additional uses. You can store jewelry when you travel, collect office supplies like paper clips and tacks, and much more!

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    Keep Kitchen Storage Uniform

    Kitchen storage with bins for organization

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    One of the easiest ways to declutter your kitchen pantry is to create a uniform and cohesive system for storage. Instead of tossing bags of rice and flour on the shelf, store these ingredients in matching, labeled containers.

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    Put Cookie Cutters on a Dowel Rod

    Hanging cookie cutters on dowels

    Crafting a Green World

    You may not use them all year long, but when you do they're quite a hassle. Cookie cutters can be difficult to store neatly, but a dowel rod can help tremendously. Skewer your cookie cutters on a dowel rod for easy, clutter-free storage.

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    Store Batteries in a Tackle Box

    Batteries organized in a tackle box

    The Homes I Have Made

    If your batteries are scattered in a junk drawer, hiding under rubber bands and defective pens, consider this alternative. Use a tackle box to keep your battery collection sorted.

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    Use a Basket with Holes for Ribbon Storage

    Basket with holes used to store ribbon

    Simplifying Family

    Whether you use them for crafts or gifts, ribbons can easily turn into a tangled mess. Instead, try storing your ribbons on a dowel rod in a basket with holes. Stick the ends of your ribbons through the holes, so it's easy to pull out the amount you need.

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    Sort Small Items with Ice Cube Trays

    Ice cube tray being used to sort jewelry

    The Creek Line House

    Ice cube trays are another product you can use for multiple storage purposes. For instance, some people use ice cube trays to keep pairs of earrings sorted. Others use them for office supplies like paper clips and tacks. Give this cheap hack a try!

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    Pick Up a File Organizer for Cutting Boards and Pans

    Metal file holder being used to hold cutting boards and pans

    The Organized Wife

    Cookie sheets, cutting boards, and such can be awkward and bulky, making them difficult to store. To make these tools simpler to access, use a metal file holder. Next time you're cooking, you can grab what you need with ease!