Home Décor Ideas For Sports Enthusiasts

skateboards turned into shelving

Be Makeful

Whether you love sports or love a sports fanatic, you know that these types of people care deeply about representing their favorite teams—from their clothing to their memorabilia, it can even spill over into their home décor.

But decorating your house to shine a spotlight on your favorite team(s) doesn’t have to be restricted to a certain room, a certain color, or a stereotypical poster on the wall. Here are some fun and unique home décor ideas for sports enthusiasts.

Steel Wall Art

There’s a big difference between a printed poster and something that purposefully matches the rest of your home. If you’re into industrial or modern/mid-century modern style, steel wall art can be a great way to showcase your favorite teams without making your home lose any value or sophistication.

You can find, make or commission steel wall art that has team logos, names, or even mascots. You can choose a shade that matches the textures and colors of your home, too. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even paint the item to create neutral, black-and-white, and even bold colors to match the other styles or furniture in your space.

Customized Everyday Items

Okay, so maybe this isn’t necessarily unique, but when it comes to home décor ideas for sports enthusiasts, something we don’t always consider is how we can customize simple, practical items around the home.

Think about things you use every day—coasters, pillows, candles, mason jars, etc.—all of these items can be personalized and add a little spice to your space while also being useful and not OTT. Because let’s face it, as fun as the life-size cardboard cut-out football player is, it doesn’t actually add any value to your room.

Framed Photos or Memorabilia

You can turn your sporting event memorabilia into personalized and meaningful pieces of art. Take anything from photos, team jerseys, tickets, or autographed trading cards and create a mini-gallery that displays your passion with ease (and sophistication).

Swap the photos you’ve taped to your bulletin board for an intentional and stylish collage on the wall. Frame that jersey to create a statement.

Recycled Furniture

You don’t have to be into the shabby-chic style to appreciate recycled furniture. See if you can find chairs made from football leather, stools with baseball-bat legs, or even something funky, like artificial turf instead of carpet.

If you’re handy you could DIY something. Alternatively, check local vintage stores or flea markets for inspiration. You might even be able to find something owned by an influential sporting great!

Repurposed Items

A simple and fun way to level up your home décor, especially if you’re a sports enthusiast (or rooming with one!), is to take items and showcase them in a new way. This can be practical—like the skateboard decks turned into shelves—or more decorative, like painted baseball bats turned into a headboard or wall decoration.

You can even make something that’s purely for display. For example, showcasing old game balls in a glass vase on your mantle or desk.

Finding unique home décor ideas for the sports fanatic in your life doesn’t have to be the run-of-the-mill posters and flags taped to the walls. You can create something that works with your own home style and that is purposeful, fun, and even practical, too.