Home Decor Trend: Cork

red wine cork heart
Red Wine Corks in a Heart. Geir Pettersen / Photodisc / Getty

Cork is one of the hottest materials in home decor these days.  Its heat-resistant qualities has long been tapped to line the bottom of trivets, coasters and other home accessories; however, now cork is the star of the show.  You've likely seen lots of craft ideas using wine corks, and certainly we all know cork is used for bulletin boards.  Several years ago, however, cork hit the flooring industry, and now it is being used to adorn all kinds of home accessories such as lampshades, storage totes, decorative objects and even accent furniture like stools and benches.


AllModern is one retailer offering lots of options in cork accessories.  “We saw a huge shift in 2015 towards the use of organic and natural materials, as customers opt for products with cork or rattan to complement their eco-friendly interiors. We don’t see this trend going away anytime soon!” said Sarah Whitman, AllModern’s VP and design director.

As Whitman pointed out, one of the reasons cork has become an enduring trend in home decor is because it's durable and environmentally-friendly.  It is also extremely tactile, lending great texture and a feeling of warmth to a space. Cork's other great selling-point is its versatility.  Not only are cork's naturally warm tones complementary to many color schemes, its earthy vibe translates well to clean, contemporary homes as well as more rustic, farmhouse or eclectic spaces.  

While cork has a lot of benefits, it has one drawback: its price.  For that reason, despite loving the look, you may hesitate to splurge on cork flooring or large-scale pieces made of this trendy material.

Luckily, you can embrace the cork trend with smaller pieces--like these--for a much more affordable price  Home accessory designers these days are pairing the texture and warmth of cork with ceramics, glass and metal for a nice juxtaposition.


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