Home Depot Offers Dumpster Rentals (Update: Well, No Longer)

This is interesting. Home Depot sells dumpster (rolloff) rentals. They come in 14 day increments, ranging from 15 yarders to 40 yarders (cubic yards, that is).

In reality, the dumpster service is provided by Oakleaf Waste Management, and branded under the Home Depot name. Nothing alarming about that. Big companies do this all the time...

What is alarming is that the price does not include any weight.

You can get that giant 40 yarder for only $240. But that price is based on an empty rolloff. For every ton you add to the rolloff, you pay another $93. Do you have any idea how fast and easy it is to add a ton to a dumpster? Answer: Fast and easy. This means that you'll be adding ton after ton to your rolloff, and thus close to a $100 with each ton. Cha-ching! I praise Home Depot and Oakleaf for trying to standardize a Wild West-type of business. But perhaps they could include at least some starter weight in there.


Home Depot no longer rents dumpsters.  The domain hddumpster.com is no longer active.  The site homedepotdumpsterrental.com is not affiliated with The Home Depot in any way.

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Note: See related post regarding corrections to comments about pricing structure.