What Your Home Design Says About How You Love

couple spending time at home

Bonnin Studio / Stocksy

We all love differently. Some of us love loudly, with grand gestures and over-the-top displays of affection. Some of us love more softly, with tender embraces and behind-the-scenes actions. And some of us love in the middle, with a mix of wildness and intimacy that is simply unmatched.

The way we love translates into many things. From how we express ourselves, to what resonates with us, and even as far as to what we create around us.

When it comes to our homes—the places where we feel the most comfortable—how we design these spaces is a clear indication of who we are and what we care about.

Here is what your home design says about how you love.

Mid-Century Modern

When it comes to love, just like with your design preferences, you value the simplicity of a genuine and meaningful connection. Rather than focusing on all the glitz and glam of outward professions of love—like pictures on social media or extravagant gifts—you simply enjoy spending time with your significant other.

For you, the best kind of love is the love that feels steady. And although you like a little spark of adventure and thrill from time to time, you value both being someone and being with someone who is trustworthy and drama-free above anything else.


For you, love is most exciting when it’s changing. You hate staying in one place, both literally and metaphorically. Instead, value growth with your significant other. What is most important to you is that you are both learning, progressing, and shifting, especially as time goes on.

Just like your contemporary home design preference, you’re all about living in the present—you value the openness, clarity, and steadiness that comes from knowing you are there for one another through whatever challenges life throws your way.


You are in tune with your lover, yourself, and the world around you. You value feeling grounded in your relationship, yet you also enjoy having the freedom to explore and become your own person independent of the connection.

Just like your creative home décor preference—for you, nothing is too much. You love making memories, taking pictures, and creating special moments with your significant other that are uniquely your own. You love with a vibrancy and fullness that is truly unmatched.


For you, love is uncomplicated. You see your connections as simple—a give and take and a meeting one another halfway to create something both selfless and beautiful.

You aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, to share your innermost feelings, and to create spaces of openness between you and your significant other—both literally and figuratively.

Akin to your minimalist home design preference, you prefer to do away with all of the external craziness and focus on the matters of the heart. Love, at the core, is simple.


When it comes to love, you tend to embody softness. You love through small gestures, gentle touches, and unspoken embraces that often carry more weight than words alone.

Your unconventional home design preference is filled with neutrals and pastels—akin to the humility and selflessness you often display. Your style is a mix of traditional and budding newness as you explore who you are and how the mismatch of two people somehow fits perfectly together.


You love with deep, unmatched passion. Love, to you, isn’t something to be taken lightly. Rather, it should be felt with every inch of your soul and be both steady and secure.

For you, relationships, like your rustic design tastes, are all about comfort and feeling as if you’re ‘coming home’ to one another. As such, you prefer spaces—in your home and in your heart—that evoke a sense of depth, ruggedness, and warmth.


You have an ‘old-school’ perspective on relationships that shines through whenever you’re the most comfortable. You love everything that is traditionally ‘romantic’—date nights, love notes, holding hands, dancing in the moonlight—but you aren’t childish in your approach.

You take love seriously, but you still value the sweetness of a simple romance. Just like your farmhouse-style design preference, you tend to enjoy connections that are natural, organic, and real.


Sometimes you love with tenacity, and sometimes your love is calm and steady. The people closest to you would say that you’re ‘all over the place’ or even ‘too much’ at times, but you’re simply guided by your heart more than your head.

You prefer an eclectic style, meaning you enjoy the mix of everything—a little bit of tradition, a little bit of new. To you, love should be wild, free, and undefined. You can’t label it, but you can feel it. And to you, that’s what really matters.

Art Deco

When it comes to love—just like your art deco design preference—you are bold and fearless. You appreciate public displays of affection, grand gestures, and a connection that is both seen and felt.

To you, love is a declaration, a statement, and a promise that the rest of the world gets to witness. Though you, of course, value the private connection you have with your significant other, you still see your relationship as a part of the world around you. And above all else, it excites you that you get to experience all of life’s beautiful things with a special person by your side.


You have a practical view on love, one that values rationality and consciousness over foolish or spur-of-the-moment emotion. You are a problem-solver, a straightforward thinker, and one who easily avoids conflict because of your willingness to be open, clear, and direct in communication.

For you, love is unbothered with frills and over-the-top gestures that lack true purpose and depth. Like your industrial style preference, your heart is pure and focused on what is most important—being the best person you can be and growing with and alongside your partner.