Home Organization Tips for the Type-A Mom

Don't sweat the small details too much

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So you’re a Type-A Mama—what does that mean, exactly? Well, for one, you’re super organized. You know that when you have your proverbial ‘ducks in a row,’ your family thrives. It goes without saying that everything is almost always in its rightful place and your house is almost always clean and in order.

You’re also more driven than most to succeed, to organize, and to keep track of all the commitments and responsibilities that go with raising kids—which is often more than we anticipate.

But what about organization preferences? Before you scratch your head, there’s actually a clear connection between our personality types and the way we organize our homes. Here are a few organization tips for the Type-A mama.

1. Prioritize the Responsibilities

Here’s a no-brainer home tip: put the responsibilities first.

What does that mean? It means that when it comes to creating a space that’s conducive to, well, everything, you want to make sure that the obligations and responsibilities you have are the first priority.

Think work, homework, medical needs, food, sleep, and sanity. You want to make sure that you’re organizing your home with the intent of the practicalities and spending time as a family.

As a Type-A person, you’ve probably already considered all of those things (and you'll likely have a checklist of items you’re already ticking off), but it’s important to remember that although 'home' is the place where you live, it’s also much more than that. And as a mama, your job is to focus on what’s most important first and not get hung up too much on keeping things too orderly.

2. When in Doubt, Find a Container

This is the ‘golden rule’ when it comes to organizing as a Type-A Mama: when you don’t know what else to do, find a container.

The cool thing about organizing your home is that you can never have too many jars, baskets, manila folders, storage units, or shelves. As a Type-A mama, you may find yourself stressing over space from time to time. Maybe there are just too many markers to fit in the marker drawer or maybe the new shoes you bought your son don't actually fit in the shoe bin area. (Trust me, I get it — adapting to the unexpected can be stressful!)

But if and when this happens, remember to lean into the golden rule: if you can’t make it work, make a ‘home’ (aka: buy a bunch of containers and label them).

3. Embrace the Power of Color-Coding

If you identify as Type-A, you’re probably partial to some type of color-coding. There’s definitely a preference around colors that only neat-freaks understand. Don’t be ashamed—if you’re into color-coding, do it unapologetically.

Whether it is clothes, toys, paperwork, or even vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator—everything can have its proper place. Plus, there’s no denying the ease of finding what you’re looking for when everything is sorted by shade.

4. Invest in Organizers (Big and Small)

This definitely goes without saying for Type-A mamas, but organizers (just like containers) are literally heaven-sent. You can never have too many, and you might use them in sock drawers, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and more— the list goes on indefinitely.

So, if you find that you don’t know where to put something or, in general, your home is in disarray, use the power of organizers to do the work for you.

5. Focus on the Practicality

When it comes to organizing your home, be practical. As a Type-A mama, chances are, you sometimes get wrapped up in the details so much that you lose the big picture.

You’ll want to make everything perfect, so much so that you’ll actually forget that no one besides you is that obsessed with the ideal. And, if you’re not careful, you’ll actually miss out on special moments getting hyper-fixated on the wrong things.

As you set out to organize your space, focus on the practicality: What’s easy? What makes sense? What is the solution? Whatever answers those questions is what you should put your energy into.

6. Designate Between Work and Play

It can be helpful for a Type-A mama to make a clear distinction between areas of work and play. Why? Because it’s incredibly hard to be productive if your office doubles as a playroom or if there are no boundaries for where your kids can race cars or play tag.

As you organize your spaces, think about what will make the most sense for you both personally and professionally. And even if it’s hard, create hard rules around what works and what doesn’t so that you can stay productive (and sane).