Home Design Tips for Type-B Moms

The focus is on family and function rather than fashion

Mother playing with children in the living room

MaaHoo Studio / Stocksy

Cheers to the Type-B Mamas. The mamas who don’t always have it together, who won’t ever have the ‘picture-perfect’ living space or the 24/7 Instagram-worthy kids but love their family with a passion.

If you identify as a Type-B Mama, you’ve fully embraced that your kitchen counters will never be spotless, the laundry will almost always be overflowing, and the living room will probably be infiltrated with toys and clothes 99% of the time. But you’re okay with it.

Your home is not supposed to be perfect—it’s supposed to be your safe space.

Here are five stress-free home design tips for the Type-B Mama.

1. Prioritize Convenience First

In a world that’s often focused on trends, you value functionality first. As cool as a fancy new refrigerator may be, you won’t be caught dead installing it if it doesn’t have double-drawers for kid snacks and a bottom section for popsicles.

When it comes to designing your home, your best bet is to focus on convenience first. Although a triple-wide shoe bin might look nice in the laundry room, it doesn’t actually make as much sense there as it would right when you open the door. And for you, it’s more important that things are practical rather than pleasing to the eye. 

2. Focus on the Flow

When it comes to putting your home together, focus on the flow. In other words, think about the natural rhythm of your family. As a Type-B Mama, you know that you’re often running from one thing to the next, trying to balance all of the activities, projects, events, and homework assignments.

For you, home design needs to focus on the flow of things. If homework often happens in the kitchen so that you can troubleshoot difficult math problems while making dinner—then don’t fight it! Set up a homework space at the corner of the main table instead of forcing your kids to set up a desk in their room and make 10,000 trips back and forth.

If you have a nightly routine of making desserts and snuggling on the couch, then set up a small side table so that you have somewhere to balance the treats— by focussing on the flow you can make the space feel more ‘homey’ and personal.

3. Let Your Kids Guide the Layout

As much as us mamas hate to admit it, our children pretty much dictate most (read: all) aspects of our lives. When it comes to home design, engage them in the process and take their needs into consideration.

Are your children young and need a separate play area? Do your older children often have friends over to hang out in the basement? Depending on the ages, needs, preferences, hobbies, and pastimes of your family members—and especially children—you may want aspects of your home design to cater to them.

4. Create ‘Homes’ For Things

As a Type-B Mama, chances are, you’ve probably heard of the proverbial ‘junk drawer.’ For someone who parents—and lives—with a somewhat laidback approach to life, this drawer is a catch-all for items that really don’t have a place. And in your home, there are quite a few of those things.

As you focus on your home design, think about ‘homes’ where items belong. And as you create spaces for your things (or copious amounts of junk drawers) you’ll realize that it’s much easier to keep your space in order when you’re less worried about it being ‘perfect’ and more focused on the basic tidying-up.

5. Go at Your Own Pace

Here’s the thing: there’s no right or wrong way to organize, clean, or design your home. Don’t be something you’re not. As much as the world tries to pressure you to be a little more polished in your approach (read: a little more like your Type-A counterparts) your space is your own.

And it’s important for you to be yourself so that your house feels like your home.