How to Fall in Love With Any Room in Your Home

Survey finds DIY projects enhance at-home emotional fulfillment

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If houses were designed by how much we love each room, the proportions would be very different!

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When it comes to our homes, we all have our favorite spots—the quiet nook in the bedroom where you unwind with a book every night, the sun-drenched corner of the kitchen where you always sip your morning coffee, or the recliner in the living room that lets you sink away from the world.

But why? What about these specific spots makes them tiny sanctuaries of self-care? Is it simply a matter of comfort, or is there a deeper, psychological reason why a certain area of your home becomes your favorite spot?

According to a recent survey of Spruce readers, your favorite room in your home is actually tied to how it makes you feel emotionally. Moreover, that emotional connection—and sense of fulfillment—is actually enhanced if you've played an active role in the room's design.

The Emotional Benefits of DIY

No matter which room in the home is your favorite, one thing is clear: you are emotionally connected to it and it can influence how you feel. According to our survey, the more time and energy you invest into a space, the more that space gives back to you. In other words, every DIY project you embark upon to make a certain room special to you is well worth the effort.

Those who had DIY'd their favorite spots in their homes had twice as much to say about how it makes them feel.

Readers who participated in home improvement activities in a specific room had even stronger emotional responses to that room than those who had not, including the following reactions:

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Room-by-Room Tips

Since putting a little DIY effort into a space can translate directly into a deeper emotional connection with that space, let's discuss how to do this in every room of your home. Below are some examples from our survey of how different rooms make people feel, as well as tips on how you can achieve this same emotional connection through specific DIY projects. Why not pepper your entire home with mini self-care sanctuaries that could enhance your overall well-being?

A Bedroom That's Private and Peaceful

People turn to the bedroom when they need a little privacy and respite. This is the room in which people can simply be themselves. Many readers noted that their beds, in particular, make them feel safe and secure. One reader elaborated on what makes this room feel so calming.

DIY bedroom project by The Spruce reader

Two of our favorite ways to update a bedroom is to make a shiplap accent wall or add a sliding barn door in lieu of an old closet door.

A Kitchen That's Creative and Inviting

Aside from being a familiar place to find food, readers agreed that the kitchen makes them feel warm and creative. One reader emphasized how equally relaxed and energized their kitchen makes them feel.

Kitchen from The Spruce Reader

Trendy lighting and updated hardware go a long way when it comes to elevating your kitchen. And don't forget how easy it can be to redo your backsplash.

An Outdoor Space That's Beautiful and Relaxing

Whether it's the feel of grass between toes, lounging in the sun on a favorite chair, or smelling freshly-planted flowers, the backyard has a grounding effect unlike any room in the home. One reader added that their backyard made them feel purposeful and relaxed.

Gardening project by The Spruce Reader

It's easy to overlook the potential of a backyard, deck or porch. Simply adding string lights, large colorful planters or a DIY fire pit can do wonders.

A Home Office That's Practical and Productive

Lots of people rely on their home offices to help them complete projects and achieve career milestones. One reader added that their home office gives them a sense of freedom.

Home office

We know how important a budget-friendly home workspace is right now. Take the time to carve out a focused space for you to get things done.

A Living Room That's Cozy and Safe

Forty-four percent of living room lovers said they have done some DIY work in this room, specifically. One reader shared their experience with their mini living room makeover.

Living room
 The Spruce

Living rooms have so much potential for DIY projects. Adding color is one of the easiest ways to makeover the room.