The Home Edit Team Re-Did Their HQ—See the Colorful (and Well-Organized!) Result

Learn their tried-and-true tips for a more colorful (but not cluttered) home

The Home Edit x Behr HQ Makeover - Exterior

Courtesy of Behr

It’s no secret that we have a serious love for home organizing here at The Spruce. Very few things are as satisfying as seeing a cluttered room, drawer, or closet get sorted and ordered. It’s one of many reasons we love Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, the team behind The Home Edit, a professional home organizing service that has risen to national fame.

Known for their hit Netflix show Get Organized with The Home Edit, their New York Times–bestselling books, and their popular product line, the duo's signature bright and fun color palettes are as beloved as their decluttering and reorganizing skills. It makes sense, then, that for their latest project—a total refresh of their homey headquarters, The Home Edit House—they partnered with Behr for a stunning, fresh paint job.

Along with Teplin and Shearer, we also spoke with Karyn Womack, Behr regional sales and development trainer, and Erika Woelfel, Behr vice president of color & creative services. Together, the foursome offered tips, tricks, and words of wisdom for living and working more colorfully—and durably—in our own spaces.

The Home Edit x Behr HQ Makeover - living room

Courtesy of Behr

What tips do you have for people who want to add more color into their homes but don't know where to start?

Clea Shearer (The Home Edit): Start small. It’s a rule that can be applied to anything in life. No one said you have to commit to painting every wall a bright color. Just choose one and make it your accent wall. You can also go the more modern route and paint surfaces like a door frame, wall trim, or even a bookcase. This adds a pop of color without it being too much color. And honestly, at the end of the day, nothing is permanent. You can always repaint, you can always switch out decor. 

Joanna Teplin (The Home Edit): Also, decor items such as throw pillows, rugs, artwork, etc. can be a great jumping-off point to figuring out what colors you naturally gravitate toward. If something doesn’t work in a specific space, it might work somewhere else. Decor gives you more freedom to play around until you are ready to commit to an overall aesthetic. 

How can people avoid visual overwhelm (aka visual clutter) as they incorporate more color? 

CS: Every space needs a defined color theme, or else things can start looking chaotic. A color wheel or swatches can guide you through what colors look best together. From there, decide what your bold statement will be. Is it the paint color on your walls? The velvet couch? A printed rug? Whatever it is, let that be your North Star when bringing in the smaller touches. 

Any top tips for keeping a paint job looking fresh?

Karyn Womack (Behr): It’s important to pick the right supplies from the very beginning of your paint project. We suggest using high-quality, nylon, and polyester brushes for water-based finishes. When it comes to rollers, choose three-eighth to half-inch roller covers for smooth or semi-smooth surfaces, and half-inch or higher for medium to rough surfaces. Always use high-quality paint in high-traffic areas or spaces that will require regular cleaning (i.e. doors, windowsills, and trim). If possible, also try to position your furniture in a way that doesn’t rub up against your walls to prevent wear. 

How did you decide on your color palettes for each room of HQ?

JT: The form needed to match the function. So before we even started sifting through paint colors, we talked through how each room would be utilized. In our prop room, we already knew we wanted to arrange the items by color on white shelving, so painting rainbow stripes would add to that visual roadmap showing where items live. All in all, it’s such a fun and beautiful space. 

CS: Our conference room is a communal space where we can work and collaborate as a team, so we needed to choose a shade that was serene and inviting. We landed on Moxie, a beautiful blush pink shade from the Behr DYNASTY Interior paint line. It’s perfect.

The Home Edit x Behr HQ Makeover - Rainbow prop room

Courtesy of Behr

Which bright or bold colors work best in a room with lots of natural light?

Erika Woelfel, Behr: Colors like Ocean Abyss and Dark Cobalt Blue can make a bold statement in rooms with plenty of natural light. The dark shades work best in well-lit spaces and in combination with light-colored furniture or accessories. We recommend saving them for spaces that have abundant natural light to create a sense of balance.

Regardless of what color you pick, bright morning sun or west-facing windows will bring out the yellow, warm tones of your space. If you have a north-facing window, you’re likely to notice cooler, blue daylight that will complement calming tones like blue or green. 

The Home Edit x Behr HQ Makeover - Blue bathroom

Courtesy of Behr

Which bright or bold colors work best in a room with little to no natural light? 

EW: To avoid making a room without natural light feel small and cramped, we like to suggest using a bold or bright hue as an accent to bring in fun pops of color. Selections from our 2022 Trends Palette like Corn Stalk and Lingonberry Punch pair exceptionally well with neutrals and natural textures found in nature. A simple way of breathing life into spaces without natural light is by incorporating a white like Whisper White into the space, whether it’s using this hue for baseboard trims, doors, accent walls, or decor.

What are your favorite rooms in HQ and why?

JT: The Rainbow Room obviously takes the cake. It’s colorful and fun and perfectly represents our brand aesthetic as a whole. 

CS: Our conference room is a close second because it’s beautiful and that's where the candy and champagne live. 

The Home Edit x Behr HQ Makeover - Pink conference room

Courtesy of Behr

How do you avoid feeling bored with a room's design? Any small tips for a quick refresh to keep a space from feeling stale? 

CS: Fresh florals and greenery. 

JT: Never underestimate the power of a throw pillow rotation. 

Any other tips for maximizing the durability and longevity of our painted walls? 

KW: We recently launched Behr DYNASTY, the stain-repellent, scuff-resistant, fast-drying, and one-coat hide paint that keeps your walls looking just as new as the day you painted them. The level of durability coupled with exceptional cleaning means you can keep your spaces looking fresh with a simple swipe of a rag. While [Behr Dynasty is] revolutionary, we of course recommend adhering to the cleaning and prep tips outlined previously for any paint project regardless of the final product you’re using.