10 Home Essentials You Should Always Buy On Sale, According to Designers

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Whether you're looking to do a spring refresh, pick out a few new statement-making decor items, or upgrade an entire space, finding home essentials that not only fit your style but that are reasonably priced can be difficult. Seating, storage, lighting, and other often large-ticket purchases can be tricky to traverse, but there are plenty of options for every budget.

Determining which home essentials to save up for and which are best to buy on sale is another question. Luckily, interior designers are here to help. We turned to them to get their tips on 10 home essentials you should always buy on sale.

Linens and Barware

Small items like sheets, towels, and pillowcases. are perfect to buy on sale because you get get great quality for fairly low prices. Funky or unique glassware you'll use for the occasional after-work drink or holiday hosting is also a great on-sale buy

"I love finding great sheets and towels on sale," says designer Meredith Owens of Meredith Owens Interiors. "These will always get great use. I’m also a fan of fun barware for entertaining,"

Outdoor Furniture

KozyKasa's Kristin Marino suggests waiting until summer to purchase a few bigger items like outdoor sofas and sectionals.

"Big ticket items like your dining table and chairs, chaise lounges, and outdoor sofas and sectionals you should always try and buy on sale," Marino says. "These frequently go on sale at the beginning and end of the summer, so it'd be a great time to purchase."

Organization Supplies

Austin-based designer Drea Peters is all about stocking up on organization supplies.

"An organized life is about living the way you want—only better," she says.

Peters says organizational supplies are one of her top home essentials, and always recommends buying them on sale. This can ensure that you have them at your fingertips when you decide to do some tidying, she says.

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There are times to splurge and there are times to save. Lauren Ramirez, interior designer at HouseMill Design, says she always recommends her clients invest in timeless pieces like sofas, mattresses, and light fixtures—items that will last you for years. But, Ramirez says, home essentials like bedding, throw pillows, and decorative accessories are better bought on sale.

"By snagging these items at a discount, you can easily refresh your space and keep up with current trends without overspending," she says.

Picture Frames and Statement Vessels

Echoing the sentiment of purchasing home accessories on sale. designer Shani Core of Shani Core Interiors recommends saving on items like picture frames, vases, and other statement vessels for the kitchen or living room.

"I’m constantly checking my local Goodwill, vintage and thrift stores for unique finds," Core says.


As Andrea Eckert, interior designer at CG&S Design Build, notes, a good quality rug can be expensive. And sometimes they can be worth the splurge since they do so much for a room, like improving the acoustics or tying the room together.

"I always recommend my clients purchase this essential home item while on sale," Eckert says. "If you pay attention to seasonal promotions, you can snag a quality rug even with a tight budget."

Pots and Pans

Designer Natalie Howe says that, since the kitchen is the focal point of the home, buying the right tools is essential, like pots and pans or high quality knives.

"Investing in them is a wise decision," Howe says. "That's why, if you come across a sale for these essential tools, I'd take advantage of that."

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Design: Natalie Howe Design; Photo: Ryann Ford Photography


Whether you have a large plant collection or a small one, you know how expensive both indoor and outdoor planters can be. That's why Ami McKay, president and principal designer at PURE Design, recommends checking out end of summer sales for pots, plants, and even trees to add to your collection.

"It's a good time to save on large terracotta, glazed, or cement pots that can be quite costly otherwise," McKay says.

Throw Pillows

You can never have too many pillows, says James Stanley, principal and founder of James Stanley NY. "When they're on sale, stock up, and switch out the ones on your sofa, side chair, or bed every season—or sooner, if you're like me."