Building Your Own Furniture: Brands Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

If you do it yourself, how difficult will it be?

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    Furniture Assembly from Easiest to Hardest

    West Elm

    Buying furniture can be fun—but assembling it is another story. Different furniture and home good brands take different approaches, and the reasons vary from pricing to shipping and quality of goods. You probably already know that part of the reason Ikea's furniture is so affordable is that you take it home in flat packed boxes and build it yourself at home. Then there's stores like Pottery Barn—who offer 'White Glove Service' for all their furniture, which means a team comes and brings the piece into your home and assembles it exactly where you want it and takes away all the boxes and packing materials, too.

    Ahead, we've ranked some of the most popular (and new!) furniture brands based on how easy or difficult it is to assemble their furniture.

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    Pottery Barn

    Pottery Barn

    It's a little bit of a joke to include Pottery Barn here, but since it's such a popular home furnishing brand we couldn't resist. Every single dresser (and most other furniture, too) is delivered via white glove service. That means furniture is delivered by a team of Pottery Barn experts and placed, unwrapped and assembled right where you want it.

    This is an ideal option for anyone who doesn't want to assemble their furniture, or who is buying a bunch of pieces that would require too much time to put together. It's also a great option if you live at the top of a tall flight of stairs and will need help getting the item into your home, let alone into the right room.

    Juno Reclaimed Wood Dresser, $899, Pottery Barn 

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    West Elm

    West Elm

    When it comes to West Elm furniture, assembly efforts, times and levels of difficulty will vary. But with their dressers, most come with white glove service. But this Modern 6-Drawer dresser, for example, comes almost completely assembled aside from the legs, so putting it fully together is fairly simple and only requires a screwdriver and a bit of lifting on your end. Additionally, you'll want to install and use the anti-tip hardware to secure your dresser to the wall to avoid potential falls and damage.


    Modern 6-Drawer Dresser, $999, West Elm

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    Rivet and Stone & Beam By Amazon


    It was big news when Amazon launched two in-house furniture brands, Rivet and Stone & Beam in 2017. Rivet offers tons of reasonably priced Mid Century Modern pieces, while Stone & Beam takes a more industrial and farmhouse-chic approach to decor.

    For any products that require assembly, Amazon offers an "expert assembly" addition to your order for about $83. (Which isn't so bad when you consider that Prime shipping is free!) Products that do require assembly, like this pine 6-drawer dresser, can be put together in about 15 or 30 minutes.

    Rivet 6-Drawer Stark Dresser, $399, Amazon

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    Article is an up-and-coming DTC (direct to consumer) furniture brand. Since they don't have any stores or a showroom, they are able to keep their prices lower than those of many typical furniture and home good stores.

    Article says that most of their dressers can be assembled by you in about 15 minutes or so, which, when you think about it, is pretty painless for a beautiful dresser you'll use for years to come. 

    Keep in mind that without assembly, shipping to your ground floor / front door will cost $49. And for $99, Article will bring the furniture into the room you want it in, but not assemble it for you, which is critical if you live up a flight of stairs. (Hello, New Yorkers!)

    Envelo 5-Drawer Dresser, $699, Article

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    Assembly requirements vary largely with CB2 furniture. While many dressers come mostly assembled, requiring (at most) the legs to be screwed on and secured, there are armoires and wardrobes that need to be assembled nearly from scratch.

    This beautiful Astoria wardrobe, for example, comes with 11 pages of instructions, all of which are shown with images rather than written instructions. While they are fairly intuitive, you'll have to be very careful not to mix up the different screws which look similar but are each quite different and used for different purposes. 

    Astoria wardrobe, $899, CB2

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    ​Ah, Ikea. The brand known as much for it's legendary assembly requirements as it is for the affordable housewares and furniture they sell. Similar to CB2, the instructions are giving with images rather than words—which makes it easy for those who read languages other than English (or Swedish!) to assemble their furniture. While it's somewhat subjective whether you find these instructions or those of CB2 more difficult, we think Ikea's assembly directions require a bit more attention and flare for construction.

    Another thing to keep in mind with Ikea furniture is that it's really only designed to be built once. It's not good at sustaining moves, or being taken apart and put back together again, so keep that in mind when shopping.

    Hemnes 3-Drawer Dresser, $179, Ikea