28 Creative Home Gym Ideas

Home gym with orange mat on wooden surface with purple roller, basket of yoga mats and weights next to houseplants

The Spruce / Alandra Chavarria

A home gym might be just what you need to find the motivation to exercise. If you don't have a dedicated workout room, that's ok. Even a nook or a part of your garage or basement will do for many types of exercise. Here are 28 home gym ideas to help you work up a sweat. 

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    Basement Home Gym

    A basement home gym with child's playroom
    Eisner Design

    Eisner Design turned a dark basement into a sun-drenched space that both kids and adults can enjoy. The homeowners needed a place where they could get their cardio fix while watching their kids. On the left is the home gym, and on the right is the children's play area

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    Attic Home Gym

    gym in home attic
    Geometra Design

    Take all the stored items out of your attic, and turn it into a home gym. Interior designers at Geometra Design converted an unfinished attic into this open, airy fitness room. The space is a quiet escape from the rest of the house and perfect if you practice yoga.

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    Rustic Home Gym

    rustic home gym
    Cedar Hill Custom Homes

    Architectural details give the gym in this new construction by Cedar Hill Custom Homes plenty of old-time character. The brick walls and exposed beams epitomize rustic style. And vibration mats placed under the exercise equipment keep the wood floor protected.

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    Modern Farmhouse Home Gym

    modern farmhouse gym
    Tim Barber LTD

    A bump-out created extra space for a gym in this Southern California home remodeled by Tim Barber LTD. Handsome millwork, vintage lighting, cork flooring, and sliding barn doors give the room a homey farmhouse look. In fact, this room would be a comfortable place to read a book, as well as work up a sweat on the treadmill.

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    Designer Home Gym

    home gym with lockers
    Sawdust 2 Stitches

    Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches turned a boring bonus room into a home gym that inspires her to run. To make her space workout worthy, she spruced up the walls with painted ombre stripes. Covering the beige carpet with interlocking rubber tiles was next. For storage, she added inexpensive gym lockers. Topping things off is a bench and custom wall art.

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    Accessory Dwelling Unit

    accessory dwelling gym
    EcoSpace Studios

    Got a spacious backyard and not enough square footage in the house for a gym? Installing an accessory dwelling will give you extra room for your conditioning equipment. For instance, this compact structure by EcoSpace Studios packs in many of the amenities found at top-notch gyms.

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    Home Yoga Studio

    home yoga studio
    Reena Sotropa Design Group

    A spare bedroom becomes a yoga retreat in this home by Reena Sotropa Design Group. A large mirror helps yogis check their form. And the sizable woven rug soothes bare feet. There is plenty of wall storage and a rolling cart for yoga essentials and other gear. Plus, the wallpapered ceiling enhances the room's peaceful vibe.

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    Bright Windowless Workout Room

    blue home gym
    One Three Design

    While a home gym with a beautiful view can be nice, you also can turn a windowless space into a fresh and airy workout zone with these ideas from One Three Design. Recessed LED lighting, white shiplap walls, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors keep things feeling bright. Plus, the interlocking foam mats both add a design element and protect the floors.

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    Exercise Equipment With Visual Interest

    exercise equipment
    One Three Design

    In this same home gym from One Three Design, there are two cardio machines. A feather wall decal adds a pop of visual interest, so the focus isn't only on the equipment. Another smart feature is the barn-style sliding door that does not take up floor space when it's open.

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    Basement Gym Remodel

    basement home gym
    Vonn Studio

    We love remodels that pack more fun and function into a home like this basement update by Vonn Studio. The workout zone on the right features amenities typically found at health clubs, such as the weight rack and medicine ball. After working up a sweat, there is a fully stocked bar on the left for kicking back.

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    Gym Equipment in the Bedroom

    nook for working out in a bedroom
    IKEA Ideas

    When it comes to motivation, having a spot where you can work out in a small apartment can make a huge difference. The first step is carving out the square footage for a home gym. Ikea Ideas suggests creating a nook in your bedroom or living room with a curtain room divider. In this space, a curtain chisels out just enough room for yoga and weightlifting. To keep your workout gear organized, hang some shelves or get a small storage unit.

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    Garage Gym

    garage gym
    Mr. Kate

    If you kick your car out of your garage, you can turn the space into a gorgeous home gym just like this one by Mr. Kate. The goal here was to create a super functional and fashionable spot for exercising that is chock-full of bright, neutral colors and spa-like accents. 

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    Scandinavian-Inspired Home Gym

    white garage gym
    Mr. Kate

    Here is another spectacular glimpse of the garage-to-gym conversion by Mr. Kate. White walls, new flooring, and gorgeous French doors brighten the formerly dark space. Besides the workout equipment, the gym also includes a fridge for drinks and chilled eucalyptus towels. The cherry topping this sweet spot is the crystal chandelier.

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    Home Weight Room

    weight storage
    Homemade Modern

    Finding square footage to store bulky weights can be a problem when setting up a home gym. But this wall-mounted cabinet tutorial by Ben at Homemade Modern solves the space issue. When closed, it is designed to conceal a CrossFit-inspired home gym without taking up precious floor space.

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    CrossFit Garage Gym

    gym converted into awesome gym
    Menter Byrne Architects

    Menter Byrne Architects turned a detached garage into a CrossFit funhouse. Hanging off strong steel beams are gymnastic rings for strength training. Old-school gym mats on the floor provide cushioning. At the back of the room is loft storage, and behind the chalkboard-covered barn door is a toilet. The stainless steel trough sink on the left offers a spot to rinse off. Overhead are four industrial-inspired pendant lights. Plus, there are two hammock-style hanging chairs in which you can relax after your workout.

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    Yoga Sanctuary

    all white home gym with mirrors
    Elemental Architecture

    Create a sanctuary for yoga and meditation like this blissful room by Elemental Architecture. A row of mirrors amplifies sunlight. And minimal furnishings and white walls eliminate distractions. For storage, there is a simple rolling unit.

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    Treadmill Nook

    A treadmill nook
    Craft Your Happiness

    Think you don't have room for a treadmill in your small apartment? This smart idea by the duo behind Craft Your Happiness shares how to turn a nook into a concealed workout zone. To get the job done, you will need to install a floor-to-ceiling curtain. Afterward, make your new treadmill nook more inviting with pendant lighting and inspirational wall art.

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    Small Exercise Nook

    A cart workout nook
    Kylie M. Interiors

    Live in a tiny rental? Installing wall-mounted shelves for a collection of conditioning accessories might put your security deposit at risk. But that should not squash your home gym dream. A rolling cart turned this small nook in an abode designed by Kylie M. Interiors into a workout zone.

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    Home Gym With Luxuries

    A spa-like home gym

    Several appliances can make a home gym more enjoyable. A beverage refrigerator, sound system, and wall-mounted flat-screen make working out in this space by Lory from Designthusiasm a pleasure. Plus, the fans directed at the cardio machines help to keep the space comfortable.

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    Home Rock-Climbing Wall

    A rock wall in a home
    Ezra Lee Design and Build

    Get your sweat on with a residential climbing wall like this one by Ezra Lee Design and Build. Climbing walls offer a great form of exercise and can be modified for both children and adults. However, the area underneath your wall must be padded for safety in case of falls.

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    Hallway Home Gym

    home gym on stair landing
    Built In Studio

    In this Brooklyn townhouse remodeled by Built In Studio, a wide hallway at the top of the stairs is the ideal spot for a home gym. The recessed lighting and white walls brighten the windowless nook. And the workout equipment seems to blend perfectly with the stair railing for a cohesive look.

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    Basement CrossFit Gym

    Concrete walls in a crossfit home gym
    John Kraemer and Sons

    Here's an ideal home gym optimized for cross-training. Designed by John Kraemer and Sons, the room features concrete walls for anchoring heavy equipment. Covering the floor is commercial rubber flooring. Plus, a disco ball hanging from the ceiling adds a bit of flashy whimsy.

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    Ultimate Bike Room

    A bike, hammock and treadmill in a home gym
    Sogno Design Group

    Outdoor cyclists will love this earthy home gym by Sogno Design Group. The wood walls are aesthetically pleasing, and floating shelves create spots to park bikes. Plus, there is space for other equipment for when you can't go out on a bike ride. And after your workout, there is a hammock for a recovery nap.

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    Home Barre Studio

    A ballet barre studio in a house
    Hendel Homes

    Want to build a barre studio at home? This studio by Hendel Homes includes two essential ingredients: a wall-mounted ballet barre and enough room to move your body. Plus, it features bright lighting and mirrors where you can focus on your form. And the colorful flooring and wall covering add a touch of creative whimsy.

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    DIY Ballet Barre

    A DIY ballet barre
    Simplified Building

    You don't need a separate bonus room to create a spot for ballet-inspired workouts. This DIY project by Simplified Building explains how to whip up a portable barre for plies and stretching. It uses materials you can find at most hardware stores, and it can be crafted to accommodate people of varying heights. 

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    Dark Basement Remodel

    A home gym with built-in storage
    Jackson and Leroy

    The builders at Jackson and Leroy turned a dark basement into an open and airy home gym with a few decor tricks. Built-in cabinetry and colorful carpet tiles give the space a spa-like vibe. Recessed lighting keeps the room looking bright and cheerful. And when things get heated, there are two ceiling fans to cool down the gym.

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    Fitness Wall

    A crossfit home gym

    Wall workouts are popular, especially for tight spaces, because they don't require bulky equipment. Fitness walls like this one designed by Isawall combine tools for strength training, such as resistance bands, body straps, and pull-up bars, on a single wall-mounted unit. You can customize your wall to include your favorite equipment.