Humidifier - Definition of a Home Humidifier and What it Does

Room humidifier for respiratory issues
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Definition: A humidifier is an electric appliance that generates a water mist or steam and releases it into the room where the unit is located, or through the whole home when a whole-house in-line humidifier is installed on the home's duct work.

Humidifiers can either be cool-mist or warm-mist depending on the function and are sold in compact personal, portable, floor console or whole-house models.

Prices vary widely depending on style, features and whether they have a built-in humidistat.
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A humidifier will greatly improve the air quality and comfort by adding moisture to dry air in the home. This can relieve such things as chapped lips, cough, static electricity and cracking of wooden furniture or musical instruments caused by air that is too dry.

However, excessive moisture can lead to health concerns, mildew, and other problems. It is important to control the amount of humidity in a home to keep a proper balance of home moisture.

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Also Known As: humidity generator

Common Misspellings: humidifyer

Examples: Humidifiers for the home are sold in different types, styles and with varying features. Air purifiers often have a built-in humidifier as a secondary function.