6 Home Items to Stop Buying—Because You Probably Have Too Many Already

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Though we are always sharing the latest and greatest home finds, we want to take a minute to reflect and join in on a recent trend found on TikTok: deinfluencing. Instead of encouraging you to buy something, creators have been encouraging you to ditch items you don't need or avoid purchasing certain items in the first place.

These videos are serving a great purpose, every single time, by telling viewers to ditch the excess. And in the spirit of spring cleaning and decluttering, we decided to turn to the experts and ask them the exact same question: what does everyone have at home that can probably go? 

Here are six items you (probably) don't need to purchase more of, according to experts.

Meet the Expert

  • Ashley Murphy is one of the co-founders of NEAT Method, a luxury organizing company.
  • Marcia Sloman is a professional organizer and the founder of Under Control Organizing.
  • Marissa Hagmeyer is a professional organizer and the other co-founder of NEAT Method.

Reusable Water Bottles

On the one hand, you’ve completely kicked your plastic water bottle habit, which is great. On the other, valuable cabinet space is being used by something we all have in excess: reusable water bottles.

“We can safely say that most households are stocking an unnecessary surplus of water bottles,” Ashley Murphy of NEAT Method says. "But, the reality is: we all have just one or two favorites."

Murphy suggests decluttering excess bottles that are collecting dust and donating them. "And, a good rule of thumb is anytime you want to upgrade, donate the old one in exchange for the new one," she suggests.

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Food Storage and Kitchen Organizers 

Much like your water bottles, kitchen organizers and food storage is an area of your kitchen that can quickly become unwieldy—even if you bought the products with the best intentions. Tupperware is hard to stack, and the lids never seem to sit quite right. Marcia Sloman or Under Control Organizing says this is completely common.

“Typically, food containers and storage bins are the most overstocked organizing item in any home,” she says.

If you find yourself in a similar conundrum, don’t toss anything just yet. It’s possible some of your extra containers and organizers are actually the perfect solution to storage problems elsewhere in your home. Have a peek in your closet, bathroom, or playroom, and see if anything can be re-homed.


Plastic food containers make excellent storage for kids’ craft supplies, like paint pots, markers, and paintbrushes.   

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Wardrobe Staples

We've all been there. You find one staple item of clothing you love wearing the most, so you buy it in multiples—and then realize you've overdone it. As it turns out, even pros get caught overindulging.

When asked what she struggles to part with in her own home, Murphy admitted her guilty pleasure. “I have a pretty extensive collection of workout leggings,” she says. “But, in my defense, they do all get worn."

Still, Murphy’s advice for water bottle purging stands, especially when it comes to keeping your closet in order. If you want to treat yourself to something new, see if you can donate the old. 

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Expired Medication, Makeup, and Toiletries

“The most common items we come across in the bathroom that could use an edit are skincare, makeup, and travel-size toiletries,” Marissa Hagmeyer, also of NEAT method, tells The Spruce.

Obviously, the best way to tackle this is to go through each item and toss anything that’s expired, as well as anything that looks or smells musty or murky. Ditch anything that you know you won't use, and do your best to keep items from piling back up.

“Be aware of available space in your bathroom drawers and cupboards before buying something new,” Hagmeyer suggests. “If space is an issue, either edit to make room or tell yourself no.” 

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Stationery and Office Supplies

There’s a reason every kitchen junk drawer is full of excess pens, sticky pads, and unused notebooks. They’re one of the most common things people buy in duplicates but never use to the end.

“I personally overstock small notepads,” Sloman admits. “I have high expectations to accomplish the priorities on my to-do list, and I have always used paper and pencil to write lists and reminders.”

However, Sloman says her stockpile of notepads helps keep another area clear. “I don’t clutter my head with tasks and wishes,” she tells us. “I find that the tactile act of writing, compared to keying into an app, stimulates my brain to remember and take action. This leaves my brain more available for creativity and productivity. I love my notepads and friends keep buying them for me."

Even so, do your best to use up the stationery you have on hand before replacing or adding to your overstuffed desk drawers—your workspace will thank you.

Scented Candles

If your scented candle collection has gotten out of control, you're not alone. Many find that there are unused candles on almost every shelf, dresser, and desk in their home—plus an unknown number likely tucked away inside a cabinet, waiting to be used.

People love giving candles as Christmas or hostess gifts, but it's likely that the recipient already has a ton. Consider asking your friends, loved ones, and generous acquaintances to please send flowers instead.