10 Before and After Home Office Makeovers

Why live with a dingy, uninspired home office? Rev your productivity into high gear by making over your home office. With fresh paint, new furniture, stylish light fixtures, and fun elements like bright curtains, area rugs, and framed prints, these homeowners completely transformed their home offices at relatively low cost.

Most home office makeovers are simple do-it-yourself projects that involve fun and creative tasks, like shopping for a new desk, selecting sound-absorbing fabrics, or freshening up your wall treatment. So, there is no need to fear jumping into this project. Plus, it's scalable: do as much or as little as you need. 

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    Before: Messy, With Potential

    Before - Messy Basement Office Makeover
    Thrift Diving

    Like many homeowners, Serena Appiah of the popular lifestyle blog had a messy basement. Not only did she want to unclutter it, but she also wanted to turn it into a home office.

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    After: Total Transformation

    After - Messy Basement Office Makeover
    Thrift Diving

    After the makeover, this home office is now brimming with personality and life. Best of all, Serena no longer feels overwhelmed by the mess. She loves her "she-cave," as she calls it, and it's the perfect place for working from home. Space abounds, and this is always the best way to relax and let the creative juices flow.

    Messy Basement Office Makeover From Thrift Diving

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    Before: Dated

    Before - Dated Office Makeover
    Tag & Tibby

    Before the makeover, this home office from Tag & Tibby blogger Julia did an adequate, if uninspiring, job of providing space for the computer and some files. But it fell far short of stunning. Worst of all was the color scheme: dark and depressing.

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    After: Colossal Makeover

    After - Office Makeover
    Tag & Tibby

    Most office makeovers involve do-it-yourself painting; it just makes sense. But with this one, Julia says this was the closest she has ever come to being tempted to hire professional painters. The reason? Those incredibly high ceilings. In the end, though, she was able to paint her new office with a roller and paint edger attached to an extension pole.

    Large-Scale Home Office Makeover From Tag & Tibby

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    Before: Furniture Graveyard

    Before - Office Makeover for Ignored Room
    The Inspired Room

    This spare guest room in The Inspired Room contributor Kylee's Seattle townhouse had become, by her description, a furniture graveyard. Of course, this was not by intention but by default. When you have empty space, it fills up with random things. But she wanted to turn the area into an "official office."

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    After: Comfortable

    After - Natural, Casual Office Makeover
    The Inspired Room

    Post-makeover, this home office practically oozes comfort, with natural textures and organic lines. A long wood campaign-style desk placed against a wall saves space and is perfect for catching up on work. And a rattan chair is equally perfect for enjoying a cup of tea as sunlight streams through the oversized window.

    Office Makeover From The Inspired Room

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    Before: Gloomy Green

    Before - Green Office in Need of Makeover
    Setting For Four

    Cluttered, tight, and painted by the previous owners in a "hideous gloomy green," according to interior designer and blogger Heather, it was high time for a major makeover for this space.

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    After: Relaxing Office Makeover

    After - Relaxing Office Makeover
    Setting For Four

    Big changes happened with this home office makeover, including the removal of a window. Sometimes, though, the best changes are those that are easy and graceful. Along those lines, Heather readjusted the entire color scheme to cool white, with Benjamin Moore's Simply White. 

    Office Makeover From Setting For Four

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    Before: Depressing Red

    Before - Bedroom Made Over Into a Home Office
    Kylie M. Interiors

    Red everywhere. As a professional color consultant, Kylie reports that this over-abundance of red pained her beyond belief. But a black and white color scheme? That was another color combination she didn't think she would ever use for a home office. But here she was, doing exactly that.

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    After: Black and White Makeover

    After - Office Makeover White and Black Color Scheme
    Kylie M. Interiors

    While Kylie thought that black would drag down the mood of the entire home office, the opposite is true. Black works well when the right amount of white is added. The best way to add black is to use it as a contrast color. It helps, too, that the office gets tons of natural light through a large picture window and a clerestory window

    Black and White Home Office Makeover From Kylie M. Interiors

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    Before: Unworkable

    Colorful Home Office Makeover After

    The soon-to-be office space was too brightly colored and too stark, according to blogger Jenna, of Rain on a Tin Roof. The space just didn't work for Jenna's needs. It was ordinary and stark and felt nothing like a home office at all. It was time to take matters into hand.

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    After: Colorful Office Makeover

    After - Colorful Home Office Makeover
    Rain on a Tin Roof

    Before anything, those stark walls were coated with Behr Citrus Delight, for a nice, soft glow. The intrusive ceiling fan was replaced by a delicate gold four-bulb foyer fixture. A leopard print area rub and valance add much-needed pizzazz, and most unique of all, the countertop was upholstered in faux leather pearl vinyl. The result is a home office that is nothing short of stunning.

    Budget-Friendly Home Office Makeover From Rain on a Tin Roof

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    Before: Blank Slate

    Before - Mancave Office Makeover in Basement
    Unskinny Boppy

    Basements often house home theaters and game rooms. But a man-centric home office? That's exactly the notion Beth had when sketching out the rough draft of a home office for her husband. But to start with, all she had was an empty, echo-y basement with lally columns everywhere. While man-caves are supposed to be rough-hewn, this was pushing it a bit too much.

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    After: Game-Changer

    After - Mancave Home Office Makeover
    Unskinny Boppy

    You would hardly know it's a basement after this makeover. Instead of going for gimmicks, Beth kept the design attractive, strong, yet friendly to all. The Ralph Lauren desk is the hub of operations, and an antique world map behind the desk brings a variegated splash of much-needed color to the dark, cold basement. For that personal touch, family heirloom waterskis decorate the walls, interspersed with black and white prints. 

    Mancave Home Office From Unskinny Boppy

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    Before: Messy and Forgotten

    Before - Patriotic Home Office Makeover
    Craving Some Creativity

    Hodge-podge isn't good enough when you want to build an environment finely tuned for production. But Rachel, who runs the lifestyle blog Craving Creativity, says that hodge-podge is exactly the de facto style that her space had morphed into.

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    After: Masculine, Stately

    After - Patriotic Home Office Makeover
    Craving Some Creativity

    Lean describes both the style and the budget of this home office makeover. Spending little more than the cost of a weekend away, Rachel incorporated masculine elements into her husband's new home office. One way to control costs is to decorate with personal items. Here, mementos of her husband's Naval service are not simply decorations but are deeply personal reminders of patriotic service. The centerpiece is the inherited desk, which Rachel repainted in a Fusion Mineral Paint gray with a flat, almost chalky sheen.

    Elegant Home Office Makeover From Craving Some Creativity

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    Before: Micro

    Before - Micro Home Office Makeover
    Domestic Imperfection

    It might be hard to envision creating a home office out of a space the size of a walk-in closet. But that's the vision that blogger Ashley had for her brother and sister-in-law's oh-so-tiny space.

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    After: Cozy

    After - Micro Sized Home Office Makeover
    Domestic Imperfection

    When designing a home office in a space the size of a shoebox, you have to be inventive. Ashley placed a mirror (behind the desk) to bounce more light into the area. The desk is glass, so it doesn't feel overwhelming. And the shelves, merely one-by-six pine boards stained a dark color, are open-ended and kept on a smaller scale, not huge and oppressing. Galvanized wire bins on the left are for incoming and outgoing mail.

    Tiny Home Office Makeover From Domestic Imperfection

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    Before: Cluttered

    Before - Budget Office Makeover
    Pearls Into Pennies

    With a home office that was cluttered and old-feeling, home and lifestyle blogger Brittany knew it was time for a makeover. And because she specializes in DIY'ing on a budget, she knew it couldn't cost a fortune. The first step was to get rid of all of that clutter.

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    After: Cheery and Inspiring Office Makeover

    After - Budget Office Makeover
    Pearls Into Pennies

    Framed prints of flowers provide focal points for Brittany's newly painted walls. Best of all, she used a Wagner paint sprayer to brighten up her dreary dark wood bookshelf and desk. The result is a sunny, bright, and cheerful home office makeover.

    DIY Budget Office Makeover From Pearls Into Pennies