10 Home Office Color Ideas to Consider

Black and white home office walls are a fresh color idea


Your home office can be as formal as a library, or as playful as an art studio. An accountant working from a home office is going to need a totally different vibe than an art instructor who prepares their lessons at home. The secret to creating the perfectly feng shui-compliant space for whatever work you do is choosing the right colors. Start by thinking about how you use your office every day, and what challenges you have. Whether your goal is to work with more focus or be more creative, there is a perfect paint color out there for your home office.

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    The Creative Office: Teal Zeal by Behr

    Behr Teal Zeal home office color.


    A creative office can be like a studio when your tools of the trade are just as colorful as any paint scheme you could create. A rich teal or turquoise like Behr's Teal Zeal makes a great backdrop for crisp white trim and for the bright colors of your next project. 

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    The Energetic Office: Georgia Peach by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Georgia Peach

    Benjamin Moore

    Orange is considered a catalyst for mental energy, but you wouldn't want a home office with bright orange walls. Instead, try a saturated peach like Benjamin Moore's Georgia Peach. Orange or peach accents can also provide a stimulating office environment without overwhelming you.

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    The Zen Office: Blue Tequila by Behr

    Behr Blue Tequila home office color ideas


    For some home offices, the desire for a serene space overrides concerns about productivity or energy. Blue for a home office can be considered too relaxing, but choosing a soothing blue-green can be the better choice. Behr's Blue Tequila has just enough green to keep your energy flowing, but not so much as to lose the exquisite relaxing qualities of this saturated spa color.

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    The Focused Office: Paper Lantern by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Paper Lantern for a unique wall color

    Benjamin Moore

    Red is a hot and energetic color in decorating. Red can even boost your perception of heat in a room. An all-red home office would be challenging for most people, but a fiery red accent color can provide a shot of energy to your space. Benjamin Moore's Paper Lantern is a crisp and warm red that can be paired with all types of wood, black or white accents, and most warm neutrals. 

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    The No-Frills Office: Wistful Beige by Behr

    Consider Behr Wistful Beige splashed across the space where you work from home


    A home office can be a simple space filled with necessary furniture and equipment. For a traveling professional or outside sales rep, the office can serve as a docking space with as few distractions as possible. A peachy beige like Behr's Wistful Beige is neutral enough to keep the office free of distractions but warm enough to keep you from feeling bored with routine tasks.​

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    The Office Niche: Amaryllis by Sherwin-Williams

    Amaryllis paint by Sherwin-Williams


    Not everyone is lucky enough to have room for a separate home office. Creating a multi-tasking space by carving out a clever office niche is a stylish and fun alternative if you're short on space. Turn a corner of your laundry room or even a closet into an office with clever storage and fun colors. The idea of an office niche is fun and unexpected, so your niche wall color should be the same. Sherwin-Williams' Amaryllis is a juicy pink-peach that feels like a little indulgence for your tiny home office.

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    Guest Room/Office Hybrid: Amber Moon by Behr

    Behr Amber Moon home office wall color inspiration


    Sharing your guest room with your home office can be a huge decorating challenge. Guest rooms are typically decorated like a traditional bedroom, but that style isn't conducive to getting work done in a home office. The compromise is a gorgeous and neutral room that seamlessly flows between uses when the need arises. Behr's Amber Moon is a warm gold neutral that will give guests that favorite-B&B experience while maintaining energy and focus for your working-at-home days.

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    The Well-Appointed Office: Benjamin Moore by Cosmopolitan

    Benjamin Moore Cosmopolitan fresh wall color idea

    Benjamin Moore

    Strong and serious, the Well-Appointed Office might be mistaken for a private club lounge. Working from a home office doesn't have to be light and homey. If your home office is a dedicated space, your style and color choices are not dictated by the rest of the home. Benjamin Moore's Cosmopolitan has the feeling of gray flannel, black leather club chairs, and dark woods. 

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    The Blogger's Office: Cincinnatian Hotel Olivia Blue by Valspar

    Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Olivia Blue


    The business of blogging is an amazing mix of inspiration and hard work. Designing an office space that helps you stay on top of numerous details and sources while staying fresh and inspired, means thinking outside the box when it comes to color. Valspar's Cincinnatian Hotel Olivia Blue is a bit more violet than blue, which keeps your creativity flowing, and it's quite simply a gorgeous color!

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    The Modern Office: Domino by Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Domino, a dark and bold choice for your home office wall color


    Black for an office? Sure! In a home office space with plenty of good light, black can be a powerful accent color. A black accent wall fitted with white floating shelves is a crisp focal point. Sherwin-Williams Domino can be paired with a creamy white, or muted pastel, for a modern and thought-provoking environment.