6 Home Office Colors You'll Love

It was once a rarity, but now it is far more common: people whose offices are located solely or primarily in their homes. 

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that, from 2000 to 2010, the U.S. workforce saw a 35% increase in people who work from home at least 1 day per week.

It doesn't matter if your home office is just for a few hours a week or eight hours a day: you need a design—and colors—that help boost productivity and make you feel comfortable.

Duplicate the Cube?

Many people who work at home are veterans of the conventional, glass-box, cubicle-segmented office environment.

With their drab, dull walls and industrial-strength carpeting, these windowless dungeons are hardly a design template for the home office. 

Commercial offices try to hit the middle spot, satisfy the status quo, be inoffensive, and avoid expressing anything one way or the other.

By contrast, home office colors are free to hit the extremes. If vibrant is what you like, push in that direction. Soothing? Then go for a blue, like the pictured Cloud Blue from Ralph Lauren Paint (trim and ceiling are Picket Fence White).

Whatever you do, make this space your own! Figure out how much paint you need with The Spruce paint calculator.

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    Stark and Serious Home Office Colors

    Home office with ralph lauren paint gray
    Ralph Lauren Home

    Some people may want their home office to be more sedate—darker and more sophisticated.

    Try this: from Ralph Lauren Home, Lamp Room Gray on the wainscot strikes perfect matching notes with the wall color (Gust of Wind).

    • Walls: Gust of Wind
    • Window Trim: Hotel Room
    • Wainscoting: Lamp Room Gray
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    Comfortable Home Office Earthen Colors

    Home office paint from Pratt & Lambert
    Pratt & Lambert

    This home office is graced by paint from Pratt & Lambert.  This series of earth tones makes the environment feel comfortable and light. 

    • Blush
    • Red River
    • Columbine
    • Gray Mist
    • Mt. Vernon Green
    • Burnt Almond
    • Pebblestone
    • Pampas
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    Home Office Colors for Business

    Home office paint from Glidden

    These are home office colors perfect for the dedicated office. No alternate guest room, kids' room, movie room, or the like, this room is an office eight hours a day, five days a week. And you'll need home office paint colors that match that function. Glidden's Smoky Charcoal says that better than anything else.

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    Blue Home Office Color?

    Blue home office

    Can you paint a home office blue? Blue does tend to create a relaxed mood. But maybe your work life is so frantic, you need a touch of blue to quieten everything? Blue Opal from Behr can be found at your local Home Depot, so it's an inexpensive way to add just a light touch of blue to your home office.

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    Green Home Office Color

    Green home office

    How about green as a home office color? While that manual typewriter may not help your productivity any, the green wall color just might. Like blue, green wall color—this one is called Athenian Green, from Behr—has a calming effect.

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    Tasty Home Office Colors

    Home office with Behr paint

    This home office color may not help your snack urges (it's from Behr and is called Cinnamon Cake). But it may help you work better. A nice, lively-but-light pinkish-red, this office color will help you push through those inevitable lulls in your work day.