10 Beautiful Home Office Organization Ideas

Home office with leaning wooden and white book shelves with glass desk and brown leather chair

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A clean, polished workspace can improve your productivity. Getting rid of clutter alleviates anxious feelings so you can focus on your work instead of cleaning. To prevent clutter from building up it helps to put in place organizational systems. Having a spot for everything will make you feel calmer and ready to tackle any project that comes your way.

Here are 10 ideas to take your office from chaotic to clutter-free so you can get down to work.

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    Keep Desk Accessories Clean and Simple

    Modern white desk with accessories
    Fancy Things

    If you organize anything in your office, make it your desk. You’ll feel a lot better if it looks organized. The best way to achieve that is to purchase a few efficient and visually-pleasing accessories that can give your desk a streamlined look. This desk from Fancy Things keeps clutter off the surface with a cup for pens, a magazine holder for folders and small journals, and a stacked drawer unit on the far left that blends in seamlessly with the desk and wall to keep papers and other small items out of sight.

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    Bring in Plenty of Shelving

    modern office with beige walls and white open shelving
    Whittaker Interiors

    No closet, no worries. Use open shelves to organize and style your home office. In this office by designer Joanna Whittaker, the two white shelves put a substantial amount of empty wall space to good use while leaving enough room for a floor lamp. The chic arrangement is kept organized with the use of two large baskets on the bottom shelves that hold the messier work items. Keep books on shelves from looking too disorganized by keeping them in order using sturdy and decorative bookends.

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    Customize a Working Wall Calendar

    Home office with calendar wall
    Polished Habitat

    Placing a calendar on the wall helps you keep a better eye on your planning needs. The result? You'll feel far more efficient and in control of your time. This DIY calendar system from Polished Habitat adds coordinated and customized glamour to an office with other gold accents. Three frames were painted gold on the inside of the glass. White tape creates the boxes and dates can be written in erasable ink or pinned with sticky notes.

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    Organize Items in Cubbies

    Wall of white cubbies in a home office

    @jessisrussell / Instagram

    Do you have hard-to-store inventory or need to display items for guests who come to your home office? If so, a cubby system can be your best organizational tool. This stylist's cubby bookshelf elegantly holds jewelry and accessories. The beauty of a cubby system is that it's naturally neat, symmetrical, and perfectly proportioned to give the appearance of organization. Slide decorative storage baskets into cubbies to hide items small or items that would otherwise look disheveled.

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    Maintain a Bin Organizing System

    Modern white home office
    A Beautiful Mess / Photo: Amber Ulmer

    Just like cubbies, matching bins bring a look of orderliness to a home office. This flawlessly organized home office from A Beautiful Mess uses white bins with labels to contain tons of crafting supplies and other office essentials. Not every bin is identical, but even the ones that have a different design beautifully blend in to make the wall of storage work.

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    Take Advantage of Paper Holders

    Sleek modern office with minimalist artwork
    The Lovely Drawer

    Old-school desktop paper holders and paper sorters are perennial office workhorses. It's a simple way to hide all of those papers that are lingering around your workspace. A white desk sorter effortlessly blends in on the desk of this chic office from The Lovely Drawer.

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    Surround Yourself With Beauty

    Elegant home office with white lacquer desk and pink curtains
    204 Park

    Though it sounds counterintuitive, bringing beautiful objects into your office can be a way to organize your space. By surrounding yourself with items you cherish, you're more likely to keep your space free of junk so you can thoroughly enjoy your pieces without the interruption of clutter. That's the idea behind the small shelf in the corner of this office from 204 Park. The simple shelf showcases precious vases and gemstones that also serve as decor.

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    Put Inspiration on Display

    Traditional home office with navy and white wood desk
    Vanessa Francis Interior Design

    Pin onto a board or wall inspiring clippings and random pieces of paper. By using your vertical space, you'll give them a place to live instead of left in a forgotten pile of papers. That's what Interior designer Vanessa Francis did in her home office by dedicating the space under her shelving and behind her monitor to thought-provoking imagery. It's also a way to liven up typically unused wall space.

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    Install a Wall of Cabinets

    white and black home office with ample storage space

    Rookery Design

    If you have the space and budget, consider bringing in a bank of cabinets to improve your organization. A wall of built-in cabinets in this office by Rookery Design keeps items out of the way. Consider stock kitchen cabinets from a home improvement store that can do the same job hiding office supplies and files. Top cabinets with a length of countertop for extra workspace. Or, head to Ikea for cabinetry that you can customize to fit in your office.

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    Create a Command Center

    white and pink home office with printer
    Interior Love Affair

    Bring the same efficiency of a mudroom or kitchen family command center into your office. Create a home office station that includes your printer, a corkboard, files, and a calendar. The benefit of clustering essential items into a centralized area of your space means you have immediate access to critical paperwork and supplies, preventing them from being misplaced and cluttering other areas of your office. A small table creates the base of operations for a few well-chosen items in this home office by Interior Love Affair.