10 Great Home Projects for Winter

coat rack

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Even though winter may drive you indoors, this doesn't mean that you are prevented from doing home projects. Instead, winter presents unique opportunities for home projects such as improving energy efficiency, building simple items like coat racks and benches, and freshening up small pieces of furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Learn about a few of the best projects to improve your home and add fun this winter.

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    Build a Coat Rack

    DIY Coat Rack
    Lee Wallender

    All of those coats and scarves lying around on the sofa and floor are telling you something. Put your house back in order by building this super-simple, inexpensive coat rack from walnut or another hardwood species. In less than a morning, coats, hats, and scarves will be out of the way and up on the wall where they belong.

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    Make Your House Warmer

    Gas Furnace and Water Heater

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    Do you find yourself continually adjusting the thermostat upward? Your house is likely not as energy-efficient as it could be. Winter is a great time to weatherize your home because it is easier to identify the locations of its thermal breaks. The greater contrast between the cold outside and the warm inside helps thermal cameras better locate problem areas. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home is scalable. You can do things as simple as caulking cracks, on upward to full-scale insulation projects.

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    Paint an End Table With Chalky Finish Paint

    Paint an End Table

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    Breathe new life into that dingy, battered end table with a fresh coat of chalky finish paint. With its soapy texture and range of pleasant colors, chalky finish paint instantly revives your end table and gives it many more years of life. Your end table will be the center of conversation after this quick day-long project.

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    Build a Window Seat

    Window Seat

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    If you're not able to make it to the tropics this winter, you can do the next best thing: build a window seat and bask in wintertime sunlight with a book and a cup of coffee. To make the project easier, you'll start with standard, in-stock wall cabinets. Within a weekend or two, you'll have new window-side seating and extra storage, too.

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    Build a Bar Cart

    Bar Cart
    Lee Wallender

    Warm up this winter with a favorite cocktail or glass of wine. There is no better place to store your wine, liquor, tumblers, and wine glasses than with your own DIY-built bar cart. Build a simple, inexpensive bar cart for less than $100, complete with a rack for hanging wine glasses.

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    Regrout Your Tile

    Grout being applied to tiles using a grout spreader
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    Is your ceramic tile grout looking dark and moldy? Are parts of the grout beginning to chip away? If this is the case, regrouting your tile is the best option. With the right tools, removing the grout is relatively straight-forward. Adding new grout is fast and simple. You'll love your bathroom or kitchen tile again after this weekend project.

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    Build a Bench Seat

    Bench Seat

    Lee Wallender

    A bench seat: It's one of those elective projects you've always been wanting to do. But that's what winter is for. Take advantage of those long winter days and build a bench seat for your foyer or hallway. With its bottom rack, it even stores two or three pairs of shoes. This is a clean, basic project that can be built mostly indoors.

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    Paint Your Bathroom

    Painting by Hand

    Lee Wallender

    With all of that moisture and constant use, bathroom walls need occasional touch-ups. Clean your bathroom walls with a mild TSP solution, then paint them with a beautiful color coat. After the prep work, painting a bathroom isn't so hard, since wall space in bathrooms tends to be limited. Everyone will love the fresh, gorgeous results after you paint your bathroom.

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    Freshen a Dresser With a New Coat of Paint

    Painted Dresser

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    For an item of furniture that gets used so often, your dresser deserves some extra care. Lavish it with the attention it needs with a fresh coat of paint. This is a quick project that you can even do in the bedroom, just as long as you put a drop cloth under the dresser.

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    Make a Terrarium


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    During winter, when lawns are brown and trees are bare, you'll love having a bit of outdoors transported to the inside. For less than $20 and in about an hour or two, you can put together a terrarium with green, hardy mosses or succulents that add much needed color to a dull part of your house.