Home Staging Tips: Budget Friendly Hacks for Buyers

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    Grab Buyers' Attention By Decluttering and Decorating

    Decluttering bedroom home staging tips
    Ensure your home is decluttered and organized for buyers. Getty Images

    Home staging tips don't have to be expensive and time-consuming. One thing every experienced realtor would strongly advise a property seller to do is to consider implementing some home staging tips for the purpose of “polishing” the looks of the property for sale and making it attractive to as many potential buyers as possible.

    When it comes to putting a property on the market for sale, many homeowners tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. They move to their new residence, totally neglecting the condition of the property they wish to sell, leaving it untidy and full of old junk.

    On other occasions, the sellers still live in the property for sale, maintaining their everyday routines and family environment - with cupboards and closets packed with personal belongings, children’s toys scattered everywhere, family souvenirs, photos and decorations on display, and all-in-all an environment that is too personal and somewhat messy.

    Declutter your interiors for home staging success 

    Start with de-cluttering closets, cupboards, shelves, etc. storage containers and premises. You might be surprised with all the junk accumulated over time – including things long forgotten, things never to be used again, things no one would like to see, least all of the potential buyers. Once done with this, it’s time to make the property tidy and clean. Wash windows, doors, floors, tiles, and other similar surfaces. Make it all spotless, bright and shiny. Remove any possible stains from carpets, rugs, etc. textile items. In case you find this too much trouble, remove these items completely, but make sure to clean well the revealed surfaces underneath. Open the blinds, draw the heavy drapes aside, and let light and fresh air in! This will create an optical illusion of a much larger interior space. 

    Home staging DIY ideas to grab your buyers' senses

    Appealing to buyers' senses will appeal to their emotional side, and buying a home is emotional. To make your property for sale yet more attractive, it also needs to smell nice. A good option is to place fresh flowers and live plants everywhere possible. These are not just beautiful accents of the interior, but they will also create a more inviting ambiance the buyers will love. One thing to always have in mind is to do your best to make the property look and feel like home to the potential buyers. On ‘open-doors’ days, it would be a good idea to put some cookies or bread to bake in the oven – this heavenly smell will make any potential buyer feel at home right away!

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    De-personalize your Home to Make your Interiors Welcoming to All

    kitchen decluttering idas
    Remove personal items throughout your interiors. Getty Images

    De-personalize your home with interior design ideas

    What you should also have in mind is to look at your property for sale through the eyes of the potential future residents and take into consideration that these people will most probably have a personal aesthetic taste very different from yours. So, you’d better get rid of all personal items, such as family photographs, pictures and other wall art you’ve hung there up to your tastes and interests, souvenirs you brought from family trips, collections, etc. personal belongings. Make the property a neutral ‘ clean canvas’ on which the future homeowners may ‘draw’ with the colors of their life.

    Finally, if you have pets, it does not necessarily mean that the potential new homeowners have one or even like domestic animals at all. It will cost you nothing to put away your pet’s bed, playing and feeding items, and make sure to clean well any pet hair. Many people are allergic to pets and pet hair. Here are some pet owner home staging tips to consider.

    Pay special attention to these home interior areas:

    Have you ever considered what the top 3 spaces of the property are that buyers get most interested in? You’d better do if you wish to have higher ROI return and seal the deal! You might think that this would be the living or the bedrooms? As a matter of fact, these very important areas are the curb appeal, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

    Your curb appeal should grab buyers immediately:

    We all agree that first impressions are most important. Following a few simple home staging tips, you can ensure highly positive first impressions of the potential buyers, achieving a welcoming, tidy and pleasant exterior look of your property for sale without hiring a landscaping company.

    Your outdoor home needs attention, especially with shrubs, plants, and even trees. So, you’d better trim well all plants, mow the lawn, sweep and clean from dry leaves and dead flowers/plants. In this way, the exterior area will open wider and reveal and complement the beauty of the property. It’s also very important to keep it all very tidy and clean, so it’s better to remove any scattered tools and knick knacks, get rid of the cute little garden figurines, and make sure there’s is no garbage scattered around the garbage containers. 

    Create a welcoming porch for guests:

    Home staging your porch to welcome guests can often be a challenge. Adding fresh flowers and plants, a couple of garden chairs and a small coffee table will create a most pleasant and inviting ambiance. And don’t forget to arrange a tasty tea or coffee snack on that table! The potential buyers will love sitting and enjoying a moment there! Any visit will start with a knock on the door, so make sure your front door is welcoming. If you can’t afford a new front door, paint the old one fresh, and place a new doormat.

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    Pay Closest Attention to your Bathrooms & Kitchen

    Bathroom home staging ideas
    Create a bathroom buyers can see themselves in!. Getty Images

    Kitchen remodeling on a budget is possible!

    Your gorgeous kitchen is the top room to make an impression for homebuyers.This does not, however, require you to invest in a brand new kitchen! Rather, make your existing kitchen look like a new one! Again, you’d better start with some de-cluttering and clearing the countertops of unnecessary items. Visitors will expect the kitchen to be all spick-and-span, so make sure to clean well the kitchen cabinets doors, the cooking hot plates, and the countertop, and make faucets and other metal parts shine. Buyers will most surely wish to see the inside of the cupboards and the pantry, so some de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing of the stuff inside would be a good idea.

    Pay attention to the kitchen cabinets, backsplash, and countertop

    To freshen up the kitchen area and make it look new, add a coat of paint on the walls and the kitchen cabinets or both if needed. Neutral colors would be your best choice – they appeal to anybody’s taste and make the kitchen look bright and fresh.

    Time for some styling! Create a focal point by upgrading the kitchen backsplash with a quality tiled backsplash wallpaper (easier and cheaper than applying actual tiles). Style open shelving by placing a few cookbooks and a couple of small souvenirs.

    For additional fresh fragrance and cozy feel, add small pots with fresh herbs on the kitchen countertop, and place on the dining table a large bowl or plate with fresh fruit. To make the children of the potential new homeowners most welcome, too, add a couple of glass jars filled with candies, cookies and other sweet delights.

    Bathroom decorating at minimum cost but maximum appeal

    Bathroom decorating is perhaps the one area which potential buyers will not back down on the amenities they desire. It should be impeccably clean and bright and fresh and luxurious and pleasant and comfortable…. You don’t need to install a new bathroom, though! All you need are a few “tricks” of showcasing it to the buyers in the best possible way.

    To ensure a fresh and de-luxe look and feel of your old bathroom, it’s best to implement a few styling and staging tricks. Arrange a beautiful vanity tray with some flowers, perfume vials, fragrant soaps, and bath salts. Add soft, luxurious towels; hang a full towel set on towel racks and add a few folded/rolled towels on a shelf or in a basket. Stick with the minimal look and good lighting and success will be ensured. Consider also adding a new (larger) mirror. Mirror reflection will make the space look larger and brighter.

    As you see, by applying several cost effective and budget friendly staging tricks it’s possible to create a total positive effect with minimum investments.

    This article is contributed by Lynn Filkova founder and editor-in-chief of Adorable Home Magazine focused on the finest and most popular interior designs, décor trends, and architectural achievements.