Home Staging Tips to Appeal to Minimalist Buyers

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    Neutral Colors Create a Minimalist Decor Aesthetic

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    While many buyers enjoy lush and ornate furnishings, there is a push in the design world to minimalist details. Home decor design that has less ornamentation, with the idea that less is more is growing into a loved home lifestyle. When staging your home for sale, it is important to portray it in the best possible light to appeal to as many home buyers as possible. This doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune on home staging. There are many effective updates you can carry out that will not only save you money but make your home beautiful. Here are a few decorating ideas to use in your staged home to appeal to minimalist buyers.

    Painting Ideas: Use Neutral Colors to Unify Rooms

    Over time, walls wear out and look old. A new coat of paint can give a house the appeal of newness. Choose neutral colors or stick to white because minimalism is all about subtlety. Paint can also refurbish a fireplace. Use a brush to apply a light coat of paint over each brick to make it brighter. You can use the same color on the walls to create harmony.

    Grimy bathroom walls are a great turnoff for potential buyers. Scrub the walls and brighten them with a new coat of paint. Painting old bathroom tiles goes a long way towards saving money compared to buying new tiles. Not only does painting lower costs, but it also creates freshness in a home.

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    Beautify your Kitchen by Removing Visual Clutter

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    Old kitchen cabinets can turn away potential buyers. To make yours look new, apply stain to the wood and be sure to cover all areas. Keep counters clear, remove unnecessary items, and paint walls white. Arrange the space to ensure everything is in place.

    Get rid of kitchen appliances that no longer work or are starting to show their age. New and contemporary appliances make a kitchen sparkle. Appliances might be costly, but they add value and ensure that you get more money when you sell. Nevertheless, old appliances that still work should not be replaced – like a dishwasher. A low-cost alternative is to clean the appliance and coat it with a stainless steel covering – it will look just as new.

    Use Space Saving Furniture & Remove Clutter

    Excessive furniture and clutter make rooms look smaller and congested. Minimalism means living with less. Get rid of needless furniture and decor items to ensure buyers see that there is adequate space. Use only the important furnishings in rooms. Arrange bookshelves and remove newspapers and books. In the kitchen, clear the countertops, cabinets, and cupboards.

    Focus on showing buyers the architectural features, not your furniture or decor. Leaving too many items lying around is very uninviting – whether it is an engraved picture of your favorite holiday destination or a unique stone that is sentimental. You can add small vases of flowers to give rooms a personal touch, but ensure you use only fresh flowers.

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    Choose a Few Key Minimal Furniture Pieces in the Living Room

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    Furnish the living area with lightly colored furniture to showcase minimalism. Leave windows bare or use very light window treatments. Open them during the day to bring in sunlight. Remove wall hangings that are personal to make your home attractive to prospective home buyers.

    Create a Sanctuary in your Bedroom

    The bedroom is another key place that sells houses. The arrangement of the room can be a deal breaker. Place the bed opposite the window to make the room appear larger and to bring in natural light. Ensure the bed is in the middle of the room, so there’s adequate walking space. Also, use neutral bedding to make the room serene and inviting.

    Create Curb Appeal

    Last but certainly not least, first impressions and last impressions when leaving the home will remain in buyers minds. Look to your home’s curb appeal and entryway to make a lasting impression. Buyers make a decision to buy a home from the moment they get into a driveway. When staging your home, ensure that the curb has a memorable first impression. Get rid of peeling paint on the façade and entrance. Scrub the front door and add a fresh coat of paint. The presence of colorful flowers and a well-mowed lawn gives the buyer the impression that a home is well maintained.

    It is possible to decorate a home minimally and still make it appealing to home buyers. Be keen on both the inner and outer areas of your home. Pay attention to the curb, the kitchen, bathroom, the living area, and the bedrooms.