Home Staging Tips: How to Use Spring Decor Elements

bedroom with yellow headboard and pillow
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While you can’t change the location of your home, you can change its condition to attract top dollar when you put it up for sale. If you’re looking to attract buyers for your home in the spring, it can be helpful to change your decor to reflect the season. Fill the interior with fresh motifs, bursts of color, and lively patterns.

Get your home ready to sell with these spring home staging tips.

Add Fresh Flowers and Other Greenery

Bouquet of wildflowers in glass jar on wooden table
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Think spring decorations have to be bought from the store? Think again! You can make custom spring home decor by optimizing items found in nature. Step out and gather some fresh wildflowers, blooming branches, or twigs to display. Natural elements create a relaxing atmosphere and possess the captivating power of nature that can make prospective buyers feel calm and rejuvenated.

Display your natural decorations in a vase, a basket, or even a tray. And try to place a variety of greenery throughout your home to liven up multiple spaces. Choose containers made from natural materials (such as wood, clay, or stone) to underscore the theme. For example, you can put flowers inside natural, unglazed clay pots.

Use Soft and Bright Colors

living room with light blue feature wall

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Color is a design element that can completely transform a room. Select springtime colors, such as a dusty blue or pale green, to paint your space if the walls need a refresh. You can paint the entire room or just an accent wall. If you don’t want to paint walls, another option is to add some removable wallpaper to create a feature wall.

In addition to paint, consider bringing light and bright colors into your bedding, throw pillows, lamps, and artwork. Remember to use colors that are complementary to the existing hues in the space that you won't be changing. It's important that the entire space looks cohesive and intentional to buyers.

Light Some Refreshing Candles

tray with pink flowers and a white candle
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Improve the ambiance of any room with the lovely glow of candlelight. Candles can quickly fill a home with warm light and appealing fragrance. For springtime, don't select any of the warm and spicy scents, which can be overpowering. Instead, choose a candle with a light, clean fragrance that will be just barely detectable as prospective buyers walk through your home.

In addition to fragrance, candles also can add a small pop of color to a space. Choose candles dyed in spring-like pastel hues, or put neutral candles in colorful votives or jars. Just make sure they coordinate with the rest of your decor.

Add a Floral Wreath to the Front Door

yellow floral spring wreath on a front door

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Curb appeal is very important to prospective homebuyers. Some might not even go in your home if they don't like what they see on the outside. So a simple way to make your front door look extra inviting is with a lovely spring wreath.

You can easily create a DIY spring wreath with flowers, twigs, and other decor elements from the craft store. Make it extra special by adding a pastel ribbon. Or go ahead and purchase a premade spring wreath from the craft store if you don't have time to create one yourself. You can even make your wreath fragrant by adding sprigs of dried lavender or other herbs. This can be the memorable touch that turns the head (or nose) of a homebuyer.

Incorporate Beach Decor

bed with white linens and an oar hanging over it

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Beach decor can make prospective homebuyers think of sunny days and warm weather, automatically putting them in a good mood. Plus, the style uses light, airy design elements that are perfect for the spring season.

Brighten up any dark walls with a crisp white, which will easily coordinate with your existing decor. And add pops of cool blues and greens, as well as sandy tones, reminiscent of a coastal setting. This will give your home a relaxed and inviting vibe. You can even play up the theme and make your home feel like a coastal oasis by displaying seashells, driftwood, water-centric artwork, and other nautical decor. After a long, cold winter, many buyers will be drawn to a home that feels like a sunny vacation spot.