23 Home Theater Ideas For Your Inspiration

Home Theater Red

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If you’re a cinephile and have enough space, having a home theater is such a fun addition to a home. It’s a special way to get family and friends together for more intimate movie time. And it’s always more exciting to watch your favorite show on a big screen.

Home theaters are also a great opportunity to get creative with design — from popcorn stations to movie posters to cinema-like lighting, it’s the perfect spot to create a unique atmosphere. Craving inspiration? Check out these 23 home theater ideas that give movie marathons and Netflix binges a major upgrade.

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    Mix Styles

    Intimate Home Theater

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    Mixing styles is a tried-and-true design trick. This space melds farmhouse style (seen in its rustic console and exposed beam ceiling) with industrial touches (seen in the hanging black sconces and open-face speakers). This cinema system is made intimate with just two charcoal armchairs — perfect for date night.

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    Paint It Black

    Home Theater Black

    @hallandparlor / Instagram

    To create that black-out movie theater feel, Hall and Parlor coated this space in a deep charcoal. Classic touches like movies posters and a popcorn machine help bring it to life. For a fun touch, movie-inspired pillows adorn the deep seats.

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    Go Green

    Green Movie Room

    JodiJacobson / Getty Images

    Craving color? You can never go wrong with green. This theater is painted in a light sage hue, mediated by bouts of white in the molding. Long deep sectionals in a deeper green complement the monochrome palette with pretty patterned shades to match. Two tiers of seating ensures everyone has a good view, while simple sconces at the back allow for that classic cinema feel.

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    Stay Neutral

    Neutral Home Theater

    @rinfretltd / Instagram

    For a more a more elegant look, Rinfret, LTD. Interior Design went for a monochromatic neutral palette in this home theater. A starburst pendant adds flair along with patterned carpeting. For extra glam, shimmery embroidered throw pillows decorate the plush, sofa-like seats.

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    Stay Dynamic

    Movie Room Basement

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    A theater doesn't necessarily need its own room. Here, a projector and screen is implemented into the basement-slash-playroom to create a dynamic entertainment space — no lofty ceilings or fancy gear necessary. The projector is mounted to the ceiling to save space, allowing room for a foosball table, rug, coffee table, and more.

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    Keep It Classic

    Classic Home Theater

    @poormansniccage / Instagram

    If you're a true-blue cinema fan, you can't go wrong with keeping to the classics. In this home theater, Maximilian Merimee opted for ruby red recliner chairs to set the tone, complete with nooks to place beverages and snacks. Long path lights and a dark ceiling help hone in the movie theater experience.

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    Use Modern Touches

    Media Room Modern

    tulcarion / Getty Images

    To seamlessly incorporate a theater experience in your home, you can use your existing living area. This media room includes an 8K wall-mounted screen, surround-sound speakers, and overhead lights for a high-quality viewing experience. Modern and sleek decor blends it into the home, with a slatted accent wall, clean-lined sofa, and pops of orange.

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    Infuse Color

    home theater

    @pennydessins / Instagram

    On the flip side, home theaters are a great opportunity to get creative with color and pattern. Here, designer Penny Drue Baird started with plum-hued felt walls to create a statement. The playfulness is amped up with multi-colored seating in various psychedelic patterns, as well as oversized ottomans to kick up your feat or lounge in. Don't forget checkered carpeting and matching pillows for the cherry on top.

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    Bask In Luxury

    Opulent Movie Room

    Dana Hoff / Getty Images

    Home theaters tend to be considered inherently luxurious. So, why not play into theme with maximum opulence? This space is decked out in velvet curtains, leather chairs, cushiony sectionals, and even a billowy, silky ceiling centerpiece — sure to wow any and all guests. Everything is set in a warm palette of reds and browns for cohesion.

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    Make It Automated

    Media Room

    @onhive / Instagram

    If you have starker square-footage, you can always create a media room with smart technology. This space by OnHive implements a custom automation system into the living room, so movies can be played with just one touch. A simple couch setup and big screen, along with recessed lighting up top, are all you need to enjoy the scene.

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    Lead With Light

    Purple Home Theater

    piovesempre / Getty Images

    Rather than going for typical path lights or adorning the walls in artwork, this home theater makes a statement with ombre lighting integrated into the walls. Set in a purple hue, it adds fresh color and vibrance, making the space feel like a whole new world — or galaxy. White seats and a flat screen balance out the brightness with simplicity.

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    Contrast Dark and Light

    Red Movie Room

    phototropic / Getty Images

    A little bit of contrast goes a long way. This space balances out its scarlet-soaked walls with light and bright sectionals. Checkered pillows and artwork add personality. Plus, recessed windows on either side of the screen are complete with electronic blinds and alcove lights.

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    Play With Pattern

    Grey Home Theater

    @onhive / Instagram

    Although this space is set in a grey palette, it's falls far from flat. Doodle-motif wallpaper coats the walls for a playful touch, while globe-shaped sconces balance it out with modernity. The speakers are surrounded by tufted linear designs for style and function. Plus, classic grey sofas allow for ultra-cozy seating.

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    Keep It Natural

    Natural Movie Room

    itchySan / Getty Images

    A home theater doesn't have to be completely closed off and dark. This airy space has more of a wabi-sabi feel, implementing natural woods and rice paper lanterns to create a soothing vibe. A pull-down projector screen is set up at the front, along with an integrated speaker system that blends with the existing aesthetic. Black-out curtains allow you to fully focus on the movie if you're looking to minimize light.

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    Light It Up

    Neon Movie Theater

    @onhive / Instagram

    Game day gets a major upgrade with lighting like this. Surrounding a screen with neon highlights immediately draws the viewer into the screen, amplifying the visuals and overall experience. Note that the designers opted for lights just brimming the screen, on the outer edge of the wall, and on the ceiling for a balanced feel.

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    Go Two-Toned

    Home Theater Red

    Michael Robinson / Getty Images

    Why opt for just one seating option when you can implement as many as you'd like? This home theater features classic red cinema chairs at the back and a long olive-hued L-shaped sectional at the front for contrast. Ruby ottomans nod to the cinema seats, while allowing for plenty of room to kick up your feet and relax. Take note of the ambient sconces on the walls, which help emulate the movie theater look.

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    Take It Outside

    Outdoor Theater

    @pupstarent / Instagram

    Who said your home theater has to be indoors? Make use of your outdoor space instead if you have a large yard. String lights always add some magic. And you don't have to invest too much in seating: A simple layer of sheets and vibrant floor cushions keep viewers cozy in this yard.

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    Opt For Statement Seating

    Green Home Theater

    @onhive / Instagram

    A lengthy lounger like this one ensures the whole family and more can sit comfortably. With a chunky block-like silhouette set in a velvet sage green, it makes a statement so the surroundings don't have to. Speakers integrated into the walls ensure high-quality audio. Plus, textured cross-style walls add style.

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    Add Traditional Accents

    Home Theater

    EricVega / Getty Images

    Traditional touches create a senses of regality in this home theater. Delicately embellished doors and path lights are just the start — with molded ceilings, elaborate carpeting, and screen-framing curtains to top it off. All of it set in a warm palette of neutrals and sunset hues for a ubiquitous look.

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    Make It Obvious

    Home Theater Red

    @angelaherreradesign / Instagram

    Transport yourself into a fun-filled world by playing into the cinema theme. This space is complete with an accent wall featuring motifs like popcorn and a clapperboard. The color scheme whittles down the details —including red and blue pillows and a "Now Showing" sign. Comfy recliner chairs with nooks for beverages complete the look.

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    Incorporate Whimsy

    Home Theater Orange

    Michael Robinson / Getty Images

    Home theaters are a welcome space to add some fun — so let your creative gears churn. This space, for instance, juxtaposes electric orange chairs against zebra-patterned floors along with polka-dot fringe pillows and multi-colored curtains for a rich dose of playfulness. Recessed lighting paired with path lighting on the side round out the space for optimum functionality.

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    Adorn The Patio

    Outdoor Home Theater

    @heather_krout / Instagram

    This outdoor theater also uses string lights for a cheery look. Though, chairs and cushions are set up on the patio to allow for more seating options. It uses a projector propped on a side table to display onto a pull-out screen, with lots of plants and greenery to frame it.

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    Get Creative With Walls

    green home theater

    Astronaut Images / Getty Images

    To create more depth and visual interest, textured and patterned walls are the way to go. This theater's walls are embedded with linear strokes which house the speakers. They are set in a matte hue which shine under the recessed lights. A long couch matches the walls, while oversized ottomans match the console up front.