Home Water Pressure Problems

Home water pressure problems may present themselves in different ways, all of which can be quite frustrating. When only one fixture has low water pressure you can easily focus on fixing just that fixture. However, there are various plumbing issues which can affect the water pressure to your entire house. If your home water pressure is low then the first thing to do is to narrow down the cause.

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    First make sure the water meter is on all the way. Sometimes, when people make repairs they turn the water back on slowly and a little at a time but then forget to go back and turn the water on the rest of the way. If you have recently had a repair done and are now noticing a reduction in the whole home water pressure check the meter or other water shut off areas like the main shut off where the water might have been shut off.
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    Check the main water shut off valves which can be in a few places like one on your side of the water meter and another at the front of the house with the hose bib or in colder areas the water often comes up in the garage (sometimes near or under the water heater). Make sure these valves are on all the way. If they are gate valves turn them all the way counter clockwise and if they are ball valves they should go the direction on the pipe (parallel) when they are fully open.

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    Another common cause for home water pressure problems can be the pressure regulator. When the pressure regulator fails it can sometimes cause a large increase in pressure or the opposite a huge decrease in the pressure to your house. This definitely could cause low home water pressure and you would see the change in all the fixtures. Although a pressure regulator can sometimes be matched with a replacement that is the same brand and size in most cases is it better to call a professional and have...MORE them take care of it. If you believe the problem is the pressure regulator call around and get some prices to have it changed out. Many times you can get the brand and size right off the side of the regulator so you can get a price over the phone.

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    Consider A Re-Pipe

    Old plumbing pipes can be another cause of low home water pressure. This is especially true if the pipes are old galvanized pipes. The inside of the pipes get a buildup that slowly over the years closes off the water ways so water flow to fixtures is reduced until they are virtually unusable. If this is the case, a re-pipe is really the only way to solve the problem. Since a re-pie is a major plumbing repair that requires a permit it is best to call in a professional plumber.