11 Shopping Secrets Only Diehard HomeGoods Fans Know

We got the inside scoop on HomeGoods shopping and saving

A HomeGoods store front with palm trees

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When it comes to purchasing items for the home, we all have our secrets. For some of us, it may be reusing the same décor from years (read: generations) past. For others, it may be bargain shopping or garage sale scavenging to get the best deals. And for those who are partial to HomeGoods, a store whose main messaging is "You don’t go shopping, you go finding," there are a few coveted hacks that only the savviest of shoppers know.

So, in the name of bargain shopping, we’ve asked the questions, scoured the message boards for tips from self-identified HomeGoods pros, and even got the inside scoop from some HomeGoods higher-ups to find some answers. You can’t trust everything you read on the internet, so take these tips with a grain of salt.

Whether you’re shopping for seasonal décor, looking to change the entire vibe of your space, or browsing for a gift for someone you care about, here are 12 shopping secrets only diehard HomeGoods fans know.

Scope the 'Hot Spots' for Deals

Looking for the cheapest products? You can find them in three places, says Reddit user DealerMcDiscount: the endcaps, checkout areas, and back walls.

Unlike most department stores, which have tiny ‘to-go' or last-minute-buys littering the areas by the checkout, HomeGoods offers great deals and an eclectic assortment of goods. This, he says, is a great place to find additional discounts, as well as end caps (which have the most ‘red tag’ items), and back walls (which typically have the last of the items’ inventory.

Go at the Low-Traffic Times

“I prefer to go to HomeGoods mid-week (Tuesday - Thursday) between 10-11 AM,” shares Beth Diana Smith, Interior Designer & HomeGoods Style Expert. “For me, often this timeframe is less trafficked at my store which creates a slightly more relaxed experience. This also allows some time for the store to restock the shelves with new merchandise.” 

Since most restocking happens between 9:30-10 AM, Smith says she likes to be there either at the tail end or right after so she can get the first pick of new items.

Note the Markdown Schedule

HomeGoods products go through markdowns every three months. That means, if you have your eye on something but don’t want to pay full price, you can wait a few months and it’ll drop down. The gamble is, of course, whether that same item will be around in three months. But for something that isn’t seasonal or trending, this can be a good way to save some cash.

Some Items May Be Clearance From Other Stores

According to Reddit user captainsaveabro, who says they used to to work at Bed Bath & Beyond, some of the discounted BBB items ended up at HomeGoods if they weren’t purchased by a certain date. While this doesn’t mean that HomeGoods products are better or worse than anywhere else (and, of course, we can’t say whether not this information is actually true).

However, if it is, in fact, accurate information, it does bust the myth that quality items only exist at certain stores.

You Can Actually Put Items On Hold

Did you know that you can put items on hold at HomeGoods? While most stores typically offer this option, it’s good to note that HomeGoods does, too. Rather than attempting to buy-and-try your item (especially if it’s something on the bulky side, like a couch or chair) you can put it on hold for up to one day.

This gives you time to assess your space, take any measurements, and rethink before the final purchase. Or, just buy it.

“When you see something you love, grab it because it may not be there if you decide to come back for it,” warns Jenny Reimold, Interior Stylist & HomeGoods Style Expert. “HomeGoods has a flexible return policy, so I’ll usually purchase everything that inspires me as soon as I spot it and bring it all home to see what looks ideal in my space.”

Take the ‘Compare At’ Prices With a Grain of Salt

Here’s a well-kept secret that only the truest of HomeGoods fans know: the ‘Compare At’ stickers (claiming their price is lower than other stores) may not actually be true.

User DealerMcDiscount on Reddit claims that some of the ‘Compare At’ stickers actually show inflated prices, giving consumers the illusion that they’re saving when they’re, in fact, actually purchasing the item at a normal (or sometimes even higher!) price.

While we can’t necessarily knock the strategy, we can use our friend Google to check prices before making the final purchase.

Pay Attention to the Restocking Days

Diehard HomeGoods fans know that restocking days are the best days to shop because of the updated inventory and often lower prices for items that haven’t sold.

How do you know when restocking days are? Just ask. Most stores restock on Sundays, but there are multiple days each week that this happens, and it all varies by area. Ask a manager and use that schedule to dictate your shopping trips.

You Can Get Additional Discounts on Imperfect Items

If you see something that has a tiny scratch, paint missing, or any other defect (including slightly ‘off’ coloration in comparison to other, similar items), you can ask for an additional discount.

And, says Reddit user DealerMcDiscount, more often than not, they’ll honor a percentage off.

Shop in Advance for Seasonal Items

Most stores put out their seasonal inventory early. While typical department stores don’t really offer discounts on those seasonal items until after the holiday has passed, HomeGoods is actually the opposite.

Prior to the holiday, they’ll have their items marked down. Then, once it gets a little closer (a month before or less), those prices will go up and stay up until even after the holiday.

Consider Getting the Rewards Card

If you’re all about savings, you should definitely invest in the TJX Savings Card.

“The TJX Rewards Credit Card is one of the very few store cards I use on a regular basis,” says Reimold.With the card, you earn 5% back when you shop, which is rewarded to me [in] $10 or $20 digital certificates that are automatically emailed and can be easily scanned at the store when making a purchase."

If you decide to open a new card, you get 10% off your sign-up purchase, and 5% off after that. "Plus," Reimold adds, "the card can be used at all TJX stores, not just HomeGoods"

Use the HomeGoods App to Shop Smart

Store apps can be a hassle sometimes, but one Reddit user says that the HomeGoods app is actually a Godsend. “Before I go to the store, I check the app to see if the item(s) I want are at my local place. [I] check the top, right-hand corner for update time and date before you go to see if it’s still there.”

The timestamp can help you see when the item was last updated. Another good idea (especially if you don’t want to get sucked into browsing aimlessly through the store) is to give your local shop a ring and see if the desired item is still available.

You can even put it on hold so it’s ready when you arrive. “[The app] saves me a lot of time,” the user (whose username has since been deleted) says.