Homemade Gag Gift Ideas

How to Make Funny Gag Gifts

Looking for ideas to create a fun and unique gag gift? Make one of these funny gifts for someone you know. Find ideas for silly Christmas gifts, hilarious Halloween pranks, and much more.

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    12 Days of Christmas Gift
    12 Days of Christmas Gift.

    Learn how you can gather the items needed for each of the days of Christmas and give them one day at a time.

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    Candy Bar Letter
    Candy Bar Letter.

    Learn how to make a fun gag gift letter using candy bars in place of some of the words. This letter was created for a graduation gift, but it can be altered for anyone.

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    Christmas Blessing Snack Mix

    Christmas Blessing Snack Mix
    Christmas Blessing Snack Mix.

    Not really a silly gag gift, but this is a fun and unique gift everyone will enjoy giving. It even comes with a printable gift tag.

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    Christmas Poop
    Christmas Poop.

    Learn how easy it is to make small gift bags filled with reindeer, snowman, elf and Grinch poop.

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    Easter Poop Crafts

    Easter Poop Crafts
    Easter Poop Crafts.

    Discover four different Easter poop gifts you can make for everyone you know. You can make bunny droppings, chick poop, Easter bunny poop and Peep poop.

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    Fisherman's Ruler

    Fisherman's Ruler
    Fisherman's Ruler.

    If you know a fisherman, you have probably heard an exaggerated story about the one that got away. This ruler is a perfect gift to give to go along with these stories.

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    Harvest Blessing Snack Mix
    Harvest Blessing Snack Mix.

    Print out the bag tag and then gather together the ingredients to make this tasty snack.

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    Maxi-Pad Slippers
    Maxi-Pad Slippers.

    Believe it or not, you can craft a pair of slippers out of four maxi pads using these directions. Decorate with red and green markers to add some holiday spirit. 

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    Neighborhood Christmas Gift Letters

    Neighborhood Christmas Gift Letters
    Neighborhood Christmas Gift Letters.

    If you are looking for a fun way to get your entire neighborhood in the holiday spirit, make one or more of these gifts to pass around.

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    New Year Blessing Snack Mix
    New Year Blessing Snack Mix.

    Whip up a batch of this snack mix and share it with everyone at a New Year's Eve party.

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    Phantom Ghost Letter Surprise

    Phantom Ghost Letter Surprise
    Phantom Ghost Letter Surprise.

    Print out this letter along with a ghost sign and see if you can spread some the Halloween spirit around your neighborhood.

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    Redneck Wine Glass Craft
    Redneck Wine Glass Craft. Sherri Osborn

    All of the adults on your gift giving list will get a chuckle out of these fun redneck wine glasses made using mason jars.

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    You've Been BOOED
    You've Been BOOED.

    While this gift works similar to a May Day basket, perhaps your neighbors will pass it on and keep it going.

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    Gag Certificates

    Humorous fake certificates are terrific for office get-togethers, school parties or other occasions where you want to roast someone.

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    Snowman/Reindeer Poop

    Use mini marshmallows to mimic the snowman's waste. Or go for reindeer poop with chocolate covered raisins or malted milk balls. Kids who still love talking about poop get a kick out it.

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     Tired of getting gifts with the batteries not included? Turn the tables and give batteries without the gift. Wrap them and include a note saying "Gift not included."