100 Great Ideas for Inexpensive Homemade Gifts

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Holidays, Birthdays, special occasions and moments of "just because" are opportunities to give a gift to someone you care about. There's something very personal and meaningful about a gift that you took the time to make yourself. Grant the people in your life that extra special feeling with one of these 100 homemade gift ideas. There's something here for every occasion and season, not to mention ideas for everyone in your life.

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    Lovely Indeed

    These pom pom earrings are super creative and fun. Make these for a friend so they can showcase their personal style.

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    Homemade bath bomb
    ivicirina / Twenty20

    Skip the expensive visit to the trendy soap store and learn to make your own fizzy bath bombs at home. These soaps are so popular, and make an exciting, yet simple gift. These would be especially great for Mother's Day paired with a bottle of wine.

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    Kristin Duvall / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

    If bath bombs are a bit too trendy for the person you're gifting, go traditional with sweet smelling bath salts. Pack these up in a mason jar and add some ribbon and a little note for the perfect hostess gift.

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    paper flower gift boxes
    Rita Shehan

    The wrapping and presentation can be just as much a part of the gift as the gift itself. Transform an ordinary gift box with a pretty handmade paper flower. These boxes are perfect for gift cards, jewelry, candy and other small gifts. 

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    Katherine Lee

    These pretty bookmarks are the perfect kid-made gifts. There's nothing more delighted than a child's face when they present their masterpiece.

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    How to Hand Embroider on T-Shirts
    Mollie Johanson

    Attending a baby shower in the near future? Whether you go with a gift from the registry or not, consider adding on this very personal and adorable homemade gift. Adorn a plain onesie with the embroidery pattern of your choice and the momma-to-be will truly appreciate this standout piece among her newly acquired collection of store-bought baby clothes.

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    DIY wire gift bow necklace
    Lisa Yang

    The perfect gift for bridesmaids: this DIY wire gift bow necklace is a pretty piece of jewelry that brides can hand out to all of their girls before the big day.

    It's also works well for a young woman's milestone 16th or 18th birthday, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

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    diy keepsake family photo project
    Scarlett Ballantyne

    This clever method of transferring a photo onto wood gives a meaningful memory a more sophisticated appearance. This is a great gift for an anniversary, birthday or wedding.

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    Lovely Indeed

    Finding a place to store your jewelry can be a nuisance. This cute cactus ring holder is perfect for rings and doubles as decor. It's a unique gift for that someone in your life who appreciates a fun surprise or the out-of-the-ordinary.

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    Lisa Yang

    Replicate the look of an antique locket with this DIY beaded picture pendant. This is a special gift for someone you love and especially perfect for Mother's Day.

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    giftwrapped flowers
    Rita Shehan

    If you're giving the gift of a lovely bouquet, why not go the extra mile to create your own gift wrap? It really couldn't be easier, and this tutorial will show you exactly how.

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    Mollie Johanson

    Stitch up a leather-like embroidered cuff with one of these unique designs! The patterns are easy to follow for beginner stitchers and the end result makes a cool customized gift.

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    How to Make Origami Earrings
    Chrissy Pk

    These pretty DIY earrings are the perfect way for you to try your hands at origami! They are a great small and inexpensive gift option and can be customized for the person you're gifting.

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    Cookie Mix in a Jar
    Photo: Rpsycho / Getty Images

    The holidays are a time when you want to shower absolutely everyone you know with gifts. That can get expensive. These mason jars filled with cookie mix are an inexpensive but creative idea for all the friends in your life, not to mention your 17 cousins, 12 aunts and uncles, mother-in-law, step sister... you get the idea.

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    Lovely Indeed

    Bring the beauty of a tropical vacation to someone's home with this fun and bold display of art. This would be a unique housewarming or hostess gift.

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    string art home sweet home
    Home Made Modern

    The sweetest housewarming gift, this string art project is so easy to do. The craft itself is versatile; feel free to use a different shape from the house; try a pumpkin for fall or an evergreen tree for Christmas!

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    The Spruce

    From confetti wrap to 3D paper, these clever ideas will delight the recipient of your gift before her or she has even opened it!

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    Stephanie White

    Have a friend with a summer birthday? Surprise him or her with this easy-to-make picnic blanket and spend the day together at the park or beach.

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    origami apple
    Paper Kawaii

    If you want to gift your child's new teacher at the beginning of the school year, try your hand at making this origami apple. This clever paper folding project is a modern take on the traditional gift.

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    embroidered Christmas tree card
    Mollie Johanson

    For Christmas this year, send out these pretty embroidered cards! These are easy to stitch–even for beginners. Make it a group activity and mail one to everyone on your list.

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    diy colorful yarn pom pom wreath
    Deidre Sullivan

    These pom pom wreaths aren't holiday specific, and they're fun! You can make an all white one for winter or try an array of colors and give it to a recent college graduate to decorate their dorm room with.

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    Lovely Indeed

    Elementary and high school students, recent high school graduates off to college and recent college grads off to their first job would all appreciate some extra pencils. The gold marbling on these are so pretty; they'll certainly spruce up any desk.

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    Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps
    Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps.
    Discover how easy it is to make fancy pen and pencils to give as gifts. To make it extra-special, use beads in the recipient's favorite colors.
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    Decoupaged Plate
    Decoupaged Plate.
    Learn how you can use decoupage techniques to personalize a clear, glass plate that you can give as a gift.
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    Blooming Flower Pens
    Blooming Flower Pens.

    This cute, flower-topped pen will be a hit with a favorite teacher, a special student, an efficient secretary or anyone else.

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    Book Worm Bookmark
    Book Worm Bookmark.
    If you have a friend or family member who loves to read, this cute bookmark will be a great gift.
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    Button Flowers Craft
    Button Flowers Craft.

    Craft an entire bouquet of flowers made out of buttons and wire. These flowers can be enjoyed a lot longer than the real thing.

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    Button Jewelry Craft
    Button Jewelry Craft.
    This project sheet contains directions for making a variety of jewelry pieces using colorful buttons.
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    Button Snowman
    Button Snowman.

    You can make a handful of these little snowmen to give as gifts. You can make them into pins, magnets or even ornaments.

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    Candy Plant Craft
    Candy Plant Craft.
    Follow the instructions share in this tutorial and you can make a tasty plant to give to someone special.
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    CD Sun Catcher Craft
    CD Sun Catcher Craft.
    Make one of these shiny sun catchers to give to someone to hang in their garden or in their window.
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    Clay Pot Bird Bath
    Clay Pot Bird Bath.
    Learn how to make a custom bird bath for someone who loves birds. They will be reminded of you every time they watch the birds frolic in the water.
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    Craft Foam CD Holder

    Home-Made Gift Ideas
    Craft Foam CD Holder.

    Follow these instructions to craft a personalized CD holder for someone special and then burn them a CD that contains all their favorite songs.

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    Craft Foam Mousepad

    Use ordinary craft foam sheets to make special mousepads to give as gifts.
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    Craft Kit
    Craft Kit.

    Throw together a craft kit or two for your favorite kids. You can customize each one depending on their likes and dislikes.

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    Craft Stick Vase or Pencil Holder
    Craft Stick Vase or Pencil Holder.
    Craft a special pencil holder or vase for someone and then fill it up before you give it to them.
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    Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl
    Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl.
    Learn how easy it is to make one of these crocheted bowls. It makes a great gift if you fill it with a homemade treat.
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    Cupcake Earrings Craft

    Cupcake Earrings Craft
    Cupcake Earrings Craft.

    Make a pair of shrink plastic earrings and give them to a special girl. Modify the directions a little bit and you can make a matching necklace and bracelet also.

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    Daddy's Caddy

    Daddy's Caddy
    Daddy's Caddy.

    This caddy is a wonderful gift for young kids to make for their daddy. It's an easy craft kids of all ages can make.

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    Dangling Bead Pencil

    Dangling Bead Pencil
    Dangling Bead Pencil.
    Make a personalized pencil for all of your friends and family. Use everyone's favorite colors or choose a team or school color.
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    Decoupaged Garden Seed Box

    Decoupaged Garden Seed Box
    Decoupaged Garden Seed Box.

    If you have someone who likes to garden, this decorated seed box will be a hit. They can use it to store their garden seed packets.

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    Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizer

    Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizer
    Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizer.

    When you're making these organizers, you can choose colors that match the recipients' room or office.

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    Decoupaged Paper Clock

    Decoupaged Paper Clock
    Decoupaged Paper Clock.
    Make a fancy clock for a special person. Whenever they check the time, they will think of you.
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    Dried Flower Sachet

    Dried Flower Sachet
    Dried Flower Sachet.
    Make one of these sachets to give someone special and they will be reminded of you every time they get a whiff of it.
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    Duct Tape Cell Phone Case Craft
    Duct Tape Cell Phone Case Craft.
    Learn how easy it is to make a colorful cell phone case to give as a gift or even keep for yourself.
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    Egg Carton Rose Craft

    Egg Carton Rose Craft
    Egg Carton Rose Craft.

    Instead of giving a real rose, why not make a stunning rose? The person you give it to won't believe what it is made of.

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    Elegant Candle Holder

    Elegant Candle Holder
    Elegant Candle Holder.
    Make someone special a pair of these nice looking candle holders to be treasured.
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    Fabric Covered Notebook
    Fabric Covered Notebook.
    Use fabric to personalize an ordinary notebook and give it to someone to use as a personal journal. Make them a fancy pen or pencil to go with it.
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    Facial Tissue Holder Craft
    Facial Tissue Holder Craft.

    You might not think this would make a good gift, they can be a huge hit!

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    Fairy Dust Necklace

    Fairy Dust Necklace
    Fairy Dust Necklace.
    What better gift to make and give to someone than the gift of make believe. This special necklace will certainly bring a smile to their face.
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    This would make a wonderful and unique addition to someone's shelf or garden.

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    Fleece Pajama Bag

    Fleece Pajama Bag
    Fleece Pajama Bag.
    How about stitching up several pajama bags to give to all of the gives on your gift giving list? Some adults might like these also.
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    Fleece Pet Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves

    Fleece Pet Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves
    Fleece Pet Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves.

    While the chihuahua doesn't look too thrilled in the picture here, he actually enjoyed snuggling in his blanket. You can make these in any size.

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    Fleece Pom-Pom Ball
    Fleece Pom-Pom Ball.

    Upon initial inspection this simple ball might not seem too exciting, but many kids and pets would love to play with one.

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    Fleece Snuggle Bag
    Fleece Snuggle Bag.
    Follow this pattern and learn how you can make snuggle bags that are all different shapes and sizes. You can make matching snuggle bags for everyone you know.
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    Fleece Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves
    Fleece Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves.

    Learn how easy it is to sew your own snuggle blanket with sleeves. There are so many fun fleece prints available that you will find something perfect for everyone you know.

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    Footprint Canvas Craft
    Footprint Canvas Craft.
    Anyone would be ecstatic to receive one of these footprint heart pictures as a gift.
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    Fortune Cookie Craft
    Fortune Cookie Craft.

    Create a basket full of fortune cookies for someone special and fill each one with a personal message.

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    Garden Stepping Stones
    Garden Stepping Stones.

    If someone you know likes to spend a lot of time outside in a garden or their yard, why not make them a personalized stepping stone or two?

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    Golf Ball Dog Craft
    Golf Ball Dog Craft.
    If you have an avid golfer on your gift list, consider making them one of these cute dogs made out of golf balls.
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    Grandma's Little Angels Shirt
    Grandma's Little Angels Shirt.
    A visitor named Tabby shared these directions for making a personalized shirt for a special grandma.
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    Greeting Card Holder Craft
    Greeting Card Holder Craft.
    This would make a great gift around Christmas time when people are sending out plenty of cards. It would also be a fun way to display and save birthday cards.
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    Growing Magnet

    Growing Magnet
    Growing Magnet.

    Make this gift a few weeks in advance so the seed has some time to grow before you give it away.

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    Heart Candy Bouquet

    Home-Made Gift Ideas
    Heart Candy Bouquet.
    A visitor named Lana shared this tutorial to help you make a fancy looking bouquet out of heart candy flowers.
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    Home-Made Message Board
    Home-Made Message Board.
    This tutorial will show you how to make fancy message boards, both big and small. Made with fabric, you can make this message board to match any decor.
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    Hot Chocolate in a Jar Craft
    Hot Chocolate in a Jar Craft.
    Mix up some hot cocoa and then dress up a small jar to give it in. Don't forget to include a candy cane to use as a stir stick.
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    Hot Cocoa Delight
    Hot Cocoa Delight.
    A visitor named Jan shares directions for making a fun hot cocoa gift using a coffee creamer container.
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    Jewelry or Dresser Box Craft
    Jewelry or Dresser Box Craft.
    You can make one of these boxes to give to someone special. They can use it on their dresser to hold treasures or even on a desk.
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    Juice Can Lid Magnet Craft
    Juice Can Lid Magnet Craft.
    Discover how you can use photos and juice can lids to make magnets for everyone on your gift list. You can use these for gift toppers also.
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    Lacy Dolls
    Lacy Dolls.

    Craft up several of these tiny dolls to give to everyone you know. Make them into ornaments, magnets or even brooches. They are fun to make and give for any occasion.

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    Lacy Heart
    Lacy Heart.
    Learn how you can make a small heart you can use to decorate a gift. If you add a magnet or pin back to it, it can be the gift.
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    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet

    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet
    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet.

    Follow these instructions and learn how to make personalized magnets to give as gifts.

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    Necktie Purse or Wallet
    Necktie Purse or Wallet.

    If you have an old necktie that you are not using, follow these instructions and transform it into a small purse or wallet. This wallet is the perfect size to hold a cell phone.

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    Necktie T-Shirt Craft

    Necktie T-Shirt Craft
    Necktie T-Shirt Craft.
    This fancy looking t-shirt is a great gift idea for any guy you know; plus, you won't believe how easy it is to make.
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    Non-Slip Slipper Socks Craft
    Non-Slip Slipper Socks Craft.
    Follow these directions and you can make personalized slipper socks for everyone you know.
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    Paper Ornaments
    Paper Ornaments.
    This craft tutorial, shared by Belva, will show you how to make fancy ball ornaments using paper. To make them extra special, use photos you have printed on paper to make one.
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    Personalized Clothespin Magnet

    Personalized Clothespin Magnet
    Personalized Clothespin Magnet.
    A clothespin may not seem like a very exciting gift, but when you personalize it with fancy paper and charms, everyone will be wishing for one.
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    Personalized Handprint Canvas Bag

    Personalized Handprint Canvas Bag
    Personalized Handprint Canvas Bag.

    Use a plain canvas tote bag, fabric paint and some hand prints to make a personalized bag for someone special.

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    Colorful Beach Towel Craft
    Colorful Beach Towel Craft.
    These directions will have you making personalized towels for everyone you know. The tutorial is about making a beach towel, but you can make them in a variety of sizes.
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    Photo Apron Craft
    Use these instructions, shared by Jennifer Determan, to make a personalized apron for a special grandma or for anyone.
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    Pieces Together Plaque

    Pieces Together Plaque Craft
    Pieces Together Plaque Craft.

    You can easily make this plaque for someone special. All you need are craft sticks, puzzle pieces and some basic craft supplies.

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    Pine Cone Air Freshener

    Pine Cone Air Freshener Craft
    Pine Cone Air Freshener Craft.
    Whoever you give this easy craft to will enjoy the lights and the wonderful aroma, and you get the added benefit of enjoying the smell while you make it.
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    Pine Cone Basket Decoration
    Pine Cone Basket Decoration.
    You can throw together this easy craft in a matter of minutes once you have the supplies you need to make it.
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    Pine Cone Fire Starter Craft
    Pine Cone Fire Starter Craft.
    If there is someone on your list who has a fireplace, consider making these colorful fire starters for them. They would also be fun to take on camping trips.
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    Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Craft

    Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Craft
    This is a practical gift the recipient will love. This handy bag holder will give them a place to gather any plastic grocery bags they are saving.
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    Polka Dot Pot Craft
    Polka Dot Pot Craft.
    Learn how easy it is to decorate a clay pot using paint and buttons. Fill it with a special treat and give it as a gift.
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    Puzzle Piece Frame Craft
    Puzzle Piece Frame Craft.
    If you want to give someone a special picture for a gift, dress it up using a puzzle piece frame.
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    Raise Heart Jar Craft

    Raise Heart Jar Craft
    Raise Heart Jar Craft.

    Discover how easy it is to dress up a jar with a hot glue gun and a little bit of paint. You can make a heart design, like I did, or use any other design.

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    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Craft

    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Craft
    You can make one of these fancy bottles, just like Stella did, and give it as a gift.
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    Recycled Almond Can Organizer Craft

    Recycled Almond Can Organizer Craft
    Recycled Almond Can Organizer Craft.
    Learn how to use an empty can of nuts to create a fancy organizer you can make and give as gifts.
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    Ribbon Wreath Craft
    Ribbon Wreath Craft.

    Make one of these fancy looking wreaths to give as a gift no matter what time of year it is. You can use ribbon in Christmas colors, with Valentine's Day motifs or with little Easter bunnies.

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    Sea Shell Candle Craft

    Sea Shell Candle Gift Craft
    This sweet little candle would make a nice gift for someone's bathroom.
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    Sea Shell Recipe Holder Gift
    If you have someone on your gift list that likes to cook, consider making them a personalized recipe card holder.
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    Shrink Plastic Footprint Keychain

    Shrink Plastic Footprint Keychain
    Shrink Plastic Footprint Keychain.

    These instructions will teach you how to make a perfect gift for a new parent or grandparent!

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    Simple Shaped Soap Bars

    Simple Shaped Soap Bars
    Simple Shaped Soap Bars.
    Learn how you can make fancy bars of soap that you can pair up with some nice hand towels and give as a gift.
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    Simple Sling Purse
    Simple Sling Purse.
    If you have a special girl on your gift list, check out this easy purse pattern. Choose fabrics in her favorite colors and make this purse in just a few hours.
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    Soap Petal Guest Soaps

    Soap Petal Guest Soaps
    Soap Petal Guest Soaps.
    Sharon explains how you can use petals from silk flowers to create petal shaped soap.
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    Soap Surprises

    Soap Surprises
    Soap Surprises.
    Follow these directions and learn how you can make a see through bar of soap with a special message inside.
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    Warm Fuzzy Craft

    Warm Fuzzy Craft
    Warm Fuzzy Craft.
    You will enjoy making and giving this warm fuzzy almost as much as someone will enjoy getting it as a gift.
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    Wrapped Coffee Cans

    Wrapped Coffee Cans
    Wrapped Coffee Cans.
    These custom wrapped coffee cans would make a perfect way to wrap a gift and they will also become part of the gift.