Homemade Gift Ideas for Pets

How to Make Toys and Gifts for Your Pet

When making gifts for all the special people in your life, we cannot forget about our furry friends. Why not craft a special, homemade gift for your favorite pet? You can make toys for your dog or cat, accessories, bed, and much more.

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    Cereal Bird Feeder

    Learn how to make a simple bird feeder using cereal. You may want to do some research about your type of bird to see if this sort of treat would be okay for it.

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    Custom Pet Tags

    Find out how easy it is to make fun and unique name tags to give to all of the pets you love.

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    Disappearing Bird Feeder

    You can make some of these for all of the birds out in your yard or for a special pet bird.

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    Fleece Pom-Pom Ball Craft

    Learn how to make pom-pom balls using fleece scraps. Many dogs and cats will love these fun toys.

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    Fleece Snuggle Bag Pattern

    Although this would make a great gift for a family member or friend, I made a smaller version for my puppy. Wouldn't your puppy love one too?

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    Fringed Fleece Pet Toy Craft

    Fringed Fleece Pet Toy Craft

    You can use a small piece of fleece to make these stuffed toys for either cats or dogs. Who knows, pet birds may like them too.

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    Pet Fishing Pole Craft

    Pet Fishing Pole Craft

    Not only will your cat have fun playing with this fishing pole, but you will have fun also.

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    Pet Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves

    Fleece Pet Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves

    This tutorial teaches you how easy it is to sew a fleece blanket with arms for your dog.

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    This is a great project to make for smaller dogs. I think cats would also enjoy using this bed.

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    Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft

    Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft

    Gather a few pine cones from your yard and use them to make bird feeders.

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    Plastic Egg Cat Toy Craft

    This is a great way to recycle plastic Easter eggs. Fill them with a little big of catnip and your cat will be occupied for hours, and you will probably be too by simply watching him.