Homemade Gifts for Mom

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    Homemade Gifts for Mom

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Mother’s Day crafts sure have come a long way from the macaroni necklaces I used to make as a kid. Thanks to the emergence of things like digital photography and mega craft store chains, the options for homemade gift projects are abundant in a variety of skill levels, which is good news for little hands that want to create special keepsakes for mom. The gifts that are featured here range in skill level from toddler to teen, and are all rather easy to create, which is good news for Dad’s helping...MORE hands, as well.

    Photo Flowers

    This Mother’s Day, bypass the flower stand and give mom a floral bouquet that will never wilt. To make these photo flowers you will need:

    • Bamboo Skewers or green pipe cleaners
    • Green paint
    • Mini cupcake pan liners
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Photos


    1. Paint the bamboo skewers green. You can use green pipe cleaners instead and not have to paint at all, however, the skewers work best if you wish to stand the flowers in a tall vase or “plant” them into a foam block.
    2. Take two colored muffin liners and spread them out flat. Glue them together, colored sides facing out.
    3. Cut the edges of the liners into the shape of flower petals.
    4. Insert the skewer in between the muffin liners while the glue is still wet. Press together to seal.
    5. Glue a small photo in the center of the muffin flower.

    To display the photo flowers, plant them into a foam block at the bottom of a flower pot or planter box. Cover the foam with artificial grass. Flowers can also be presented bouquet style, in a tall vase or cone shaped wrapper.

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    Love Frame

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Mom will “love” this photo gift that features her children, spelling out their feelings for her. To make a love photo frame gift you will need:

    • Digital camera
    • Card stock paper
    • Paint
    • Photo paper
    • Printer
    • Picture frame with four slots, or four individual frames of the same size


    1. Outline each letter of the word “love” on a piece of cardstock paper. Paint the letters and allow them to dry.
    2. Take photos of the kids holding the letter signs.
    3. Print the photos and arrange them, in order, in the picture...MORE frame.
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    Photo Key Chain

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Recycle old store membership key tags or old credit cards into these cute key chains for mom. To make these personalized key tags you will need:

    • Old key tags or credit cards, cut into the shape of a key tag.
    • Decorative paper
    • Small Photos
    • Decoupage Medium
    • Hole punch
    • Key rings
    • Embellishments


    1. Glue the decorative paper over the recycled key tag.
    2. Glue the photo to the paper-covered tag.
    3. Punch a hole at the top of the tag.
    4. Top with a coat of the decoupage medium.
    5. Add decorative embellishments such as...MORE stickers or beads.
    6. Attach the key ring through the hole in the tag.

    The scrapbooking section of a craft store is often stocked with a variety of decorative paper and embellishments, which can allow you to really personalize the key tags. For instance, paper in the design of piano keys and a music note embellishment could be used to create a key chain for the mom who plays the piano.

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    Hanging Photo Plaque

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Don’t forget about Grandma this Mother’s Day! This hanging photo plaque is a great place to display those annual school photos. To make the Grandkids photo hanger you will need:

    • An unfinished wood plaque
    • Cardstock paper (printer size)
    • Acrylic paint
    • Decoupage medium
    • Decorative items, such as stickers
    • Clothespins (as many as she has grandchildren)
    • A photo of each grandchild
    • Glue.


    1. Cut and glue the decorative paper to the plaque.
    2. Type the text, “Grandkids Make Life Grand,” into your computer’s...MORE word processing program. Select the font style and size you prefer. Print the text onto your cardstock paper.
    3. Cut the text paper to size and attach to board.
    4. Cover with one-to-two coats of decoupage medium and allow to dry.
    5. Paint the clothespins and let dry.
    6. Glue the clothespins to the bottom of the board.
    7. Add decorative embellishments to the plaque and the tops of the clothespins.
    8. Hang photos from the clothespins.

    This plaque can also be made for mom, simply change the saying to one that suits motherhood. The plaque could also be painted, and the text painted on with stencils, instead of wrapped in cardstock. However, the cardstock adds texture to a plaque with a smooth finish, and the printed text makes it easier for kids working on this project.

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    Handprint Apron

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    One of the first artistic skills many toddlers learn is how to trace their hands. This gift is perfect for little ones who want to contribute to a homemade gift. To make a handprint apron and oven mitt you will need:

    • Solid colored apron
    • Solid colored oven mitt
    • Fabric marker


    1. Spread the apron out on a flat surface.
    2. Trace the handprints onto the apron.
    3. Add the date and name of the child, if desired.
    4. Repeat the same process with the oven mitt.

    As kids grow, add a new handprint every year on...MORE Mother’s Day.

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    Mother's Day Lunch

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Sure, Mother’s Day is all about breakfast in bed, but moms eat lunch, too. Return the favor to the mom who makes your lunch every day. If Mom usually packs the families’ lunchboxes, you could even arrange a meal in a Mother’s Day lunchbox (a shoebox painted and decorated by the kids).

    It doesn’t matter what kind of lunch the kids make for mom. The one pictured here represents a typical kids’ meal, which not only holds to the idea of replicating mom’s work but is also simple for kids to make.

    To...MORE create a flower sandwich like the one pictured, use a flower shaped cookie cutter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Cut a hole in the center of the top piece of bread to create the flower’s center.

    Alphabet soup letters spell out a special message and a homemade water bottle label wishes mom a happy day.