Homemade Graduation Gifts

How to Make Graduation Gifts

No matter if it is from preschool or college, why not make special graduation gifts for all of the graduates you know? You can also make ‚Äčgraduation cards or graduation gift tags to give along with your homemade graduation gifts. You can use these creative gift-wrapping ideas for the perfect finishing touch.

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    Graduation Memory and T-Shirt Quilts
    Graduation Memory and T-Shirt Quilts.

    Learn how to create fun memory quilts using t-shirts, photos, and many school mementos.

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    Printable Certificates for Students

    Printable Certificates for Students
    Printable Certificates for Students.
    Download and print out a certificate to give to a special graduate.
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    Scrapbook of Accomplishments

    Scrapbook of Accomplishments
    Scrapbook of Accomplishments.
    Create a scrapbook for a graduate that includes special mementos from their school years.
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    Graduation Candy Bar Letter
    Graduation Candy Bar Letter.
    Any graduate would love to get one of these candy bar letters as a special graduation gift.
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    Graduation Celebration Necklace
    Graduation Celebration Necklace. Tammy Powley
    Follow these directions, shared by Tammy, and you can make this amazing necklace for a special graduate.
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    Graduation Memory Boards
    Graduation Memory Boards. Jackie Burrell
    A memory board or photo collage makes a particularly memorable graduation gift and can double as a decoration at a graduation party!
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    Graduation Motifs
    Graduation Motifs. Connie G. Barwick
    Use these mix-and match motifs for Graduation Cross Stitch projects. Create a unique design for special gift for your favorite graduate.
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    Make a Graduation Video
    Make a Graduation Video. Jackie Burrell
    I made a graduation video for each of my kids. Not only does it make a fun gift for the graduate, it was a big attraction at the graduation parties!
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    College Survival Kit

    College Survival Kit
    College Survival Kit.
    Collect all of the items necessary to make this kit and then print out the tag or label to go with it.
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    Reupholstered Office Chair

    Reupholstered Office Chair
    Reupholstered Office Chair.
    Follow these instructions and learn how to create a unique desk chair for a special graduate.
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    Clever Containers for Giving Cash Gifts
    Clever Containers for Giving Cash Gifts. Jackie Burrell
    Check out these creative ways to giving cash or gift cards as a graduation gift.
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    Gift Card Holder

    Gift Card Holder Craft
    Gift Card Holder.
    Use craft foam in the school colors to assemble an envelope you can use to hold a gift card.
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    Laundry Bag Pattern
    Laundry Bag Pattern. Jackie Burrell
    If your graduate will be going off to college, why not make a personalized laundry bag!
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    Painted Alarm Clock
    Painted Alarm Clock. Jackie Burrell
    Every college kid needs an alarm clock, but who says it has to be boring? Jackie teaches you how to personalize an alarm clock for a special graduate.
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    Personalized Towels
    Personalized Towels.
    Follow these instructions and you will learn how to make a personalized towel that will be perfect to take to college.