Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Find Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day and Every day

Why not make a special, homemade gift for your mom or another special woman. Browse through this list of projects to find the perfect gift for your mom. Once you make your gift, you can also make a homemade Mother's Day card.

21 Awesome Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

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    Mother's Day Coupons
    Mother's Day Coupons.
    If you are looking for a unique Mother's Day gift that is easy to make, download and print out these printable coupons.
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    Printable Award Certificates for Women

    Printable Award Certificates for Women
    Printable Award Certificates for Women.
    You can download and print out fun certificates for you mom, grandma, aunt, or other ladies. There are 5 different styles of certificates, plus an award ribbon to print.
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    Mother Banner
    Mother Banner. Submitted by Laurel Sweney
    This wonderful banner for a special mom is made using meat trays, fancy paper, photos, and a few other supplies. Laurel shared directions so you can make one too.
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    Mother's Day Chocolate Bouquet

    Mother's Day Chocolate Bouquet
    Mother's Day Chocolate Bouquet.
    Follow these instructions shared by Sylvie DSouza and you can make a wonderful group of chocolate candy flowers for mom and a cute card.
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    Mother's Day Plaque Craft
    Mother's Day Plaque Craft.
    A visitor nicknamed DLippincott shared directions for making this Mother's Day gift out of cardboard masking tape rings.
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    Mother's Day Safety Pin Patterns

    Mother's Day Safety Pins Crafts
    Mother's Day Safety Pins Crafts.
    There are 11 patterns here you can choose from to make your mom, or any special lady, a pin to wear out of safety pins and seed beads.
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    Mother's Survival Kit

    Mother's Survival Kit
    Mother's Survival Kit.
    A visitor named Susan shared the idea for this gift that is perfect for a new mother.
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    homemade Bath Salt gifts for mom
    Bath Salt Recipe.
    This recipe is perfect to make for a Mother's Day gift or anytime.
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    Footprint Heart Canvas Craft
    Footprint Heart Canvas Craft.
    Personalized for Mother's Day, this would make a great gift for mom or grandma.
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    Hand Print Wall Hanging

    Hand Print Wall Hanging
    Hand Print Wall Hanging.
    Use there directions to make a hand print decoration using a paper plate, glue, and some ribbon.
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    Bottle Cap Brooch

    Bottle Cap Brooch Craft
    Bottle Cap Brooch Craft.
    Make every woman you know a fun and unique brooch using a bottle cap and a few other supplies.
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    Button Heart

    Mother's Day Crafts
    Button Heart Craft.
    Make this fun button heart craft and give it as a decoration or use it as a gift topper.
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    Candy Plant Craft Mother's Day gift
    Candy Plant Craft.
    A visitor named Susan explains how you can make a plant out of sweet treats that would perfect to give as a Mother's Day gift.
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    Carton Full of Cupcakes
    Carton Full of Cupcakes.
    Who wouldn't love to get a full carton of cupcakes for Mother's Day?
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    Clay Pot Plant Stand

    Clay Pot Plant Stand Craft
    Clay Pot Plant Stand Craft.
    If your mom or grandmother like growing plants, consider making them one or more of these decorative plant stands.
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    Colorful Mosaic Vase.
    A homemade vase is a perfect gift to give along with some real flowers, or even homemade flowers.
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    Cupcake Earrings Craft

    Gifts for Mothers day
    Cupcake Earrings Craft.
    Show your mom how sweet you think she is by making her these cute earrings, shared by Elizabeth.
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    Decoupaged Garden Seed Box

    Gifts for Mothers day
    Decoupaged Garden Seed Box.
    This tutorial explains how to make a decorated box that would make a great gift for a lady who loves to garden.
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    Footprint T-Shirt Craft
    Footprint T-Shirt Craft.
    How appropriate that this t-shirt, decorate with painted footprints, brags that "My Kids Walk All Over Me".
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    Hand Print Poem Gift Craft
    Hand Print Poem Gift Craft.
    Print out this poem, shared by Lynette, and give it as a gift along with a hand print.
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    Jar of Love

    Jar of Love.
    A visitor named Albrightt shared some suggestions for giving a meaningful gift to a special gal.