12 Homemade Room Spray Recipes

Lavender, rocks, and essential oil

Wladimir Bulgar/Getty Images

These homemade room spray recipes and ideas will fill your home with the scents that you love the best. With just a few ingredients, you can mix together your own room spray and know that you've created a household item that's natural and free of harsh chemicals. A homemade room spray is a simple DIY project that just about anyone can handle.

These DIY room sprays make wonderful gifts for the holidays, housewarming, hostess gifts, and more. Just about anyone would love to get one of these as a gift, and they'll be touched that you made something homemade for them.

What's in a DIY Room Spray?

A DIY room spray needs a few common ingredients to work. The base of the room spray is water, and many recipes use distillation to purify the water. Essential oils are added for scent, and then an emulsifier is added to make sure the water and oils mix. This can be alcohol, witch hazel, sea salt, or another emulsifier.