9 Homemade Sugar Free Summer Time Beverages

 Keeping cool in the summer months is easy when you can enjoy some icy cold beverages like these! Many times ordering from your favorite drive through restaurant will bring you options that contain a whole lot of sugar. With the heat, you might be certainly be tempted to indulge even though you're resolve to continue on a sugar free diet has been consistent. Don't give in to the eye catching, drool worthy pictures, just prepare a head of time so you won't be tempted to indulge. Does...MORE a little sugar occasionally on a sugar free diet really matter you ask? For me, just a little does matter and is a little too much which often leads to major sugar cravings for many days later. Skip the worry and make any of these fantastic cool drinks at home and you will never feel the least bit of jealousy. All of these can be made with your favorite sugar free sweetener. Just use a small amount then taste and adjust to your preferences. 

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    Frozen Strawberry Lemonade made Sugar Free!. Brenda Bennett

    Kick back with this easy to make summertime treat! Only natural sugars from the strawberries makes this the best drink for the whole family!

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    Sugar Free Frozen Coffee Milkshake. Brenda Bennett

    This decadent treat is sure to satisfy any time of day! Your favorite brewed and chilled coffee turned into a dessert! What could be better?!!

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    Sugar Free Frozen Lemonade. Brenda Bennett

    A delicious sugar free way to cool off on a hot summer day! The kids will be asking for this every day and in fact it's such an easy recipe you can let them make it all by themselves!

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    Sugar Free Chocolate Coffee Protein Frappe. Brenda Bennett

    Coffee lovers, no more jealous feeling when everyone else is holding a frozen coffee drink or frappe! If you're a chocolate fanatic you can the best of both worlds in this recipe!

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    Sugar Free Shamrock Shake. Brenda Bennett

    This healthy Shamrock shake has sneaky nutrients hiding inside! Popular during spring time at many fast food joints, but still easy enough to make whenever you want and any time of year!

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    vanilla bean frappuccino

    Welcome summer with this delicious low carb, sugar free vanilla bean frappuccino! Starbucks has nothing on this classic homemade treat!

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    low fat mocha frappe

    Go ahead, indulge with this sugar free, dairy free, low fat mocha frappe! 

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    Nutella Frappe

    Nutella lovers rejoice! A sugar & dairy free, low carb iced coffee frappe that's just heavenly! 

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    Chocolate Coconut Milkshake

    Wow your dinner party guests with this indulgent sugar free milkshake for dessert!