Show Your Love With Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts

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Homemade Valentine's Day gift
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Check out these great Valentine's Day gifts you can make! You can find unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for your mom, dad, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, friends and more Nothing says "I Love You" like a personalized gift handmade by you.

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    Sweetheart Jar Craft

    Sweetheart Jar Craft
    Sweetheart Jar Craft.

    Check out this tutorial and learn how you can make a lovely gift jar using a hot glue gun and some paint. Fill this special jar with sweet treats or small flowers and give it to your valentine.

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    Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft
    Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft.

    Follow these instructions and you can craft easy candy kiss rose buds to give as special treats for Valentine's Day.

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    Heart Candy Bouquet

    Heart Candy Bouquet
    Heart Candy Bouquet.

    Find out how you can make a stunning bouquet that would make a great Valentine's Day gift or decoration.

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    Jar of Love Craft

    Jar of Love Craft
    Jar of Love Craft.

    Check out the great ideas Albright shares for giving a daily gift of "love" to someone special. All that you need is paper, a pen and your creativity!

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    Home-Made Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
    Printable Coupons. Sherri Osborn

    Choose from a variety of fun coupons you can print out and slide into a Valentine's Day card. Your honey can redeem the vouchers for everything from a simple hug to breakfast in bed.

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    Hugs Box Gift Craft
    Hugs Box Gift Craft.

    Who doesn't want to get hugs for Valentine's Day? A visitor nicknamed Pathfinder gives instructions for making a fun gift, complete with a  poem.

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    Button Heart Craft

    Button Heart Craft
    Button Heart Craft.
    For this project, Anne Davies explains how you can use buttons and wire to make a heart you can hang up.
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    Soap Surprises

    Soap Surprises
    Soap Surprises.
    Learn how to make a bar of soap with a special message inside of it. For Valentine's Day, you can fill the soap with little hearts or spell out LOVE or other related words.
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    Woven Heart Baskets

    Woven Heart Baskets

    Watch this craft video and learn how to make a basket using weaving techniques; slip a treat into to compete the gift.

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    Valentine's Day Safety Pins

    Make one or more of these Valentine-themed pins to give to your sweetheart. They are easy to craft using safety pins, seed beads and these patterns.

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    Lacy Heart
    Lacy Heart.
    These instructions will show you how to make a lacy heart that you can turn into a brooch or a magnet.
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    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet

    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet
    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet.

    Use a bottle cap, glitter glue and some beads to make a magnet that has a special message for your Valentine.

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    Bouquet of Chenille Roses
    Bouquet of Chenille Roses.
    This tutorial will teach you how to make an entire bouquet of flowers using only chenille stems.
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    Craft Foam CD Holder

    Craft Foam CD Holder
    Craft Foam CD Holder.

    Start off by burning your sweetie a CD full of her favorite love songs and then make a custom holder for the CD.

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    Potted Tissue Flowers

    Potted Tissue Flowers Craft
    Potted Tissue Flowers Craft.

    Present this pot of flowers to your valentine. She will never have to worry about watering them.

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    Candy Plant Craft
    Candy Plant Craft.
    This project sheets explains how you can make a plant to give using candy as part of the flowers.
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    Button Flowers Craft
    Button Flowers Craft.

    If you want to give your sweetheart something a little more unique than roses, make a dozen of these flowers.

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    My Favorite Thing Gift Craft
    My Favorite Thing Gift Craft.

    Your valentine will be so excited to open this special gift and even more excited when he sees what is inside.

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    Paper Heart Pin Craft

    Paper Heart Pin Craft
    Paper Heart Pin Craft.

    Learn how you can turn a stack of paper hearts into a fun brooch to wear.

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    Warm Fuzzy Craft

    Warm Fuzzy Craft
    Warm Fuzzy Craft.
    There is nothing better to give, and to receive, than a nice warm fuzzy. Use these directions to make one for everyone you know.
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    Egg Carton Rose Craft

    Egg Carton Rose Craft
    Egg Carton Rose Craft.
    A visitor named Jan teaches us how to turn an ordinary, cardboard egg carton cup into a rose.
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    Dried Flower Sachet

    Dried Flower Sachet
    Dried Flower Sachet.
    If you don't want to give fresh flowers for Valentine's Day, consider giving real, dried flowers instead.
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    Bath Salt Recipe
    Bath Salt Recipe.

    Your valentine will love to relax in a nice, hot tub using these homemade bath salts.