9 Epic She Sheds and He Sheds

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    Convert Your Garden Shed into a Bonus Space

    He Shed She Shed

    Do you crave a little “me” space in your home but don’t have the square footage to spare? The following nine epic sheds will inspire you to transform some of your unused outdoor space into a backyard retreat.

    Converting a garden shed into a bonus room is a growing trend, and it's easy to see why. Structures like these create additional living space without the cost or hassle (yikes, building permits!?) that comes with building a home addition. Read on to learn more.

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    Movie House Shed

    He Shed She Shed

    Don't have room in your abode for your favorite hobby? You are not alone. Ana, a cinephile wanted a place at home for sharing her silver screen favorites. So the folks at the FYI channel transformed her backyard into an epic outdoor theater with a movie house inspired she shed.  

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    Glam Cocktail Shed

    The Moody Cow in Great Sutton, Cheshire

    Nope, this is not a fancy lounge in South Beach. It is a stylish cocktail shed called The Moody Cow. Where is it located? In a grandfather’s backyard in Cheshire, England. He built it (almost entirely himself), so his large family would have a private party place. The shed has a fully stocked bar, radiant floor heating, big screen TV and, of course, a stellar sound system. Like what you see? You will find additional photos here.

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    Dreamy She Shed


    Alison Kynaston — Jones transformed a budget shed into an adorable backyard retreat.  Colorful paint and bright fabrics played a big part in this makeover. She painted the exterior a soothing sea green, and the interior received a lick of bold orange. She topped things off by draping pink and purple fabric across the ceiling.  

    But wait there's more. Allison’s cozy space has heat and electricity so she can enjoy her "she shed" all year round. 

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    The Ultimate Gardening Shed

    NittyGrittyDirtman via HomeTalk

    This beautiful potting shed is arguably the most beautiful one in the world. The blogger behind Nitty-gritty Dirt Man built it from scratch. After lots of planning, the project took two weeks to make.

    What's inside? A lovely grow area, a handy potting bench and useful loft storage. 

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    Shed Fit for a Houseguest


    This tiny A-frame vacation shed is the ultimate mini guesthouse.  Even better, it costs only $1,200 to build.

    Three notable tiny homebuilders designed it: Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, David Stiles and Joe Everson.  The cabin, including the porch, is 110 square feet. There's enough space for a bed, sink and mini fridge, and it comes equipped with a rainwater capture system. You can purchase a PDF copy of the building plans for $29.95 from Relaxshacks. 

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    Shed Inspired by a Japanese Tea House

    A Japanese Tea House Shed. Derek Verlander

    At the center of Derek Verlander's Japanese garden is his extraordinary man shed that resembles a Japanese tea house. What's inside? Everything Derek needs to decompress after a long day. It has a tropical fish tank, a small refreshment area for making cocktails and tea, and his collection of samurai swords and bonsai trees. Want to see more? You can peruse more photos here. ​

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    Styling Retreat

    Courtesy of Karelverstraeten

    Karel Verstraeten is a Belgian architect who transformed an old construction trailer into a styling backyard retreat. The chic shed is a multiuse family space that features an oak paneled exterior, a plywood interior, and a dome-shaped window. Feast your eyes on more photos. 

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    Wee Castle Pub Shed

    The Ballroom Shed in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

    The Rannock Castle is a hand crafted pub shed that features an extensive collection of pub memorabilia.

    While this little castle is not wired for electricity, it does have a few other modern comforts like an iron Chiminea that provides warmth when needed, and a motorcycle battery powers the pub's lights at night. 

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    Modern Prefab Backyard Shed

    Studio Shed

    Would rather buy than DIY? There are plenty of prefab shed options. This one is an 8-foot-by-10-foot backyard retreat by Studio Shed. The owner uses it as a painting studio. Not only is this little space wired for electricity, but it’s also so well insulated it blocks out annoying lawn mower noise. You can see more photos here.

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