Make A Honeycomb Easter Egg Decoration

Honeycomb Easter Egg
Honeycomb Easter Egg. DIY Studio

Create several of these honeycomb Easter eggs to hang around your home this Easter. 

What You Will Need To Make A Honeycomb Easter Egg:

  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Needle and thread
  • 12 Full sized sheets of tissue paper
  • A pencil

How To Make A Honeycomb Easter Egg:

  1. Fold the tissue paper in half twice–once vertically and once horizontally–and cut the tissue paper so you are left with quarter sized sheets. Do this for all 12 sheets of tissue paper. Once you are done cutting all the sheets, you should have 48 smaller sheets of tissue paper. 
  1. Lay down one sheet of tissue paper and using your glue stick to draw 3 straight lines–two on the outer vertical edges, and one straight in the middle. Place a second sheet of tissue paper on top so the sheets are glued together.
  2. Next, you will add a third sheet on top, but first consider the first sheet that you put glue on: you added glue at 0% (the left edge), 50% (the middle) and 100% (the right edge). Now, when you add glue to the top sheet, you will place glue at 25% and 75%. If needed you might find it helpful to leave a ruler beside the sheets of tissue paper to help you determine where to put the glue. Once you've added the 2 new lines of glue, add the third sheet of tissue paper to the glued stack.
  3. Continue gluing down additional sheets of tissue paper, one at a time, alternating between three lines of glue and two lines of glue, until all 48 sheets are glue together.
  4. Once you're done gluing the stacks of tissue paper–which will become the honeycomb pattern–use a pencil to draw half an egg shape on the stack of tissue paper. Draw the biggest shape that will fit. Cut along the line you've just drawn. You are only cutting half an egg shape, so there should be a clean straight edge on one side of the tissue paper stack.
  1. Using a threaded needle, gently stick the needle through the layers of tissue paper, entering at the bottom of the egg shape near the straight edge. Tie a loose knot that will allow enough room for you to easily fit your finger within the loop, as you will need to be able to move the sheets of tissue paper. Cut the extra thread after the knot. Repeat this step with a new thread at top of the egg, sticking the needle through near the straight edge. This will bind all the sheets of tissue paper together. This time, leave extra thread after the loop so you can easily hang your egg later.
  1. Open up the honeycomb egg by moving the sheets out, and apply glue on the first and last sheet of tissue paper to hold the egg together.
  2. Use the extra piece of thread attached to the top of the egg to display your egg where desired in your home.


  • Instead of cutting out an egg you can cut out a half circle to create honeycomb spheres perfect for birthday parties or weddings. 
  • Try alternating between two different colors of tissue paper for a fun two toned Easter egg.

DIY Blogger Spotlight: The honeycomb Easter Egg in the photo was created by the talented Kelly from DIY Studio. To read more about Kelly's wonderful DIY project visit her blog DIY studio.

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