Hoover FloorMate Review

Woman using Hoover FloorMate


The Hoover FloorMate is a floor cleaning machine that lets you vacuum, mop, and dry hard floors. While it looks like a combination of an upright vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner, the Hoover FloorMate offers convenience for all phases of hard-surface floor cleaning.


  • Cord length: 27 inches
  • Number of tanks: 2
  • Capacity: 1 oz.
  • Number of brushes: SpinScrub 500: 6 spin brushes with a removable squeegee; SpinScrub 800: 7 spin brushes with a removable squeegee.
  • Tools and accessories: SpinScrub 800 has a portable kit with extension wand, attachment hose, grout brush, and grout tool.


To use the Hoover FloorMate as a vacuum cleaner, turn the dial to the dry vac setting. The vacuum function is not as good as most upright vacuum cleaners. It has decent suction, but the squeegee and furniture guards make it difficult for the Hoover FloorMate to pick up large debris. It has a low profile to fit under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but its edge cleaning is not that great, either.


The Hoover FloorMate really excels in this department. In the wash mode, press the trigger to release cleaning solution. The brushes will spin 350 times per minute to thoroughly clean tile, hardwood, and vinyl surfaces. At the end of cleaning those surfaces, the used liquid collection tank was filthy yet satisfying. Some stuck-on substances required more pass-overs, but pushing the unit back and forth across the floor while occasionally pressing the trigger did a good job of cleaning.

Wet Pickup Mode

After cleaning the floors, they need time to dry. Instead of having to keep areas off limits, the unit lets you pick up excess liquid and dry floors. It worked quickly and effectively in this respect. The wet pickup setting can also be used to suck up small spills—good to know if you have kids.


  • Convenience: The folding handle makes the unit very compact for storage. It fits in a closet with plenty of room to hang clothes or fill shelves above it. The portable detail kit fits compactly over the Hoover FloorMate and does a good job of holding any and all accessories.
  • Options: With the unit itself, there is a choice of two different sets of brushes that attach to the nozzle. One of the brushes is ideal for cleaning grout. The extensive furniture guards and rubber wheels mean that you can use the Hoover FloorMate on a large variety of surfaces without damage.


  • Vacuuming: The dry pickup is decent on the Hoover FloorMate but not outstanding. Many people may find it necessary to sweep or remove large debris before using the dry pickup option.
  • Capacity: The clean water tank for the Hoover FloorMate could hold more in our opinion. The dirty recovery tank has an automatic shut-off feature that, when activated, prevents the pickup of any more liquid. When it activates, it's time to turn off the machine and dump the dirty water.
  • Price: Compared to what we may be used to paying to mop our floors, the price of the Hoover FloorMate (SpinSrub 500 at around $169 and SpinScrub 800 at around $229) may be a large chunk of change. 


  • The filter: The filter in the top of the dirty water recovery tank is washable. Tap the filter to remove debris and/or rinse it. Allow it to dry thoroughly before replacing and using.
  • Nozzle, brushes, and tools: The nozzle, brushes, tools, and hose are removable and can be cleaned using a mild detergent. 
  • The tanks: Both Hoover FloorMate tanks may need to be rinsed and cleaned, but the dirty water recovery tank needs to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid smells.

The Bottom Line

Here are a few ways to tell if the Hoover FloorMate is a good option for you:

  • A significant portion of your home has hard floors. 
  • Mopping or scrubbing floors while hunched over or on your hands and knees is hard or impossible for your body.
  • You need a convenient all-in-one tool to clean your hard floors.
  • You hate the idea of swishing dirty water around your floor while you are mopping and love the idea of Hoover FloorMate dirty water recovery tank.