10 Hopping Easter Bunny Needlepoint Patterns

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    Cute and Loveable Easter Bunny Needlepoint Patterns

    Take a closer look at these ten adorable bunny needlepoint patterns and stitch one or all of them for Easter home decorating projects. The needlepoint charts are available for instant download, and the hand-painted canvas designs are ready for shipping directly to your home.

    Using basic needlepoint stitches, these patterns are perfect for beginners as well as experienced stitchers.

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    Flower Pot Easter Bunny Needlepoint Canvas

    You can tell that it's spring and time for stitching this cute little bunny needlepoint canvas. The six-inch square design costs $34.99 USD and features an adorable Easter bunny in a flower pot with red robins flying overhead. It is ideal for using up scrap bag needlepoint supplies.

    Flower Pot Bunny Needlepoint Canvas from StitchArt Needlepoint

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    Easter Bunny Door Hanger Needlepoint Pattern

    This bunny needlepoint pattern is a steal at $1.00 USD. You will need a sheet of #7-mesh plastic canvas to complete the delightful door hanger.

    Download the needlepoint chart instantly to get a list of supplies and stitching instructions.

    Easter Bunny Door Hanger Needlepoint Pattern from 4Ever Mickey's Market

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    Carnival Games Bunnies Needlepoint Canvas

    You’ll think of bunnies in a carnival shooting gallery game when you stitch this whimsical needlepoint canvas design. The #13-mesh hand-painted design by Sekas costs $48 USD and comes with a stitch guide.

    Carnival Games Bunnies Needlepoint Canvas from Needlepoint.com

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    Easter Parade Music Box Bunny Needlepoint Pattern

    needlepoint bunny music box on plastic canvas
    Vicki Blizzard | Free Patterns.com

    Advanced stitchers will enjoy making this Easter bunny needlepoint music box. Designed by Vicki Blizzard, the project measures seven-and-one-half-inch high and is worked on plastic canvas.

    You’ll need to sign up for a complimentary membership at Free Patterns.com to download the needlepoint instructions.

    Easter Parade Music Box Bunny Needlepoint Pattern from Free Patterns.com

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    Free Bunny Coasters Needlepoint Patterns

    bunny needlepoint coasters on plastic canvas
    Kathryn Rubinstein | Kreinik

    These simple bunny coasters are not only for Easter but make excellent spring home decorations as well! The four free patterns by Kathryn Rubinstein for Kreinik work up quickly with Persian Yarn or cotton embroidery floss on #10 plastic or mono needlepoint canvas.

    Bunny Coasters Needlepoint Patterns from Kreinik

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    Bunny Egg Beaded Needlework Kit

    egg shaped bunny pattern with beads on paper
    Mill Hill Beads | 123 Stitch

    With this quick bunny needlepoint kit, you can learn how to stitch with beads on perforated paper. In addition to the paper canvas, the kit includes threads, an assortment of colorful beads, and full instructions for completing the 2.6-inch by 2.8-inch project.

    The project is egg-shaped with a bunny nestled inside. The kit was designed by Mill Hill Beads and costs about $7.50 USD plus shipping and handling.

    Beaded Bunny Needlepoint Kit from 123 Stitch

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    Flower Bunny Needlepoint Tissue Box Cover

    Download this bunny needlepoint pattern and stitch a boutique tissue box cover for spring. Worked on #7-count plastic canvas, the easy project uses basic tent as well as several decorative needlepoint stitches.

    The beginner-friendly needlepoint design costs $3.29 USD.

    Flower Bunny Needlepoint Tissue Box Cover from Annie's e-Pattern Central

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    Blue Bunny Needlepoint Canvas by Melissa Shirley

    Anyone who does needlepoint knows about the famous designer, Melissa Shirley. Her colorful and unique hand-painted canvases are available in every needlepoint shop.

    This abstract blue bunny needlepoint canvas is in keeping with her creative talents. You can purchase the design for $98.00 USD as well as the thread kit for an additional price.

    Blue Bunny Needlepoint Canvas from Needlepoint.com

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    Easter Bunny and Egg Needlepoint Pattern

    The Leisure Arts Company is not just about pattern leaflets but offers needlepoint charts for download as well. For $3.99 USD, you can buy this versatile Easter bunny needlepoint pattern for plastic canvas.

    You will get instructions for two designs: a stand-alone bunny as well as an Easter egg. You supply the threads and a sheet or two of a #10-mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Bunny and Egg Needlepoint Pattern from Leisure Arts

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    Hoppy Easter Needlepoint Pin

    needlepoint bunny pin on plastic canvas
    Mary Crosgrove | Kreinik

    Add a needlepoint pin to your spring wardrobe with this plastic canvas needlepoint bunny. You can stitch the lovely pin design in a few hours with leftover supplies from other needlepoint projects.

    Make one for yourself and several more for friends and family. You'll need a small piece of #10-mesh plastic or regular needlepoint canvas. Embellish your stitching with beads or jewelry findings.

    Hoppy Easter Needlepoint Pin from Kreinik