Warm Up Your Party by Hosting a Chili Party

Warm Up Your Guests with an Easy, Casual Chili Party

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When winter winds are howling and you feel cold right through to your bones, the perfect antidote is a steaming bowl of chili. Just the thought of chili conjures up images of sweaters, fireplaces, and rosy cheeks. Add the warmth of friendship to this picture, and it won't be long before the chill has been chased away.

A chili party is one of the easiest parties you can host. You can prepare your pot of chili before guests arrive, then everyone can personalize their bowls from the simple toppings you have already set out on the buffet.

An assortment of simple appetizers, a few thirst quenching beverages to tame the spiciness of the chili, and a make-ahead dessert round out a nearly instant party.

There are so many variations on the basic chili recipe that the one you choose to serve can be a reflection of your own food preferences and locale. Some chili recipes are meat only, others include beans (not in Texas!), some have ground chicken or turkey, whereas others are purely vegetarian. Luckily, for those of you that don't already have a favorite chili recipe, the web is a great resource for finding one to make your own. Simply visit the chili recipes page on this site to find the best chili resources online.

The Menu

Jalapeno Poppers

Jicama and Cucumber Chili Spears

Guacamole with Tortilla Chips

Walter McIlhenney's Chili (Or pick from these variations.)

Toppings Bar: chopped onion; grated cheeses such as cheddar, Monterey jack or queso blanco; sour cream; hot sauces; chopped tomatoes; minced cilantro

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Beer, soft drinks, iced tea, with lime wedges on the side! If you're feeling ambitious, serve Mexican coffee with dessert.