How to Host a Senior Recital Reception

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    How Parents Can Help with a Senior Recital

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    Your music major's recital performance is up to them to plan, but the senior recital reception? Parents can help in a few ways

    In the following pages, we will take a look at the recital invitations and finer details of planning a recital reception, including:

    • Invitations
    • Gifts for accompanists
    • Food and drink


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    Planning a Senior Recital Reception

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    Every college music major will have a senior recital and with that comes a reception. Parents can help their students by planning the reception and designing invites. It is an easy event to prepare for and your assistance for this important occasion will not be forgotten.

    The Senior Recital is a Big Deal

    Whether your music major is a soprano, a trumpet player or a composer, the most important event in their conservatory experience is the senior recital

    This performance is the culmination of not...MORE just four years of college work, but an entire (though young) lifetime. For many musicians, the senior recital is a more significant event than their graduation ceremony.


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    Accompanist Gift

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     If your student is a vocalist, an accompanist may be essential to his or her recital performance. Accompanists must rehearse just as much as the student who is being showcased, and though they may be paid by the school or by your student, an additional gift is a thoughtful and generous gesture.

    Some ideas for gifts include:

    • Concert tickets
    • Gift card to a local music store
    • iTunes gift card


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    Senior Recital Invitations

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    There is no right or wrong wording or look to a senior recital invitation. Some college kids simply post their invites on Facebook or send out texts and emails.

    However, it is nice to send something a little more formal to grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends and childhood music teachers. Plus, it gives you something for your scrapbook!

    Designing a Senior Recital Invitation

    You can print your own invites using a good-quality card stock, like Strathmore cards. Many of the online services...MORE that print photo cards like Shutterfly and Moo can print invitations too.

    Sample Senior Recital Invitation Text

    The invitation text can be very simple. Here is an example of what to include:

    [Student's Name]

    Senior Music Recital

    You are cordially invited to a performance of [Show Title].

    Works for solo voice, strings, brass quintet and more.

    [Date and Time]

    Music Conservatory of the [University Name]

    [Address, City]

    Reception to follow.

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    Beautiful Food for a Senior Recital Reception

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    getty recital receptions can offer unusual culinary challenges. They are held in rehearsal halls, the concert hall's "green room" or an alcove in the foyer. There are often no kitchen facilities, few electrical outlets, and the only running water is in the restroom.

    You will need to understand the logistics of the space ahead of time and find out what you have to work with. You may need to bring in a few folding tables and...MORE tablecloths, so check to see what is available for you to use.

    A simple and easy to manage reception includes using pre-made foods and beverages. Don't worry about making homemade iced tea or lemonade - your guests will just be happy to be celebrating with you and your family. 


    • Order a Starbucks to-go carton of coffee 
    • Bring bottled water, sodas, juices and other beverages on ice in a cooler. Be sure to have towels to dry off beverage bottles
    • Avoid cocktails - they may not even be allowed on campus
    • Go with only finger foods, eliminating the need for forks, knives and spoons. Stay with easy to eat and not-so-messy cheese and crackers, crudites - maybe a crock pot of cocktail meatballs with toothpicks. Keep it simple and clean
    • For dessert, go with mini versions of your favorites - from tiny cupcakes to cake pops to dainty petit fours or little cookies
    • Cut up fruit is a good idea, as well


    Icy Cools makes reusable ice mats that measure 10- by 6-inches and they are only half an inch or so high. These can be tucked in the bottom of a tray or basket. Cover the ice mats with leafy greens, then add your layers of vegetables and dips or sandwiches.



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