8 Hot Bedroom Decorating Trends

Here's what's in on the decorating scene.

When it comes to your bedroom’s décor, the best trend is always to do what you love best. But sometimes, a little bit of inspiration helps. If you are thinking of updating your bedroom and looking for ideas, it’s always fun to see what decorators declare is the latest and greatest. The good news is that current trends are very livable, with nothing too extreme or fussy. Here are eight trends to keep in mind when giving your bedroom a makeover. 

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    Wood Plank Walls

    Wood plank wall in bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    Take the rustic warmth of a log cabin and add it to a bedroom with contemporary furniture. The result is a bedroom style that is warm and peaceful, but not overly sentimental or fussy. If that appeals to you, then this is your year, because distressed wood paneling in a room with otherwise contemporary furniture is right on trend. No, this isn’t the dark paneling from your parent’s basement circa 1970. This is plank paneling – wide boards that look like they might have come straight from an old...MORE barn. Talk about a focal wall! If that’s a bit too much primitive wood for your liking, try a plank headboard instead. You can even make one yourself. 

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    Strong Color on the Walls

    Bedroom with dark blue walls.
    Photo courtesy of Our Fifth House

    Strong color has been hot for several years and isn't likely to die away any time soon. When it comes to bedroom walls, deep navy or indigo blue, dark gray and rich chocolate brown are popular choices. Because they are all soothing, subdued hues, they create the peaceful, relaxing vibe that's so important in the bedroom. Bold walls make a strong statement, so it's important that your choice is not harsh, overly intense or bright. If you don’t want to go all out with walls painted in...MORE strong color, use touches of a dark color as accents throughout your bedroom.  

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    Statement Light Fixtures

    Bedroom chandelier.
    Eric Audras/Getty Images

    If your ceiling sports nothing fancier than a light bulb covered by a glass bowl fixture, it’s time to upgrade. Contemporary style calls for a statement light fixture – a strong touch that is enough to liven up an otherwise quiet bedroom. The style is up to you – chandelier, oversize hanging shade, unique sculptural fixture, or something whimsical and fun – the only requirement is that the fixture be large enough and bold enough to attract the eye upon entering the room. 

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    Four-Poster Beds

    Contemporary canopy bed.
    Sleek-lined canopy beds work in contemporary bedrooms. ColorBlind Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    The four-poster bed is a classic style, and you’ll never go wrong with one of these beauties in your bedroom. The difference intoday’s contemporary four-poster is that it is clean, simple, and often without a canopy, unlike the ornate Tuscan or country styles popular in the past. There’s something cozy about curling up in a four-poster bed – it’s as if you’re in a cocoon or your own little world, which is also why four-posters can’t be beat when it comes to setting a romantic bedroom vibe. 

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    Gorgeous blue and brown wallpaper in bedroom.
    Photo Courtesy of York

    Wallpaper is back, and better than ever. Designs today are larger and brighter than the fussy, small patterns you might remember from decades back. Whether you cover one wall or all four, look for strong color, geometric designs, textured wallpaper, or oversize florals. With new, easily strippable wallpaper, you can even liven up the walls of a rental, or change the pattern when you grow tired of it. 

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    Mid-Century Modern

    Midcentury Modern Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    It’s often said that everything comes back into fashion eventually, and that’s currently true of the mid-century modern style from the 1950s through the 1970s. Actually, the look has been hot in the living room and dining areas of the home for the past several years, but now it has entered the bedroom as well. That doesn’t mean it’s time to break out your lava lamp and black light posters – but you might want to add a few touches of this retro style with accents in the typical orange, red,...MORE yellow or blue of the period; or add a rounded, butterfly chair or nightstands perched on chrome legs, instead of flat on the floor. 

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    Warm Metals

    Trendy gold bedside lamp.
    Annika Vannerus/Getty Images

    Cool tones of silver, chrome and pewter have been the decorating stars for the past several years, but now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction – warm metals are having their time in the spotlight. Gold and copper are especially hot, but you don’t want to overdose on the metallic trend. A little bit of shinegoes a long way in the bedroom. Feel free to mix metals, but limit them to just a few accents throughout the room – bedside lamp or ceiling fixture, curtain rods, picture frames,...MORE furniture trim or collectibles. 

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    Black and white minimalist bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Heim Decor

    Part design theme, part philosophy, the minimalist bedroom has been hot for several years now, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Paring your bedroom down to the essentials doesn’t mean living in a bare box – it means getting rid of clutter and fuss while surrounding yourself with peace and simplicity. A limited color scheme, furniture with clean lines and a platform bed without a headboard are typical of the minimalist bedroom.