Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

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    The Hottest Kitchen Trends of the Year

    Susan Serra

    What's on trend for stylish kitchens in 2017? Across the board, kitchens continue to move toward a modern style, warm finishes and new appliance technology is definitely putting the fun in function. Kitchens in 2017 combine beauty and brains-gorgeous finishes and performance products. Let's take a look at some of the hottest new trends for 2017. 

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    Large Multi-Functional Sinks

    Susan Serra

    The BIG sink is one of the biggest mainstream trends in kitchen design for 2017. The kitchen sink becomes a prep, serving, assembling and cleanup work station suitable for one or two people to use at the same time, often seen with two faucets. These sinks will have two ledges in the sink where accessories like bowls, cutting boards, strainers, and other cool gadgets can slide back and forth to keep the workflow efficient. Best of all, the mess stays in the sink, not on the countertop. Sink sizes are much larger, to accommodate all of these accessories and range from 3 feet to 7 feet! These large sinks are surprisingly efficient for small kitchens, and finally get the respect they deserve!

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    Statement Hardware

    Susan Serra

    Cabinet hardware makes a stylish fashion statement in 2017. Big, bold and in long widths, this new, chunky look demands attention as an important design element in the kitchen. Warm finishes in brass, copper, bronzes continue to be strong, but black and polished or satin silvers such as nickel work just as well in these bigger, more modern designs. Statement hardware is here!

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    Blue Cabinets

    Susan Serra

    Blue is the new "it" color for cabinets. Soft, smoky, shadowy, subtle blues perfectly complement today's very popular neutrals used everywhere else in the kitchen. Blues add a welcome dose of color. The blue finishes seen on cabinetry In 2017 are classic, easy-to-live-with colors. They bring a charming "painted furniture" feeling into the kitchen.

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    Euro Look

    Susan Serra

    The Euro look in kitchen design is here! Interesting shapes and forms, integrated seating, ledges, shelves, nooks and more serve multiple uses, both aesthetic and functional. Euro style kitchens focus more on the aesthetic composition and less on maxing out storage. The result is a beautiful AND functional kitchen. Euro-style kitchens are mostly modern but sometimes you'll see a mixed bag of modern, vintage and artsy elements–always exciting!

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    Industrial Meets Modern

    Susan Serra

    Nothing says authenticity and "quirky" like industrial elements in a design–metal pipes, screw threads, functional wires, heavy hardware, all often seen. But too much of a good thing is too much, or worse, too trendy. In 2017, we're seeing a pleasant, subtle, new love affair between modern and industrial design details. The industrial elements add warmth and history while the modern elements add a fresh, clean look to any kitchen design. BFFs made for each other!

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    Striking Countertops

    Susan Serra

    Countertops, already designed in modern patterns, colors and textures have raised the bar even further in 2017. Check out these new colors by Dekton–exciting patterns and smart, blended colors create a striking and unique focal point in the kitchen. Matte finishes in engineered stone add that zen-like vibe we're craving for right now and beyond.

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    Soft & Subtle Backsplash

    Susan Serra

    Shh! Backsplashes are being visually quiet this year. Carry the countertop material onto the backsplash for a look that flows and is unified. Soft, textural backsplashes made in engineered stone have another awesome property–depending on the design, full to no seams! It's much less visually busy and we're seeing seamless backsplashes everywhere. 

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    Neutral Palettes

    Susan Serra

    The big story for 2017 colors and finishes is a palette of warm grays, blacks and whites. Pick your colorway–a selection of only subtle warm grays and mushroom colors throughout all products and surfaces in the kitchen, a classic white kitchen or areas of black combined with white and/or warm beiges. Neutrals create instant focal points when another neutral with texture is added or when black and white drop into the design. Neutrals always seem to evoke sophistication and today's nuanced neutrals are both elegant and modern. 

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    Invisible Lighting

    Susan Serra

    Light up your kitchen life! Lighting goes everywhere for accent or task purposes. More and more, the look is invisible–bright enough to be functional but that is also easy on the eyes. Add lighting in new super thin strips to showcase decorative areas in the kitchen, above and below cabinetry and inside cabinetry too. The news for 2017 is the effect of a glow rather than pinpoint lights.

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    Appliance News

    Susan Serra

    Appliance shopping is always fun! We're seeing more bluetooth connected appliances and they are happening at a rapid pace. How would you like to knock on your refrigerator window, have it light up and see what's inside? Or, see what's inside your refrigerator via an app when you're at the grocery store? You can also interact with your oven from anywhere on your smartphone. For finishes, yes, stainless steel is still strong, but black stainless steel is hot now, sometimes seen in matte finishes.