Hot Trend: Marshmallow Wedding Favors

Are Marshmallow Wedding Favors the New Cupcake?

Marshmallow wedding favors are a hot new trend for 2012 and 2013. The media is manic for marshmallows right now, as trend reports are full of claims that the sugary confections are the next cupcake, or the "it" dessert du jour. (See reports from The New York Times, Good Morning America, The Vancouver Sun, and the Today Show, to name just a few.) So if you're getting married soon, why not have marshmallow favors at your wedding?

Marshmallows are awesome for weddings. They're...MORE unusual, fun, and colorful. They can be bought or made a week or two in advance, unlike cupcakes and other baked goods. And, they're light and easy to ship for destination weddings. More Wedding Favor Ideas

If you have doubts, don't think these are the jet-puffed grocery store version. The trend is for artisanal, hand-made treats – they're sublimely soft, and brightly flavored. You can get them in vanilla, of course, but also fun flavors like strawberry, coconut, or chocolate-rosemary. And of course, you can up the ante with fun shapes, or packages of s'mores. Step-by-step guide to making marshmallows.

Here are ten fun marshmallow wedding favors we love:

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    Martha Stewart Weddings

    Martha Stewart suggests these elegant love-knots as symbols of commitment. Though the website no longer includes a source, your local marshmallow-making bakery can probably do them as a custom order.

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    San Diego-based The Marshmallow Studio specializes in custom designs like these mini marshmallow wedding cake favors, which I found via The Uncommon Event. They're elaborately decorated and can be individually boxed for a take-home your guests will remember.

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    If DIY is more your speed, check out these wedding cake marshmallow favors that Quyen and Derrick of the Kitchen Runway made for their friends. They used store-bought materials and DIY ingenuity to create something special, unique, and handmade.

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    For a fun twist, combine three flavors in a colorful kabob like New York's Three Tarts bakery.

    (Full disclosure, I've worked for Three Tarts. But trust me that their marshmallows are my favorites, especially their chocolate-rosemary ones.)

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    S'more Bites


    Marshmallow favors are fun, but s'mores have a youthful nostalgia. Combine the two in Etsy seller SweetLydias's bite-sized pre-assembled s'more favors. She'll even customize them to create one-of-a-kind treats for your event.

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    Elizabeth Anne Events

    Send your guests home with the ingredients for s'mores and s'more love! From blogger Elizabeth Anne come these DIY kits which use store-bought ingredients, but you should also look at the stylish version from One Simple Addition/Event Solutions. How fun!

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    Simple and Sweet

    Sometimes marshmallow favors are best when they are simply delicious, like these from Whimsy and Spice. Customize them with your names, your favorite flavors, and your signature colors.

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    Martha Stewart Weddings

    Martha Stewart Weddings has another fun idea, elevated by great packaging. They make pink marshmallow kisses and stick them to vanilla cookies with bittersweet chocolate.

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    This fun marshmallow favor idea originally comes from Fred Flare, which sadly has sold out of them. But blogger Baking Bites has easy directions for making your own DIY version.

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    How fun would a make-your-own s'mores bar be at an outdoor wedding? Combine artisanal flavors with good chocolate, graham crackers, skewers for roasting, and a warm campfire. As an added touch, set out small bags inviting guests to take some extra supplies home with them for a favor.