This Tiny Hotel Turns Mobile Homes Into Guest Rooms

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    Check Out This Indoor Campground

    If you're a fan of small spaces, then you'll love BaseCamp Bonn, a youth hostel in Bonn, Germany. Nope, you won’t find boring dormitory style housing here. This place offers accommodations for up to 120 guests in 20 different pimped out vintage trailers and other mobile type homes located on a colorful retro-tastic indoor campsite. 

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    A Hollywood Inspired Airstream

    This quirky indoor campsite is located in an old warehouse that was once owned by Lancome. Lodgings include a mix of vintage trailers, motor homes, camper vans and even a tiny car that was manufactured by a defunct East German automaker (more on that later.) 

    All of the accommodations have a clever motif. Here is one of the four Hollywood themed Airstreams available to bunk in. You and three friends can book this retro trailer for $135 USD per night.

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    A Woodstock Inspired Camper Trailer

    All of the tricked out campers and mobile homes offer guests the following: Free Wi-Fi, breakfast, showers along with the use of the faux campsite. There's also beer garden on the premises.

    Shown here is the Flower Power trailer decked out with a Woodstock motif.

    Double occupancy costs $87 USD per night. You can see photos of the interior here.

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    A Vintage Caravan Inspired by a Princess

    The Big Ben caravan is tricked out with memorabilia from Buckingham Palace. Just like the Flower Power, you can sleep here with a pal for $87 USD per night. You can check out its royal interior here.

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    A Tiny Trailer for Two

    Basecamp Bonn

    One of the smallest spaces you can book at BaseCamp Bonn is the Space Shuttle. The compact caravan is tinier than the average sized trailer, but it has twice the space of a teardrop one. It's big enough, surprisingly, to fit two adult guests. Before you book, these photos will confirm (or not) if you can fit inside.

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    Camp Out in an Eastern Bloc Car

    The Trabant is a modest little vintage vehicle that was considered the Volkswagen of the defunct German Democratic Republic, aka East Germany. While you may never get the chance to drive one, BaseCamp Bonn does offer the opportunity to sleep on top of one in a pop-up tent. A night for two costs $62 USD. You can check out the tiny mattress inside of it here.

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    A Sleeper Car Where You Can Bunk for Cheap

    Basecamp Bonn

    Frugal travelers can opt to bunk in one of the two sleeper trains available at BaseCamp Bonn. A compartment that sleeps two starts around $30 USD per night. Solo travelers can book the same sized compartment for their private use for $42 USD.

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    The Campsite at Night

    Like what BaseCamp Bonn has to offer? Then you'll love this tiny house hotel.