House Renovating and Remodeling With Feng Shui

House blueprints

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If you're planning to remodel or renovate your house, here are some easy feng shui tips to assure the creation of a beautiful, harmonious home. Think about how this renovation will change the flow of chi in your house and employ feng shui to encourage a healthy environment. If you are making these changes because your family is growing and you need more rooms in your house, there's even more to consider.

The Kitchen as the Heart of Your House

In feng shui, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house. In addition to the bedroom and the bathroom, it's part of the trinity of areas in your home that has the highest impact. The state of your kitchen is also connected to the flow of abundance in your life. Be mindful of the colors and lighting to create a space that's especially nourishing.

Similar Size Rooms for Your Children

Allow for a balanced amount of space in your house for each family member. For example, if you need two additional bedrooms for your growing family, create bedrooms that are somewhat similar in size, versus one bigger and one smaller. You want your children to feel equally loved and taken care of, versus one resenting the other for having the bigger bedroom.

Best Choice of Colors

Use the ​bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your house, to make the best color choices for your decor. You can use feng shui for home interior colors, as well as for improving your house's exterior.

Plan Ahead

When working on your home's new layout, remember to avoid feng shui mistakes like putting a bathroom over a bedroom. It is easier to prevent mistakes now versus spending time, energy, and money on fixing them later. With a little planning, your family is sure to have a happy, prosperous home!