House Tour: An Elegant Chicago Tudor Full of Color

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    A Bold Living Room

    purple living room
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    “My journey has become a way of life. And that way of life has become a lifestyle—Modernique.” That's how interior designer Julia Buckingham defines her aesthetic. Modernique is also the name of her new book that will be published by Abrams this spring. Defined as blending the old with the new, elements of the style include antiques, artifacts, and custom pieces, all within a modern interior. And that aesthetic rings true in a recent project by her firm, Buckingham Interiors + Design—a beautiful Tudor located in North Shore, Chicago, filled with colorful custom pieces and classic elements, all within a contemporary setting. 

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    Elegant Accents

    vignette of books on coffee table
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    For Buckingham, the project was an opportunity to work with a client who fully embraced her design aesthetic. “I was so ecstatic to work with this client who had an instant love affair with my use of bold colors and rich materials." Buckingham's penchant for color is on display in every room in this Chicago home. "Mixing royal purple with rich red and incorporating vintage pieces with a few of my gems from my accessory collection with Global Views, I was able to create a room that is both stunning and comfortable at the same time."

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    Modern Lighting

    brass chandelier with agate slices and spikes
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    Within every room, there are also stunning pieces on display. In the living room, a brass chandelier with a mix of agate is the ultimate statement lighting. A modern, sculptural piece, it's reflective of so many elements in the living room that grab one's attention, from the statuesque red floor lamps behind the sofa to the golden side tables. 

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    Artful Elements

    red patterned side chair and gallery wall
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    Another mainstay of the Buckingham Interiors + Design philosophy is unexpected pairings. It's guided by a passion to bring objects together that marry the modern and the antique. In every corner of this home, we can see that marriage of old and new. Here, in a reading nook, the mix of objects creates a striking vignette. A red chair featuring a suzani textile is seated effortlessly next to a modern brass table. Framed watercolors are used to bind the color palette of the pieces. 

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    Pattern In The Dining Room

    elegant purple dining room and wrought iron chandelier
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    In the dining room we see the purple palette from the living area, but now in pastel hues. A light lilac is a soothing shade on the walls. Drapery with a hint of purple in the pattern adds to the colorful motif. And the dining chairs are upholstered in a soft, purple suzani pattern. For a bright pop of color, a bench in vivid orchid sits beneath the window in the dining area. 

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    Textured Furnishings

    dining room console with candlesticks
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    For texture, beautiful furnishings and accessories have been placed in the living area. A buffet featuring a silver motif is a textural moment in the room. Atop it, carved candlesticks add a global touch. And the abstract painting above the buffet is a mix of colors and textures that reflect the beauty of this dining space. 

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    Cozy Family Room Style

    purple family room with white built-in shelving
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    In the family room, a purple, velvet sectional, is the ultimate comfortable piece to rest and relax upon. The dining room color palette blends the home's signature shade with peacock blue for an unexpected twist. The bright pops of blue draw the eye to the roman shades in the family room. 

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    Sweet Seating Nook

    purple side chair and blue window shades
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    Buckingham has a love of artfully blending unique items together in the interiors that she designs, mixing past, present and future elements. In this Chicago home, around every corner, you can see that aesthetic reflected. In this seating nook, traditional furnishings meet modern elements, like the chandelier above. The play on genres keeps things fresh and exciting. 

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    Fabulous Eat-In Kitchen

    white dining room glass bubble chandelier
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    Pocket doors open onto the eat-in kitchen. It's the one space in this home where neutral tones dominate. Doors and walls are painted a soft cream. The play on off-white is highlighted by the crisp, glass bubble chandelier over the dining table. 

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    Contemporary Kitchen Design

    traditional white kitchen gold lighting
    Buckingham Interiors + Design

    Step into the kitchen and modern meets traditional again in this interior. Stunning gold pendants hang above a marble kitchen island. The island is surrounded by modern seating as well—stools with a blend of leather and hardwood. As in every room in this home, this space is absolutely Modernique.

    Beyond her interiors, Julia's new book, Modernique, provides a perfect dose of inspiration. Published in April 2017, the interior design book is a guide for blending the modern and the traditional, just as we see in this Chicago home. It's an inspiring tomb about the design philosophy that marries the two styles with ease.