House Tour: An Eclectic, Light-Filled Holland Home

This Light-Filled Holland Home Is Serving Up Inspired Design
House of Kar
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    At Home in Holland

    Boho living room with taupe couch and plants
    House of Kar

    Every week on Instagram, thousands of people get to take a peek into the home of Karlijn Blaas. With her Instagram moniker, House of Kar, Blaas shares beautiful images of her light-filled home located in Utrecht, Holland. Favorite images include photographs of her collection of plant life and her precocious long-haired kitty. Thoughtfully curated, with a focus on daily life, this Dutch apartment that Blaas has lived in a little over two years, is most certainly a special place to call home.   

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    Cozy Cushions

    Cozy living room with boho details
    House of Kar

    "The inspiration for our home comes from many different places," says Blaas. "I love to thrift and find inspiration from all the stuff I find there." A mix of vintage pieces and items bought at Marktplaats (think eBay for the Netherlands) is responsible for this home's cozy atmosphere. "Most of the time, I’m not looking for anything special, I just come across it and then I combine it with what I already have. It just kinda happens."

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    Modern Living

    Holland living room with clean lines
    House of Kar

    With a growing online following, it's no wonder that Karlijn likes to source online for items for her home and aspirational decor. "I like to look at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration."  

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    Crisp White Shelving

    White living room with built in bookshelf
    House of Kar

    The interior, though only 100 square meters, is bright and open due to its architectural details. In the living room, and leading directly into the open plan kitchen, a built-in bookshelf has become a perfect place for display. A whimsical mix of objet d'art adds to the living room decor. And the high built-ins highlight the tall ceilings in the interior. 

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    Bookshelf Styling

    White bookshelf with whimsical collection
    House of Kar

    On the bookshelf, Blaas and her boyfriend, Daniel, display some of their favorite pieces. It's clear that the two have fun curating in their home. And the bookshelf is a playful display of pieces including a model car, a sweet little birdcage and a toy dinosaur that, once you glance at it, you can't help but smile. 

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    Colorful Kitchen

    Modern blue kitchen with light wood floor
    House of Kar

    Beyond the bookshelf and you enter the home's kitchen. The cabinets are a lovely shade of periwinkle—a gray-blue. The color is alluring—an unexpected shade that's accented by sleek and modern fittings and a wood countertop. The light and effortless style is mirrored again and again in this quaint Utrecht home. 

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    Well-Lit Dining

    White dining room with colorful Eames chairs
    House of Kar

    A large window in the dining room, keeps light flowing into the interior. The light touches everything, adding to the warm environment that Karlijn has created here. And it highlights small moments of color and texture in the space, like the pastel chairs around the dining table. 

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    Colorful Dining Room Seating

    Pastel Eames chairs in dining room with blue accent wall
    House of Kar

    In the dining room, a set of Eames chairs adds to the mid-century modern vibe. The cool pastel chairs are highlighted by a light blue mural that Blaas painted on the dining room wall. Her paintings have been documented on Instagram, where she has decorated the wall with painted elements, like hummingbirds. For accents in the dining room, greenery adds a lovely touch. And beyond the plant life, a mix of handwoven and modern elements creates a layered look. 

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    Plants On Display

    collection of houseplants in eclectic home
    House of Kar

    "My plants. My green loves. They make our house more personal and I love how they create a lively atmosphere." Karlijn has plants lovingly on display in every room in her home. It's as if she's living in the book, Greenterior. A plant-loving creative herself, hanging plants, a fiddle leaf fig, a giant palm, and so many more thrive in Blaas' Holland apartment. And the shade has become part of the home's soft color palette. "Green is my favorite color."

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    Pretty In Blue

    robin's egg blue minimalist bedroom bedroom
    House of Kar

    And yet blue is also a signature color in this home. Different tones of the shade can be found in the living area, dining room, the kitchen and the bedroom as well. Here, an icy blue shade covers three-quarters of the wall, creating a border to highlight the tall ceilings in the bedroom. The color is a soothing backdrop to the modern-rustic bed. "Our bed, it’s the first item my boyfriend and I bought together and I still love it," Blaas recalls. It's among so many of the elements she enjoys in her home that's filled with vintage and found pieces. "I love the idea that all that stuff has been somewhere before. It had a life before it came to our house."