Living in the Four Seasons

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    Timeless Design

    Park Place

    Located in Tribeca at the corner of Church Street and Park Place, 30 Park Place is the tallest condominium tower to grace the Downtown skyline at 926 feet, with panoramic views of Midtown Manhattan, the Hudson and East Rivers, the New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty. 30 Park Place is designed by celebrated architect, Robert A.M. Stern, offering 157 residences in a mix of one- to six-bedrooms. ASH NYC, known for transforming bleak spaces into hot, modern and trendy ones, recently reimagined the interiors of Robert A.M. Stern's 30 Park Place timeless, pre-war design that recalls the towers of the 1920s and 30s. The design aesthetic focused on timeless elements and a contemporary interior that celebrates New York style almost 1,000 feet above the city. 

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    Color Splash

    Park Place

    While the home is designed in a mostly neutral palette, ASH NYC made an unexpected move in the condo's entryway. Making a bold statement, the entry to the three-bed home is painted a deep blue and is accentuated with a half moon, three-legged table. The light blue shade is a cool contrast to the honey wood herringbone floors of the residence. Off the blue entryway, homeowners walk into serene living areas and a dining room that's fit for penthouse living. 

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    Classic Bones

    Park Place

    To the right of the blue entryway you enter the home's living room. A common area where two long grey velvet sofas line the living room. The soft palette of gray, cream and white creates a soothing and serene living room environment. Beyond the contemporary pieces, golden glass tables are perfectly centered in the living area adding a metallic glow. To continue the soft palette, a large-scale cream and mauve painting hangs above one of the twin sofas. A break from the strong gray upholstery, white pillows provide a respite in the living room seating area. While wood floors are not featured in the home's living room, wood has been brought home in the form of walnut credenzas that flank on the sofas. 

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    Life With A View

    Park Place

    The home's stunning living area is home to a few pieces of art, but the view is the most stunning piece of art one could imagine in a New York home. Large windows overlook Tribeca and the rest of New York City in this towering interior. 

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    Modern Dining

    Park Place

    Moving beyond the home's living area, you walk directly into the dining room. Where the living room is a large expanse, the dining room is a little more cozy, with an open plan kitchen attached. The rounded room also looks out onto the expanse of the city. Mirroring the rounded angles in the space, a round dining table comfortably seats six. Dangling above and mimicking the round dining room table is circular light fixture. And behind the table a round mirror continues the circular theme of this modern dining room. 

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    Kitchen Tradition

    Park Place

    Next to the dining area, the open plan kitchen feels more traditional, a contrast to the modern dining setting.  Marble meets a honey wood in the kitchen that makes up the cabinetry drawers and surrounds. Outfitted with plenty of storage, the space feels nice and open. 

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    Wood Details

    Park Place

    Wood details are used to hide appliances like the refrigerator. And they make an appearance under the bar that is otherwise surrounded in a luxurious marble. The mix of materials adds interest to the kitchen area in this interior.  

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    Posh Bedroom

    Park Place

    In the bedrooms, warm, neutral tones enliven the walls and furniture. Herringbone-patterned oak floors are seen throughout and large windows that line the light filled home offer breathtaking views of Manhattan, New Jersey and Brooklyn from three-bed, 3-bath home on the 49th floor.  

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    Neutral Bedding

    Park Place

    Each bedroom in this 3-bedroom interior has been designed with its own personality. Some feature color, and others, like this guest bedroom, sport a neutral palette. The bed frame is upholstered in a creamy velvet, for both soft color and texture. Art has been added over the dresser that sports a gray-blue, beige and white piece. A white boucle womb chair in the corner creates the perfect reading nook in the guest bedroom. 

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    Master Sanctuary

    Park Place

    The master bedroom has been designed as a sanctuary in the interior. The large room features an upholstered bed, and art, just like what is seen in the previous rooms. To break up the cream and beige palette of the space, black bedside lights offer contrast. 

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    Bathing Beauty

    Park Place

    The bathroom is a seamless mix of old and new. A custom vanity has a traditional feel in white wood.  Above the sink, which has plenty of room for bathroom storage, glowing lights add a modern touch to the vanity. A cool touch in a space where modern contemporary design and traditional elements share a visual language.