House Tour: A 1930s Polish Home Gets a Modern Look

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    A New Life For an Old Home

    There's just something amazing about an older home. The history infused into the style of the walls and the even the layout of the space remains a palpable presence, becoming an element in every room design to come. So when the chance to completely design a 1930s home in Szczecin, Poland came to Studio Loft Kolasiński, a residential and industrial design firm with offices in Szczecin and Berlin, it was both an opportunity and a challenge. The team responded with a gorgeous space, mixing contemporary and vintage influences into a space with an undeniably modern aesthetic. 

    This living room sets the perfect tone for a modern space with its interplay of warm and cool colors. Light grays dominate the walls, including the window treatments. Meanwhile warm wood tones in the floors and furniture bring a comfortable note to the room. Seating upholstered in a vibrant blue pops against the backdrop while a patterned rug in subtle neutrals adds a moment of visual depth. 

    Images by Karolina Bak

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    Furniture with a Touch of History

    To fill the 1600 square foot space, the designers at Studio Loft Kolasiński turned to a number of sources for furniture, including a line of furnishings produced by the firm itself. The living room, however, yielded the greatest treat. To complement the history of the space, the designers added pieces that had some history of their own. These two armchairs were designed in 1972 by Jan Bocan, a Czech architect. The armchairs were once part of the decor at the Czechoslovakian Embassy in Stockholm, a building that Bocan himself designed. Never produced on a mass scale, the chairs were a true find for the designers and the perfect way to bring even more character to this classic home.

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    A Mix of Mid-Century and Pop Culture

    This vignette perfectly encapsulates the mix of eras that characterizes this home. The renovated rug and mid-century credenza give the room a strikingly retro look. To balance them, the designers added wall art in the form of framed movie posters by artist Ewa Bajek. The posters were originally created for the films Decalogue 3 and Decalogue 6, released by by Polish art-house film director, Krzysztof Kieslowski in the late 80s.

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    A Modern Table Setting

    Where the living room is replete with vintage and mid-century influences, the dining room is strictly modern. The dining table and chairs are from Studio Loft Kolasiński's own furniture line. The design firm has been producing its own furniture line since 2015, along with rugs produced in Nepal. 

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    Warm Wood with a Futuristic Bent

    The room deals almost completely in warm wood tones, making it a striking counterpoint to the cool, reserved color palette of the living room. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the furniture contrasts with the natural materials for a room with an set of contrasts. The one exception: the very modern light fixture over the table. It's metallic sheen continues the warm color palette of the space while providing a slight contrast in texture.  

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    Hot and Cold in the Kitchen

    The clean, cool color palette of this white kitchen is warmed by the honey wood floors and countertop. The theme in this home is the mix of differing elements. Warm and cool colors, vintage and modern furnishings and even futuristic and organic elements. All of these dichotomies are mixed into a strikingly minimalist decor in a number of intriguing and efficient ways. 

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    A Touch of Wood and Stone

    Natural elements like wood and stone help bring the outdoors in for this space. The chaise lounge, also created by Studio Loft Kolasiński, promises a moment of comfort. This meditative space, surrounded by the beauty of nature is perfect for a quiet respite after a hectic day. Simply lay back on the lounge and let the world just slip away. 

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    A Colorful Bedroom Landscape

    Colors and patterns seem to explode in this bedroom. Far from the quiet moments offered by the living room and dining room, this bedroom is awash in color, and it all starts with the rug. Another refurbished piece, the engaging geometric pattern and lively color palette of reds and blacks against a softer, neutral background acts as a foundation for the space. Atop it, the cool grays of the bed help to temper the bright tones, while a colorful throw brings another moment of bright pattern.

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    Natural Elements in the Powder Room

    Like the kitchen, the bathroom is cool and meditative. Cool gray stone and warm wood tones play off of each other to create the sensation of nature indoors. 

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    A Study in Duality

    Studio Loft Kolasiński made excellent use of their furniture line all throughout this home and the bathroom was no exception. The vanity is a wonderful example of the company's design aesthetic. Artfully placed amidst the cool slate and smooth porcelain that defines the functionality of the space, it serves as the sole moment of warmth and wood in the space.